Far-left LA District Attorney removes ‘special circumstances’. In other words, he’s protecting the most dangerous criminals.


LOS ANGELES, CA – New Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon is set on removing “special circumstances” from nearly all sentencing guidelines in his county as district attorney. 

What is a great thing for hardened criminals is causing anger, sadness, and disgust amongst his constituents.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon wouldn’t allow his deputy district attorneys to charge a multiple murder special circumstance in the case of a father who decapitated two of his children then forced his two surviving children to observe the bodies for five days.  This is but one “pro-criminal” actions Gascon is demanding of his staff.

It should be known as a start that when Gascon was the district attorney in San Francisco, at least 60 of the 120 prosecutors resigned from his staff – some in revolt and disgust over his lenient policies, others because they were simply bored due to no crimes to prosecute – since the office hadn’t chosen to prosecute many crimes.

New Soros-backed LA District Attorney vows to reopen 30 officer-involved-shooting cases
George Gascon screenshot from YouTube

The prosecution in San Francisco was so relaxed and ineffective, even current mayor London Breed, a super-liberal, and the city’s attorney, Jackie Lacey, chose not to endorse Gascon for re-election because he didn’t look out for the welfare of the majority of the city’s citizens, as reported by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

From our previous report on Gascon’s election:

“That legacy is likely what recently caused the Mayor and City Attorney of San Francisco to endorse incumbent District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, over Gascon.”

In Los Angeles, it appears that the citizens and prosecutors will be dealing with the same man they saw in San Francisco.  Gascon’s Special Directives also apply to cases that are currently pending in Los Angeles County.

Deputy District Attorneys have been directed to file motions to dismiss all special circumstances and all enhancements in all cases, period. They’ve been directed to keep all minor defendants in juvenile court, period. The unique circumstances of the case do not matter.

From the report by RedState:

“Word is getting around to victims and their families, and they’re furious. Numerous families held a press conference Monday – including the family of a 6-month-old girl whose babysitter beat her with a blunt object, shattering her skull and leaving her blind and forced to eat through a feeding tube – to call attention to Gascon’s abdication of duty and the miscarriage of justice.

“The sister of one murder victim spoke to Fox 11 Los Angeles’ Bill Melugin Monday after learning that prosecutors won’t be seeking life without parole for her brother’s killer under Gascon’s new policies, and she didn’t hold back.

“In June 2019 Rhett Nelson executed Christina Solano’s brother, LA Sheriff’s Deputy Joseph Gilbert Solano, by shooting him in the head at a Jack in the Box restaurant in Alhambra where the off-duty deputy was waiting for his order.

“That murder occurred just about an hour after Nelson shot and killed a Russian snowboarder in central Los Angeles, and at the end of a crime spree including multiple armed robberies in San Diego County.

“Melugin confirmed with the District Attorney’s office that the office is seeking to drop special circumstances of multiple murders and gun enhancements with great bodily injury. Without these special circumstances or the enhancements, Nelson won’t face life in prison without parole.”

Bill Melugin, renowned reporter with Fox LA who has covered Los Angeles police and district attorney news, stated via Twitter:

“Under new D.A. George Gascon’s reforms, I’ve confirmed his office is trying to dismiss all enhancements & special circumstances against the alleged double murderer/cop killer accused of shooting LASD deputy Gilbert Solano in the back of his head. His sister is irate.”

Fortunately for Los Angeles County residents, the District Attorney’s office won’t have the last word. A judge will have to sign off on dismissing those special circumstances and gun enhancements, and they’re not required to do so just because the District Attorney’s office asks. And, under California’s Marsy’s law, victims and their families have these rights, among others:

  • To reasonable notice of and to reasonably confer with the prosecuting agency, upon request, regarding, the arrest of the defendant if known by the prosecutor, the charges filed, the determination whether to extradite the defendant, and, upon request, to be notified of and informed before any pretrial disposition of the case.
  • To reasonable notice of all public proceedings, including delinquency proceedings, upon request, at which the defendant and the prosecutor are entitled to be present and of all parole or other post-conviction release proceedings, and to be present at all such proceedings.
  • To be heard, upon request, at any proceeding, including any delinquency proceeding, involving a post-arrest release decision, plea, sentencing, post-conviction release decision, or any proceeding in which a right of the victim is at issue.

Don Rosenburg, a man whose son was murdered in San Francisco, told RedState:

“In announcing his new ‘directives’ Gascon asked the public to ‘trust him.’ That’s the last thing anyone should do. He has no business being the DA since that job is to represent the victims, not the criminals.

“I can’t remember how many times in all the hearings leading up to the trial I said to his office, ‘You should be sitting second chair for the defense. You’re not representing the interests of my son.’ I even looked at being able to hire my own prosecutor, which unfortunately the law doesn’t allow.”

Fox Los Angeles received a statement from Gascon’s transition team that is absolutely mind-boggling:

“The defendant is facing a sentence of 40 years to life in prison, but there is no sentence that can undo the harm caused in this case. If convicted there is a possibility that decades from now the parole board could determine he’s been rehabilitated.

“Such a determination, many years from now, would ultimately be a reflection of a system and the public alike weighing their continued interest in incarcerating a man who no longer poses a threat to society, at an extraordinary taxpayer cost.

“Eliminating that remote possibility today may not be in the public’s best interest decades from now.”

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New Soros-backed LA District Attorney vows to reopen 30 officer-involved-shooting cases

November 15, 2020

LOS ANGELES, CA – The newly elected district attorney for Los Angeles County was elected on a “progressive” platform that favors Black Lives Matters and other groups. 

This background has come to fruition as DA-elect George Gascon announced he would be xxxx reopening past officer-involved-shooting (OIS) cases that the previous district attorney decided not to prosecute.

The question is – did George Soros have a large hand in his election?

Far-left LA District Attorney removes 'special circumstances'.  In other words, he's protecting the most dangerous criminals.
Screenshot courtesy of Fox News Los Angeles

Gascon doesn’t take office until next month but he’s already announcing that his office will be reopening the investigation into several controversial OIS events.

Gascon stated:

“We need accountability, and we also need healing for both officers and the public.”

He plans to reopen several questionable officer-involved shootings, from as far back as 2015.

The four cases he’s reviewing first include: 

“The 2013 shooting of two unarmed suspects by Gardena Police.

The 2015 shooting death of a homeless man in Venice by LAPD.

The 2015 shooting of then 19-year-old Hector Meorejon who was shot inside a vacant house by Long beach officers.

And the 2018 shooting of a suspected armed car thief by Torrance officers. “

He says these four are the first of at least 30 cases he is reviewing.  All 30 of the cases weren’t prosecuted by the former DA’s office, but were the focal points of protests over the past few years.

“Gascon told FOX 11’s Christina Gonzalez that he knows it will take time and he can’t promise prosecutions, but that he will move forward, even if the cases are difficult. 

In the past, prosecutors have refused to go after law enforcement officers in cases where witnesses were unavailable, or there was no clear video, for example, saying that juries tend to favor police in most cases and that the cases are difficult to prove or win.”

Gascon:  “I would rather try.”

The immediate thought from the law enforcement perspective, one would think, is where would evidence come from to prosecute officers, if there were no “witnesses…available, or there was no clear video” and the attestation that juries favor the police? 

It is difficult to imagine that a Los Angeles jury would automatically “favor the police.”

Gascon eluded to looking again at these cases would possibly build better relationships with the police and the community.  He also related that several departments, if not all departments would “balk” at his actions.  He attests that “both sides will be much happier.”

Gascon has been steadily meeting with both Black Lives Matter and other community groups, as well as police groups.  He acknowledges that his office works closely with police departments and the sheriff’s department in prosecuting cases that have nothing to do with police use of force.

He adds:

“After all, we do want to get real criminals off the streets, I was one of those officers and know what they are going through.”

George Gascon joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1978 as a patrol officer.  He reached the rank of Assistant Chief with the LAPD, and has held police chief positions in Mesa, Arizona, and San Francisco.  Governor Gavin Newsome appointed Gascon as San Francisco District Attorney in 2009.

“Gascón’s campaign platforms have made him an enemy of law enforcement unions, which spent millions of dollars opposing him.

His critics say Gascón’s emphasis on alternatives to criminal prosecution and lighter sentencing will bring about higher crime in Los Angeles, pointing to the high rate of car burglaries during his time as San Francisco DA.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has accused Gascón of pursuing reforms that contributed to higher property crime. Gascón has said that he prosecuted the large majority of car break-ins but blamed police for not making arrests in most cases.

He points out that San Francisco’s current DA, Chesa Boudin, has pursued similar reforms while crime in the city has gone down overall.”

One ugly name, George Soros, is thrown into the mix here.

“After the Supreme court decided Citizens United, special interest dark money flooded political campaigns.

District Attorney races, traditionally non-partisan, non-political, were not spared from this onslaught…Special interest groups, funded by George Soros, pumped millions of dollars into district attorney races across the county.

Their mission was to use Soros’s wealth to radically reshape the criminal justice system.

Gascon, however, will need to answer for his track record. San Francisco’s property crime rate was twice as high as Los Angeles’ during his tenure. Gascon’s policies have earned San Francisco the distinction of having the highest property crime rate of America’s 20 largest cities. 

Gascon’s approach to theft crimes is a driving force behind the high crime rate.  On streets where the boundary line was between San Francisco County and San Mateo County, thieves would commit car burglaries on the San Francisco side of the border because they would face less punishment.

That legacy is likely what recently caused the Mayor and City Attorney of San Francisco to endorse incumbent District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, over Gascon.”


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