Family of officer killed in horrific crash: Chicago Police Department covered up his death


CHICAGO, IL – Back in June of 2017, Chicago Police Officer Taylor Clark died from a fiery collision. Now, family members of the deceased officer is accusing the city and officials within the CPD of covering up aspects related to the crash that killed Officer Clark.

It’s not uncommon to hear about fatal car crashes, nor is it that radical of a thought to hear about a police officer being involved in a fatal wreck. Take into consideration that police will at times find themselves engaged in high speed pursuits and sometimes having to go after dangerous or unpredictable drivers.

While the crash that took Officer Taylor’s life back on June 27 of 2017 was allegedly a police-pursuit involved crash – it wasn’t Officer Taylor who was doing the pursuing. He was being pursued.

Officer Clark’s cousin, Blaze Taylor, feels as though things just don’t add up with his cousin’s death. Officer Clark had recently wrapped up his shift at the station when he was pursued by undercover police units.

The off-duty officer reportedly didn’t stop for officers pursuing, but video evidence revealed that the undercover units didn’t hit their lights and sirens until several blocks after the pursuit allegedly began.

During the chase, Officer Clark reportedly ran a red light and then lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the vehicle of Chequita Adams, killing himself and Adams as a result of the crash.

What led to the pursuit to begin with creates more questions than answers as well.

At the time, Officer Jamie Jawor said the reason she and Officer Mueller were pursuing Officer Clark was because his vehicle matched the description of Jeep that was reported stolen weeks earlier.

Records at the time revealed that the Jeep had already been recovered a full 17 days prior to the officers pursuing Officer Clark. It’s unknown if officers had checked the license plate with dispatch prior to or during the pursuit.

During the Civilian Office of Police Accountability’s investigation, they noted that there was no “reasonable basis to believe that Officer Clark’s Jeep was stolen.”

Needless to say, it’s not unreasonable for the family of the deceased to have questions as to why unmarked police vehicles were pursuing their loved one – while tailing Officer Clark for a majority of the pursuit without lights and sirens activated.

It appears that the pursuit and subsequent collision took place at night, which means that Officer Clark would only have been able to see headlights. Did he think someone with nefarious purposes was chasing him as he left the police department?

If so, once overhead lights were activated, without siren, did he think it was a fake light? Did he call dispatch while trying to escape?

Video also showed that Officers Jawor and Mueller were at a red light behind the vehicle for about 20 seconds and did nothing to pursue. Were they talking on the radio? Running the plate? 

There are a lot of unanswered questions.

Not long after the incident, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability suggested that Officer Jawor being terminated for engaging the in the pursuit of Officer Clark. Yet, previous CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson did not support the suggestion of terminating Officer Jawor at the time.

The family of Officer Clark has filed a wrongful death suit against the city of Chicago. The city reportedly already settled a separate suit with the family of Adams who passed away in the 2017 crash.

Blaze Taylor is simply optimistic that the presence of a new superintendent within the CPD will help unveil more details on his cousin’s death:

“I pray with the new mayor and police superintendent will look into this case and other cases that have been swept under the rug.”

The case has been on ongoing mystery for years. Hopefully the family can get the answers that they deserve.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

In other investigation, police in New York City are trying to track down a suspect who caused severe burns to a homeless man by way of weaponizing a firework. 

In light of recent events, hardly anything seems to be shocking anymore – especially when it pertains to crimes stemming from Democrat controlled cities. Much like how The Big Apple’s Harlem recently had a large firework thrown at a vagrant by some hoodlum while possible co-conspirators filmed the egregious attack.

Officials from the NYPD state that a 66-year-old man suffered burns to his back during the attack that was caught on video.

The appalling video shows one assailant hurling a lit firework that then explodes on top of the homeless man – while a person filming the debacle is present where some in the background can be heard saying “no” but others can be heard snickering.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association noted the following about the disturbing crime caught on camera:

“Homeless man literally set on fire last night on the streets in Brooklyn. Take a close look NOT one person can be seen defending this victim. Not one person seemed to care no protesters to condemn no news media to tell the story.”

The incident was said to have taken place on 67 Lenox Avenue in Harlem, where the victim was simply laying down on the sidewalk under the cover of a blanket at approximately 4:00 a.m. on June 22nd.

NYD Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the city will be launching an operation to track down whomever the distributors of illegal fireworks are, as there have been numerous complaints as of late regarding the use of them within the city.

The operation in question will entail the collaboration of the NYPD, FDNY, and the Sheriff’s Office by way of conducting sting operations.

NYPD’s Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison requested the public’s assistance in locating the assailant featured on the video:

“Anyone with information pertaining to the suspect’s identity is asked to call NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or [direct message] @NYPDTips”

Many commenters online have decried the acts portrayed on the video, with some suggesting rather primitive forms of public shaming:

“When caught his punishment should be standing at the same location with a placard for weeks saying what he did to the homeless man, then brand his hand!!!”

However, there have been others who feel as though the concept of crime and punishment in New York City is almost a moot endeavor, in light of how suspected criminals have been treated lately:

“Except NYC liberals do not punish criminals. He would have no bond. He wouldn’t see a trial for months if ever because of “COVID”. He would plead down to no jail time or punishment, and do the same thing or something worse countless times. Vigilante justice needs a resurgence!”

Considering all that has transpired as of late within New York City, it is difficult to not identify with those experiencing a sense of hopelessness.

There are also those who feel like if the suspect(s) are even tracked down, that the mere arrest of them would somehow get maligned as the suspect appears to be black in the captured video. One person commented on the released footage with the following:

“Find these violent thugs and prosecute!!!”

In response, another Twitter user mockingly noted just how sensitive the times are when it pertains to arresting suspects that are black:

“But if the cops arrest them .. someone will say rasict and it was a peaceful firework display.  And [it’s] not [their] fault… it was the [cop’s] fault and a white man told them and trump [encouraged] it and bam another protest….. im being sarcastic but it’s the truth.”

Others online have seen this incident as a means to also mock Mayor Bill de Blasio for his seemingly soft stance on crime. One Twitter user opined:

“See ya in about 10 years after you’re caught. Oh, that’s right, this is DeBlasio’s town. See you back on the street, a day after you get caught.”

Following in the vain of said humor, another user followed that response with:

“With a metrocard, $25 gift card and or Mets tickets.”

Jokes from the peanut gallery aside – this is the current status of New York City. Lawlessness runs amuck, and the residents simply feel hopeless.

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