Explosives found inside home of man who had armed standoff with police – most they had ever seen in person


SOUTH JORDAN, UT – Police in South Jordan made a startling discovery of several homemade explosives inside of the home of a man they’d just engaged with in a multi-hour standoff.

While police and federal authorities aren’t certain what the 42-year-old suspect had planned for these explosives, police said that agents involved noted the explosives were “the most they had ever seen in person.”

The man behind the explosives, according to police, is Ryan L. McManigal. While McManigal was taken into custody after an armed standoff on July 24th, police had been keeping an eye on him since July 18th due to him allegedly sending threatening messages to a local eatery.

On July 19th, police had gotten reports that McManigal was witnessed pacing in his backyard while holding a rifle the previous evening and that he may have shot out a street light.

According to a press release from the South Jordan Police Department, they realized that McManigal was a prohibited possessor of a firearm and were compelled to take action:

“After several days of working toward a resolution, we determined the risk to the public and the area neighboring his home outweighed any further delay in McManigal’s arrest.”

It was believed that McManigal was suffering from some sort of mental crisis, and police dispatched members from the Mobile Crisis Outreach Team at around 11:00 p.m. on July 23rd to ask McManigal to self-surrender. However, the suspect declined to turn himself in cooperatively.

When police deployed the SWAT team to enact an arrest, the SWAT vehicle was reportedly greeted by McManigal with some gunfire, according to the SJPD release:

“While a West Valley City SWAT armored vehicle containing eight SWAT operators was approaching the front of the residence, it came under heavy fire and was hit with numerous bullets out the front door of the house.”

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After taking fire from the front end of the house, police tried approaching the west side of the home and was once again met with gunfire:

“On the west side of the residence a South Jordan armored SWAT vehicle approached the home it also took several bullets from a rifle.”

McManigal eventually surrendered on the morning of July 24th and police arrested him for numerous charges such as aggravated assault targeting law enforcement, possession of a weapon by a restricted person, felony discharge of a weapon and many other charges.

But police were in for a bit of surprise when they searched the suspect’s residence after the standoff.

Several peroxide-based explosives in five-gallon tubs were located inside the home. This prompted for an immediate evacuation of the area, which was approximately 168 residences and over 30 businesses. The SJPD contacted the FBI bomb squad to assist after the discovery.

While speaking about the incident, SJPD Lt. Matt Pennington remarked on the homemade bombs located inside the home of McManigal:

“We did not expect a pretty massive explosive device. Some of the stuff I heard the agents and bomb techs throwing around was that this is the most they had ever seen in person.”

Once authorities determined what components were used to create these explosives, Lt. Pennington noted that it’s a scary concept that most of what was used to create these explosives aren’t difficult to attain:

“The scary part is … this is stuff that if you know what you’re doing, you can go round up what you need and start making it.”

In the aftermath of the shootout with police, South Jordan city spokeswoman Rachael Van Cleave stated that despite there being exchanged gunfire between officers and the suspect, minimal damage occurred outside of the damage sustained by the suspect’s home:

“It could not have turned out better.”

Authorities were able to safely detonate the explosives during the evening of July 24th, and McManigal was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail that same day.


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