MIAMI — A real detective in Miami busted a fake cop. Authorities say a man packing a blue light and a BB gun pulled over a nondescript car on Interstate 95, ready to play “traffic cop.” It was a bad move reported the New York Post. The driver he pulled over is a real police detective.

According to the Post, the police report shows 46-year-old Pacheco Bustamante (pictured) was arrested Friday morning on a felony charge of impersonating a Florida police officer.

GovXIt says Bustamante was driving a Ford Crown Victoria similar to many police vehicles when he approached the detective’s unmarked car and activated a siren.

Miami-Dade Detective Alton Martin, dressed in full uniform, pulled onto the highway shoulder, according to the Miami Herald. He then arrested Bustamante when it became clear he’s no officer.

The report says Bustamante told police he had done this before. It is unknown if the wannabe police officer has found a real lawyer to represent him.

(Photo Miami-Dade Corrections)