As with any other life experience Police Officers eventually retire or nowadays facing lay-offs, and we are not all 65 years old when we leave the force nor does this mean that we are not still physically and mentally fit at 45, 55, 60 or 65 years old.

Not all of us wish to return to the force for whatever reason.

With society being force fed fear by media and officials, why do we not want to calm and bring a sense of security to the populace?

We are using frontline Officers for assignments such as Air Marshall’s, Vice, Surveillance teams etc. Why not use the Retired Officers, bring them back (short term) to alleviate the drain of younger Officers that can be used properly on the frontline where they are truly needed.

Do not mistake me in that Retired Officers take over all assignments, they work in conjunction with their Brothers And Sisters when needed, it is just freeing up some manpower for better use and placement.

Give these Retired Officers a decent salary (I am not talking about the same pay scale as an active officer) or give a contract to do the job. And again before giving the assignment to that individual let us make sure that they are able and capable to conduct and complete the task.

Until Governments can see the reality to give out monies to Law Enforcement agencies so that they can hire and keep Officers in our communities we need to look outside the box. How can we assist, support and aid our Confreres and Consoeurs or Brothers and Sisters.

The name PIGS stands for PRIDE, IINTEGRITY, GUTS & SERVICE, we all became Police Officers because we know that we made and make a difference in our society.

I am Honoured to be one of many Officers and I Thank each and every one of you who are protecting me and all each and every day and night.

May the Archangel Michael, Patron Saint of Police Officers, watch over each

Written by William Wihbey