Family pleads for information in the killing of a father and daughter following child’s birthday party


DALLAS, TX – A mother who was celebrating her nine-year-old son’s birthday at her home saw her own father’s body fall to the ground after being shot by a man accompanied by two others in a vehicle outside of her home. 

Without hesitation, this 30-year-old wife and mother of three jumped in her car to chase the suspects who fled after shooting her father. 

Police say that she was found fatally shot blocks away from where her father was murdered outside of her home, reportedly by the very murder suspects she was pursuing. 

Now, surviving family members of this father and daughter are begging for anyone with information on these killers to please come forward. 

Here are the details on this heartbreaking tragedy. 

On November 15th, Diana Resendiz was hosting a birthday party for her nine-year-old son when her father, Raul Resendiz, arrived at her home at approximately 8:30 p.m. that evening. 

At this point, the birthday party was winding down, when a vehicle hosting three black men pulled up to where 49-year-old Raul was outside of the home on Kirven Drive.

Witnesses described that a man with “short dreadlocks” approached Raul and executed him. 

His niece, who is Diana’s cousin, Janet Rodriguez, said that the murderer had specifically targeted Raul: 

“They were aiming for him. They were chasing him.”

Police say that Raul was able to stagger “a few feet” before falling to the ground, where Diana saw her father dead on the ground. That’s when she immediately started pursuing the Honda Civic that the suspects fled the scene in. 

Diana’s body was found shortly after she gave chase, inside of her car, on the 9100 block of Jennie Lee Lane, having been reportedly shot by the same suspects involved in her father’s murder. 

Diana’s cousin wishes that somebody would have stopped her before she decided to pursue the murderers: 

“It doesn’t surprise me that she thought at the moment that that was a good idea. I just wish she would have, somebody would’ve [held] her down because now she’s not here.”

Rodriguez also described her uncle Raul as a very generous man who worked hard to provide for his family, with him having owned a lawn service company.

Now, Diana’s three children, aged two, six and nine, are left without a mother and their grandfather. 

Rodriguez reflected on how much her cousin enjoyed the holidays, but also realized the sudden and shocking loss: 

“She dressed up in Halloween, loved Christmas, loved Easter. Always tried to celebrate her life. She was my best friend and I don’t have that person anymore and it’s forever. So it’s very heartbreaking.”

Dallas Police have yet to make a break in the case regarding the identities of the suspects involved in the killings.

Thus far, all that is known is that the suspects were identified as three black males driving a Honda Civic, which police shared surveillance footage of the suspect vehicle. 

Brenda Hernandez, a family member of the recently deceased, is asking that anyone who has insight into the case to please come forward to police: 

“It’s very important to find who these people were because it just can’t keep happening. They can’t be running around free and taking two peoples’ lives. It’s not right.”

A family member established a GoFundMe to help cover the costs of the two funerals, which also made note of how Diana’s husband has been left a widower dealing with this loss and a financial burden in concurrence: 

“Diana’s husband is now faced with raising these children on his own. This tragedy is coupled with the financial burden of raising money for two funerals.”

Those with information on the case can contact Detective Grubbs with the Dallas Police Department’s Homicide Unit at (469) 540-6377 or [email protected]

Please reference case #204792-2020 when submitting any tips on the investigation. 

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In other cases stemming from Dallas where family members are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect shooter, a mother is heartbroken after seeing her young daughter lying in a hospital bed after a drive-by. 

Here’s that previous report from earlier this month. 


DALLAS, TX – On November 9th, a four-year-old girl was non-fatally struck by a bullet during a suspected drive-by shooting that took place at an apartment complex located in Dallas. 

Now, the distraught mother of this injured little girl is begging for whoever is responsible to come forward and turn themselves in. 

Jazsmin Sanders is the mother of the four-year-old girl who was shot in the leg during what police say was a drive-by shooting that occurred at the Oak Cliff apartment complex on the evening of November 9th. 

At approximately 11:00 p.m. that evening, Dallas Police officers responded the Oak Cliff apartments located on the 2800 block of East Overton Road. 

Police found two victims from the shooting, being the little girl and and also an adult male. Investigators believe that neither the girl nor the man injured were the intended targets of the shooting. 

Reportedly numerous apartments and homes were struck by the gunfire that evening. 

The child, Royalte Bailey, was said to have lost four pints of blood from having been shot in the leg, but was listed as being in stable condition and is expected to survive. 

While young Royalte is expected to survive, the trauma that both she and her mother are going through doesn’t just vanish once various injuries heal.

Sanders explained that no child should have to suffer such a traumatic experience: 

“My baby damn near lost her life. She’s nothing but four. She don’t deserve that at all.”

When commenting on the acts of violence plaguing the city of Dallas, Sanders rhetorically asked when these sort of acts will cease: 

“When is it going to stop? Innocent babies?”

Dallas has reportedly seen an uptick in violent crime this year when compared to last, with aggravated assaults having increased by 26% with 6.904 having occurred in 2020 while this time last year there were a reported 5,489. 

But the increase in violence isn’t just aggravated assaults. 

This time last year, there were a reported 173 homicides. To date in 2020, that number is 204. 

The young girl’s mother is pleading with whomever is responsible to surrender themselves to police: 

“Whoever did this please come forward because I’m hurt. I’m hurt. I ain’t never been through this, I don’t wish this on nobody, it’s just hard for me.”

Locals who also reside in the apartment complex where the shooting occurred have expressed concerns over the safety of the neighborhood. 

One of those local tenants, Kashaun Stovall, remarked on how her young children have become all to familiar with the sort of violence and crime that occurs in the neighborhood. 

Stovall says her children have been telling her that they want to leave the area: 

“My kids tell me every night they are ready to go. They know what a police siren is and they are scared. They know what a gunshot is and they are scared. They know what fighting and cussing is and they are scared.”

Stovall says she looks forward to one day being able to fulfill her children’s request: 

“I just want to get my kids out the ‘hood, out these trenches. We can’t do nothing but call on God right now.”

With Sanders having to see her daughter lying in hospital, she notes that she’s “strong” but that this is just something she cannot handle: 

“I want to know who did this? Who! And I’m strong, but seeing my baby like that. I can’t take it. I can’t take it.”

GoFundMe has been established to help this family with Royalte’s accruing medical expenses. 


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