Healthcare exec who called cops racist killers being given prestigious award


The notorious healthcare executive who painted police as racist killers is set to be inducted into the Junior Achievement NJ Business Hall of Fame this April.

The police organization Brothers Before Others has been locked in a battle with her employer, RWJBarnabas Health, for months now. What are they fighting for?

The truth.

“Who will train them not to shoot black children first?!?”

If you haven’t read the original story, check it out here.

Earlier in 2018, executive Michellene Davis made a factually and morally incorrect comment on social media, portraying police as racist killers. More specifically, the shooting of unarmed minority children in schools.

After the originally story went viral, many stepped forward asking for Davis’s resignation. But Brothers Before Others was not among those calling for her to be fired. They did not ask for her termination, but simply requested a mere correction and apology over her words from both her and her employer.

Not only has this organization faced incredible backlash during their planned protests of the healthcare company’s refusal to condemn their employee’s statement, but now individual members have fallen victim to attacks online, including accusations claiming the organization’s founder as a devout racist and white supremacist.

A segment from a NJ lawyer’s Facebook post claiming BBO’s founder to be a white supremacist.

The continued cries to right the wrong have gone unnoticed, falling on deaf ears. RWJBarnabas paints themselves as having an excellent relationship with local law enforcement. But after an initial internal review of the company’s social media policy, it was concluded that the executive didn’t violate the standards and was since rehired into her $1M+ per year salary.

The American Law Enforcement Officer is NOT the Enemy

“The American Law Enforcement Officer is NOT the Enemy,” proclaimed a sign at one of the rallies outside RWJBarnabas a few months ago. This is a message that is quick to be ignored as hate against our officers continues to spread across the country.

The group is made up of active and retired officers, fighting to display a more honest picture about law enforcement in a society where most are so quick to judge and blame our police.

What’s more, now Michellene Davis is set to be inducted into the Junior Achievement NJ Business Hall of Fame and has also been listed on the Inside NJ: Power 100 List. With these honors, Davis will be considered a ‘role model’ to others within the community. Brothers Before Others obviously has a huge problem with this and the people that supported her receiving these honors.

A screenshot from the RWJBarnabas site shows Ms. Davis included in the Power 100 List.

The Junior Achievement NJ Business Hall of Fame is a fairly prestigious group. Those that have been previously inducted are massively influential in the community, especially in helping develop greater opportunities for students in schools and businesses within the area.

Not to mention… public record shows that RWJBarnabas paid $20,000 for 2 tables at the event….

So we have to ask, how does a ‘professional’ who makes a very public (and incorrect) statement spreading hate against police merely get a slap on the wrist, a green light to return to work, AND multiple exclusive awards?

Funny how when someone makes an outlandish and false claim that goes against the media’s narrative, it becomes a national spectacle – usually resulting in the destruction of one’s career and reputation. But when a liberal executive makes a race-baiting statement that happens to go along with the mainstream perception of police, they win an award.

If you’re sick of the lies and spread of false information throughout our media and our country, it’s time to stand together. Share this article with everyone you know and help bring the truth to light.

Stay safe.

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