FAIRBANKS, Alaska – The Fairbanks Police Department Wednesday released video and audio of an officer-involved shooting that occurred last Christmas Eve. The deadly encounter ended the life an armed, suicidal 20-year-old Fairbanks man.

The man’s mother had called police to check on her son, who wanted to end his life.

Last week state prosecutors determined that Fairbanks Police officers and Alaska State Troopers were justified when they resorted to deadly force, ending the life of Cody Eyre, reported KTUU.

Fairbanks Police edited together audio from Alaska State troopers’ audio recordings, and videos from Fairbanks Police officers’ body cameras and dashboard cameras. They showed the media that compilation Wednesday afternoon. Only media were allowed in the room, but Eyre’s family was at the police station in silent protest because they believe the video they had seen had been altered.

Magdalena Eyre, Cody’s mother, spoke to a KTVF reporter Wednesday, saying when she saw the video, she was prepared, but seeing it play out was painful.

“Officers followed and negotiated with Cody for 11 minutes while walking with him for nearly ½ mile,” FPD Chief Eric Jewkes’ prepared statements said.

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Officers trailed and negotiated with an armed, suicidal man on foot for 11 minutes over the course of a half mile, before the encounter turned deadly. (Fairbanks Police Department)

During those 11 minutes, FPD officers and troopers can be heard calling out to Eyre, Jewkes said approximately 78 times, telling him to put down the gun, stop walking, and that “it’s not worth it.”

“Risks vary in these situations and the incident ended when the risk became too great,” Jewkes’ statement said. “When Cody turned at them, pointed the gun at them and specifically screamed that they could die right now, the risk became too great and they were forced to act.”

Jewkes said FPD officers are experienced with responding to suicidal individuals, and one that responded to the call that day left from an ambulance of another suicide attempt.

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“This outcome is not what these officers were after. We know that suicide in Alaska is nearly double the national average,” Jewkes said. As a result, he encouraged anyone who is troubled to reach out for help.

The video released by Fairbanks Police Department is displayed below. There is strong language and content that some may find disturbing.