Law enforcement sources: Family of incoming border-state governor in Mexico profited from Gulf Cartel


NUEVO LEON, MEXICO – The family of the in-coming border state governor of Nuevo Leon has reportedly been deeply intertwined with the Gulf Cartel, according to documents obtained exclusively by Breitbart News.

Samuel Alejandro Garcia Sepulveda, a former Mexican Senator with the Citizens Movement (Movimiento Ciudadano), won the gubernatorial election in Nuevo Leon in June and is expected to take office in October.

Garcia is the nephew of former Gulf Cartel boss Gilberto “El June” Garcia Mena, who was imprisoned by Mexican authorities in 2001. During his campaign, Garcia claimed he was only a child when his father was arrested, and that he had no interaction with him.

However, documents show that Garcia’s parents allegedly embezzled property and money from his uncle, and are currently being investigated for using shell companies to hide funds.

The documents, some provided directly by U.S. law enforcement sources operating in Mexico according to Breitbart News, reportedly show that Garcia’s father operated as a frontman for El June’s businesses before his arrest. 

After El June’s arrest, the documents indicate that his father, Samuel Orlando Garcia Mascorro, kept accounts, properties, and businesses that in fact belonged to El June and his family.

According to the documents, Mascorro and Garcia’s mother, Bertha Silvia Sepúlveda Andrade, used a series of legal maneuvers to embezzle properties in the Campestre Huinala neighborhood in Nuevo Leon.

One specific example uncovered is file 51,783 from the 18th Public Notary in Nuevo Leon, which allegedly shows Garcia’s parents embezzling a property. Garcia’s mother is listed as the purchaser of the property in the document and Garcia’s father is listed as the attorney representing the seller.

In another document, Garcia is listed as the purchaser of the property despite only being 16 years old at the time.

El June’s brother Juan Antonio Garcia Mena and his wife have filed suit against Garcia’s parents demanding $1,500,000 pesos ($75, 000 USD) relating to the alleged embezzled properties.

Garcia is presently under investigation by Mexico’s Financial Crimes Unit on suspicion of money laundering, tax evasion, and the use of fake tax documents. Documents obtained by Breitbart News relating to this investigation indicates Garcia’s father is still operating as a frontman for El June.

The article said:

“The document names the law firm Mascorro Garcia Firma Juridica S.A. De C.V., which belongs to Garcia’s father as one of the business entities under investigation. That investigation is tied to the alleged use of illicit funds during his run for governor.”

Garcia faced questions about his family ties during a bitter campaign. His opponent, Adrián de la Garza, posted a video of 9-year-old Garcia talking with El June in 1996. Garcia responded by saying:

“(Translated) What a shame that instead of talking about the (government) plan we have to talk about this, but we will gladly show our faces.”

At the time, Garcia said he would not play De la Garza’s game, who he called “desperate.” Garcia tried to explain the financial transactions of his family related to El June, saying the properties were received in lieu of payments from a local businessman, Javier Garza, a client of his father, to settle unpaid invoices.

When the media directly asked if his family had ties to El June, Garcia refused to answer, saying:

“(Translated)We are not going to fall into this war of Adrian’s, of asking the media to ask Samuel, because there is absolutely nothing… We are not going to fall into the dynamics of the PRI (De la Garza political party) dictating the agenda, nor dictating what the media can or cannot ask a senator.”

The possible connections between Garcia and a major drug cartel are concerning to United States interests at a time when President Biden is facing a crisis at the southern border. Cooperation with Mexican officials is vital to any effort to control the flow of drugs into the U.S. from Mexico, as Biden’s lax immigration policies allow hundreds of thousands of undocumented and unprocessed immigrants to cross into the U.S. 

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National security alert: Migrant “got-aways” at border jump to 340K this year – and we have no idea who they are

September 1, 2021


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Law Enforcement Today has been following the migrant crisis closely, reporting on the mass influx of illegal immigrants, many of whom are previously convicted felons in the United States. 

Recently, LET reported that approximately 8,700 previously convicted migrants were arrested at the border while attempting to re-enter the United States within the last ten months. 

Those are just the criminals that have been caught. The chilling thought is the hundreds or thousands of migrant criminals that have crossed the border without being apprehended or re-apprehended by law enforcement. 

Breitbart recently reported that according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection source, the number of migrants crossing the border without being apprehended soared to more than 340,000 so far during the 2021 Fiscal Year.

This figure represents an estimate of the total number of migrants believed to have escaped into the U.S. interior without capture or apprehension by Border Patrol agents.

When speaking about the condition of the current border crisis, a Customs and Border Patrol source reportedly revealed that within the last 35 days, more than 40,000 migrants have escaped police custody while attempting to gain re-entry into the United States.

This is an extreme number when one compares it to the estimated 69,000 total migrants that manage to escape CBP apprehension in all of 2020. 

According to Breitbart, the “got-away” total reached 300,000 in July.

The metric is usually not officially released.

The number is determined by counting migrants who ultimately escape apprehension after being observed by surveillance systems.

Border Patrol agents also use traditional sign-cutting techniques to spot footprints. It is not a perfect investigative method, however, and sources say the actual got-away count is usually higher, Breitbart reported.

The anonymous Customs and Border Protection source claims that due to the fact that the agency has significantly cut down on routine border patrols, the number of predicted “got-away” migrants is far more than is being estimated. 

According to the Customs and Border Protection source:

“We always knew the number was on the low side, now, it is completely unreliable for any planning purposes since some areas have been without routine patrols for months.”

Since the fiscal year began in October 2020, Customs and Border Patrol agents have arrested more than 1.2 million migrants along the southern border, according to reports.

In July of 2021 alone, the Border Patrol had apprehended almost 200,000 migrants. This is a shocking increase of more than 400% when compared to July of 2020

While a 400% increase in migrant apprehension is shocking in itself, it is even more jaw dropping that Democrats recently buried approximately $107 billion for amnesty for illegal immigrants within a $3.5 trillion dollar budget. 

Here is that complete story that Law Enforcement Today recently reported on. 



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