FallenProject.comFallenProject.com was established to raise funding for an ambitious feature documentary film that will explore the rapidly rising line-of-duty death rate being suffered by law enforcement in the US. A production team comprised solely of public safety professionals will travel to agencies across the US over the next year, interviewing officers and family members effected by these losses, in an effort to bring light to these sacrifices and give our fallen heroes a voice.
In just two years, officer fatalities in the US have risen nearly 60%, and firearm related officer killings have increased %40. Additionally, multiple-death and ambush-type attacks on the police continue to be seen throughout the country. Though this can likely be attributed to a number of circumstances, a key contributing factor is surely rising distrust and anger toward the government which manifests itself in violent outbursts at the police. This, coupled with an unprecedented lack of funding, resulting in crippling cuts to public safety across the country, make for an ever increasingly dangerous environment for men and women in law enforcement.
This film will explore all of these themes, from a multitude of perspectives. But, at its core, the film will be a tribute to the sacrifices of those who have fallen, those who have lost, and those who continue to protect.
The project was conceived and developed by Thomas Marchese, a Sergeant for the Soledad Police Department in CA. Also a photographer and cinematographer, Sergeant Marchese will write and direct the film, and is currently seeking involvement of an A-list celebrity to provide a voice-over narration for the production. He has assembled a production crew and support system comprised of officers and public safety personnel from all over the US.
The project is being funded completely by donations from officers, associations and the public. The film requires a production budget of $150,000, and the campaign began on December 1st. Donations can be made directly from the website, www.FallenProject.com

Forward any inquiries to [email protected]