Family of a man murdered in a drive-by shooting fuming over proposal to lessen penalties for criminals


TACOMA, WA – The family of man who was shot and killed in a drive-by is fuming after learning of a proposal by Democratic lawmakers.  The bill would lessen the penalties for those convicted of killing someone through the course of a drive-by shooting.

The brother of the victim in this case calls the news a “shock” to the family.

It was 24 years ago when Corey Pittman, who was in Tacoma, Washington during a break from college, was riding in the car with four other people going home. When the car got into the Hilltop area the group was met by Kimonti Carter, a Bloods gang member, who was in another vehicle.

Carter believed that the car Corey was in belonged to a rival gang member (he was wrong) and opened fire with his MAK-90 long gun, firing 19 rounds.

Several of those rounds struck Corey who died because of the shooting.

Carter was arrested, charged, and convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder. It’s something that Democratic lawmakers want to change in a proposal they have presented, House Bill 1692.

The bill, presented by Democratic State Representatives Tarra Simmons and David Hackney, would somehow allegedly make the current system less racist. This is because they believe the bill was designed to target gang violence which, in their words, is mostly comprised of minorities.

The bill would remove drive-by shootings from a list of aggravating factors that would result in an automatic life sentence for those convicted.

Even more shocking is that, if the bill is passed, it will not only affect future cases, but it will be retroactive, meaning the only person in prison this law would apply to may be released after it is passed.

Simmons notes that Carter is the only person in the state that has been sentenced under this law, however, still somehow apparently believes that the law was designed to discriminate against minorities.

She believes that people, apparently regardless of their crimes, can be redeemed. Simmons said:

“I believe in a society that believes in the power of redemption. Murder is murder no matter where the bullet comes from but locking young people up and throwing away the key is not the answer.

To speak about this law without speaking about the only person it has ever been used on is to tell only part of the story.”

Simmons clearly believes that Carter has turned his life around and is not the same gang member he was when he committed murder at 18 years old.

Because of Carter’s apparent turnaround, she and others believe that he deserves a second chance at life.

While Simmons and Hackney think they are doing a good thing in terms of ‘racial equity’ and Carter’s behavior, the family members of Corey, who are black, disagree. Damian said:

“Maybe he [Carter] did change for the better. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be in prison. I’m not the same person I was at 18, but I also never killed anybody.”

Corey’s brother, Damian, spoke to the Dori Monson Show about the loss of his brother and the potential changes coming to the law that may allow Carter out of prison early.

When he was on the show, he said that none of the lawmakers spoke to his family about the proposal, and they should have since this case seemingly is the only one in the state that will be affected. Damian said:

“Corey was very funny, smart, ambitious. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t admire him. He had a way of making the community better, making the world better. There’s nothing better than having a brother. I was born with a best friend.”

Damian and his family members are worried that, if the bill passes and is signed into law, that Carter may be released from prison immediately.

He said that it is “baffling” that the Democratic lawmakers would be pointing to Carter behaving properly while in prison as a partial reason as to why he should be released back into the community. He said:

“They can spin it in whatever way they want, but I’m a black man. This isn’t about party lines. This isn’t about racial equity.”

Damian has a message for Simmons and Hackney:

“My family was destroyed in one night. I haven’t been right since. Even just talking about it brings pain.

I implore you. No parents should have to bury their kids. Say his name. Corey Pittman. He was not a name, a nameless victim. He was a person.”

Parents fighting back: Bill filed in Florida would allow video and audio recordings in classrooms

‘Appalling to us all’: Felon arrested after plowing into children, killing two, fleeing the scene

WILTON MANORS, FL – A felon who confessed to driving into children, killing two, has been arrested by Wilton Manor Police and Broward Sheriff’s Deputies, and is being held without bond.

According to witnesses, Sean Charles Greer, 27, was driving his 2009 Honda Accord sedan on Northwest Ninth Avenue in Wilton Manors, FL, shortly before 2:45 pm on Monday, December 27, 2021.

Greer reportedly pulled up behind a Broward County Transit bus that had stopped to let off a passenger.  The bus then attempted to continue southbound, but Greer did not allow it to merge, and passed it.


According to WFTV, while passing, Greer nearly struck the front driver’s side of the bus.

Next, Greer swerved to the right, drove off the road and onto a sidewalk and a driveway, where children were present.

Greer then drove his Accord into six of the children.

Broward Transit driver Selvin Arjun recalled:

“I don’t know if he couldn’t control the car, but he drove straight into those kids.”

WFTV further reports that two of the children, Andrea Fleming, 6, and Kylie Jones, 5, died at the scene.  Four others, Draya Fleming, Laziyah Stokes, Johnathan Carter and Audre Fleming, were injured and transported to Broward Health Medical Center.  CBS Miami reports that two of these children are listed in critical condition.

After he struck the children, Greer fled the scene, driving southbound.  He left behind the front bumper of his Honda Accord.

Witness Rhome Orismo saw the horrors unfold from the doorstep of the bus.  He told CBS Miami:

“I stood right up as soon as I witnessed the crash, witnessed the impact.”

He continued:

 “It’s still eating away at me now that someone would do something like that and not stop, not try to render aid to those children.”

CNN reports that bystanders responded with first aid at the scene before emergency crews arrived.  First responders came from Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Wilton Manors Police officers and Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.

According to Local10, the Honda’s front bumper and “other information” led investigators to a Wilton Manors location of a vehicle with damage consistent with the crash.

CBS News reports further that this location was Greer’s girlfriend’s home.  Greer’s arrest report notes that Greer told his girlfriend, “If the cops come by, don’t tell them whose car that is.”

Sheriff’s deputies noted that Greer “confessed to his involvement in the crash.”

Greer is also no stranger to arrest, as deputies also reported that he was already on probation for burglary of a home in Broward County.

In addition, Greer had no business being behind a wheel.  CBS Miami notes that his license was suspended in 2016.

According to WFTV, Greer faced: 

“two counts of leaving the scene of an accident involving death, two counts of leaving the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injury, two counts of leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries, tampering with evidence, four counts of driving without a license causing death and/or serious bodily injuries and driving with a suspended license.”


As if his behavior at allegedly killing and injuring children was not already reprehensible enough, Greer again made headlines by causing a scene at his first court appearance on Wednesday, December 29.

Video, which can be seen in the news tweet embedded below, shows Greer struggling with officers at his bond hearing.


Greer exclaims while struggling:

“You can’t make me stay in this -“

The unidentified judge states:

“We seem to have lost him for a moment.”

 A voice identified by CBS News as a bailiff replies:

“Your honor, he stepped away. He didn’t want to come back in front of the judge.”

Greer, who knocked over a podium at the incident, was given a “no bond hold” based on probation violations.

Police Chief Gary Blocker of the Wilton Manors Police Department issued a statement following Greer’s deadly hit-and-run actions.

He said, in part:

“The Wilton Manors Police Department, along with our partners at the Broward Sheriff’s Office, announce the arrest of 27-year-old Sean Charles Greer as the driver involved in Monday’s hit-and-run traffic crash that resulted in two children dying, and four others being injured….

“Greer was behind the wheel of the 2009 Honda Accord that struck these children, and then he heartlessly fled the scene without rendering aid.

“His actions are appalling to us all….

“We remain ready as we continue to support the victims’ families through our Victim Services Unit.

“I ask our community to keep our victims, their families, and their friends in your thoughts and prayers.”


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