Expert sounds the alarm, warns Chinese “police service centers” in US “tool for sabotage, espionage”


BEIJING- Last month, Law Enforcement Today reported on a number of Chinese-operated “police service centers” that have been opened outside of mainland China, 110 in total we are told. That piece may be found below.

That includes several in the United States, including one in New York City, The Epoch Times reports.

Despite reasons given by China for the presence of these centers, the true reason is to repatriate Chinese people who have relocated in the United States through coercion, according to a security policy expert. However there is probably something much more nefarious involved he says—sabotage or espionage.

Frank Gaffney is the executive chairman at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Security Policy. Gaffney believes that as part of the Chinese Communis Party’s (CCP) “global transnational repression,” the Chinese police service centers are more likely to be used as a means to conduct espionage and sabotage operations.

“The Chinese are not simply forcing people to go back to China and stand trial, but they may be giving them directions to do other things,” he suggests, including “espionage, recruitment, influence operations, sabotage or subversion,” Gaffney told the “China in Focus” program on NTD News.

Gaffney said it is important for the United States government to “ensure” those operations “do not continue.”

He went on to describe the CCP’s police operations as “instruments of reaching out and not just touching, but garroting individuals that they seek to either extricate from wherever they may be and return [them] home to face prosecution there for some cause.”

Under such an operation, Gaffney suggests, the regime could additionally “compel foreigners to China to suffer whatever fate the Chinese Communist Party would have in mind for them.”

“Some 230,000 people have been compelled to return to China,” Gaffney said, in response to the report of 100 police service centers being operated by the Chinese in 30 countries among five continents. “That alone is an extraordinary indictment of what these service centers are actually servicing.”

“China claims 230,000 suspects of fraud and telecom fraud were successfully ‘persuaded to return’ to China from April 2021 to July 2022,” according to the Safeguard Defenders report.

Continuing, Gaffney stated he believes the operation runs contrary to U.S. law due to the fact there is no reciprocity agreement in place which would permit the FBI to operate inside mainland China.

“That’s the sort of thing that we will not accept, I believe, in our country, not from our own law enforcement agencies, and certainly not from a foreign to say nothing of a hostile foreign one, like the Chinese Communist Party,” Gaffney said.

He also identified a book, “Unrestricted Warfare,” written by two Chines colonels in 1999, which he notes “laid out…different ways in which the Chinese Communist Party, in a period before they became strong enough militarily to fight us the old fashioned way, could wage war against us.”

Gaffney said the book spelled out a number of ways, through “economic warfare, political warfare, information operations, subversion, threats to our electric grid, and not least biological warfare,” where China could wage “war” against the United States and other Western countries.

Gaffney warned the operation poses a clear threat to U.S. national security and has urged the New York operation be shut down immediately with an immediate investigation to discover exactly what the Chinese are up to.

Gaffney wants to know, among other questions, were the Chinese actually authorized by someone to conduct such an operations, and if so, on what basis and under what guidelines? Is there any type of oversight on what the Chinese are doing?

“There’s a question of who knows about these operations? What do they know about them? Is this being done with the Biden administration’s permission?”

Nobody yet knows the answer to that question but with information having come out about possible ties between the Bidens and Chinese business interests, it’s a question worth pursuing.

Gaffney is also urging the United States to press other governments to shut down similar operations in their countries, in particular in Canada. “You can find very easily those operations reaching into our country if they were allowed to continue.”

Gaffney said the policy adopted by former President Ronald Reagan in which he urged caution in dealing with the Chinese communists shows why the present policy with China is flawed.

“We are still at this moment, engaged in what Ronald Reagan ran against in 1980, namely détente or engagement policy with this enemy. As he recognized, that’s a formula for disaster,” Gaffney said.

“We really need a course correction on this,” he continued.

“The Chinese Communist Party is not just a mortal threat to us, it is a horrific, indeed mortal threat to its own people.”

Gaffney said that instead of embracing the CCP, the United States should be working at “delegitimatizing it, we ought to be countering at every turn its influence operations,” Gaffney said.

He further said the United States should work to “help the Chinese Communist Party meet an end at the hands of the Chinese people at the soonest possible moment.

“It is in all of our interests that that happen,” Gaffney said.

For more on the expansion of these Chinese police service centers worldwide, we invite you to:


TORONTO, ON, CN- Why would China be opening police stations on Canadian soil ostensibly to keep watch over Chinese-Canadians? Inquiring minds want to know.

According to the National Post, there are three addresses in Toronto which have been registered as “service stations” which are operated by the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau, a police force active in the Chinese metropolis of Fuzhou.

The Asian human rights group Safeguard Defenders revealed the Chinese presence in a newly published report.

According to Beijing, the stations are in place simply to assist former Chinese citizens for tasks such as renewing driver’s licenses, which seems a bit difficult to believe, given the interest China typically has in conducting surveillance of Western nations.

Conversely, Safeguard Defenders believes the service stations are mainly used for the purposes of China’s “Involuntary Return” program—a program where Chinese nationals are mandated to return home if or when the country’s security service believes they have violated Chinese law.

“These operations eschew official bilateral police and judicial cooperation,” they wrote.

For example, Safeguard Defenders reported that in just the past year, China has claimed some 230,000 of their expats have been “persuaded to return” on various charges.

They further claim that the returns are often obtained by imposing extreme sanctions on the families of those targeted, such as asset seizures and prohibition from seeking government health care or education.

Meanwhile, a reporter for the Globe & Mail stopped by the three Toronto addresses cited as Public Security Bureau stations. One turned out to be a private home, the other a mall primarily occupied with Chinese Canadian businesses, while the third was the office of a registered nonprofit known as the Canada Toronto FuQuing Business Association.

The outlet further noted that the Association was founded with direct oversight by the Chinese Communist government, and outlined the fact the honorary president had previously sung the praises of Beijing’s efforts to expand its administrative state abroad in order to help the expats feel “the warmth” of the motherland.

Canada is not the only place where China is establishing a footprint, with several dozen countries currently housing overseas outposts of Chinese law enforcement assets.

For example, a report published in The Irish Times addressed the opening of a Fuzhou Overseas Police Service Station in central Dublin.

According to China’s Ireland embassy, they claim the station is used as “a place for Fuzhou expats to do routine paperwork.

“During the past two years, the pandemic made international travels not easy and quite a few Chinese nationals found their Chinese ID cards and/or driver licenses expired or about to expire, and yet they could not get the ID renewed back in China in time,” they claimed.

Meanwhile, Chinese dissidents based in Canada have warned Canadian authorities that they are subject to organized harassment from Chinese authorities. In 2019, the New York Times profiled Sheng Xue, a Mississauga-based proponent of the People’s Republic of China, who was subjected to a series of cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns designed to discredit her.

“I thought I’d have a safe, happy life in Canada,” Sheng told the Times outlining her 1989 escape from communist China after the Tiananmen Square massacre.

However the Chinese Communist Party, she said “was already here”

Meanwhile, China has also set up such stations in London, according to reports, among the estimated 54 police service centers opened worldwide.

Safeguard Defenders noted that London is home to two such service stations, with one registered as an estate agency and the second a Chinese restaurant. Both locations deny any affiliation as police service centers. The estate agency told The Telegraph that its office is also home to a legal firm which handles issues concerning Chinese immigration.

Peter Dahlin, director of Safeguard Defenders says:

“In general, these stations have both a good and a bad purpose. They are there to help say Chinese tourists who get into trouble, they can act as a liaison with local police, they can help out, basically. The problem is they are not registered as [agents for the police] in these different countries.”

He also noted that the London-based officers had been operating “under the radar” of the British police while “targeting the Chinese diaspora.”

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