Exclusive with Scott LoBaido: ‘That Thin Blue Line separates anarchy and civilization- it’s that simple’


NEW YORK CITY, NY – There is at least one man who is publicly fighting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in his war on police. By some twist of fate- this man is also a brilliant patriotic artist.

His name is Scott LoBaido and he is from New York City.

Scott has been using his creative talents to leave his distaste of the mayor’s misguided ideology in artwork-form all over New York City. In July, Scott painted a beautiful Thin Blue Line in front of an NYPD precinct in Staten Island.

He later draped an image of DeBlasio holding the severed head of the Statue of Liberty along an overpass- a perfect symbolic gesture to exactly what DeBlasio is doing.

de Blasio

But the half-witted mayor and his cronies in the Department of Transportation fired back. Scott received a harsh ‘Cease and Desist’ letter ordering him to stop ‘defacing’ any street- as in painting a Thin Blue Line.

Scott told Law Enforcement Today:

“When I hung the big banner of Deblasio holding the severed head of the Statue of Liberty over the highway… the story went worldwide. The next day I got the letter about the blue line.”

Exclusive with Scott LoBaido: 'That Thin Blue Line separates anarchy and civilization- it’s that simple'

The letter merely fueled the artist’s conviction and now he has a plan to fire back. Scott recreated the letter and turned it into a piece of art to be sold at auction on his website, with all proceeds going to the NYC Cops & Kids Boxing Club.

Scott said:

“If [de Blasio] wants to defund the police, I am going to fund the police!”

Cease and desist letters typically carry a strong legal and threatening undertone, but that didn’t bother Scott:

“This is beautiful, this mayor picked the wrong f****** guy! I had the letter in my hand and in my public announcement response video I said ‘you can stick this where the sun don’t shine!’ 

“The letter ain’t worth the paper it’s printed on.”

About Scott Lobaido’s Art:

Scott has most known for patriotism in his artwork and the American flag is the most prominent symbol in is artwork.

Scott told LET:

“I get in my red, white and blue truck and I just drive through every state in the country and I paint big American flags. I did my first 50 state tour in 2006, and again in 2011 and my latest in 2015. I’m due for another one next year.”

Scott has long been a supporter of the law enforcement and military community well before this current war on police. And his support for the police has become even stronger lately.

So we asked him about his philosophy.

thin blue line paint

To that, Scott replied:

“That Thin Blue Line separates anarchy and civilization- it’s that simple! It’s also a memorial for the men and women who sacrifice their lives to protect my ass.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

In a lasting message to LET readers out there, Scott said:

“You don’t see, but we got your back. Thank you very much.”

Scott’s fight is far from over. His focus has turned towards organizing what he calls ‘the mother of all marches’ to city hall that is expected to be held sometime in mid-August. LET will be tracking his plans. As of the writing of this article, Scott has posted a registration page on his website for people to get involved in his rally. For more information go to www.scottlobaido.com


About the writer: Eddie Molina is a leadership professional and voluntarily writes articles for the law enforcement and military community. For more of his articles and to watch the full Zoom interview of Scott Lobaido, go to his website, www.eddiemolina.com

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LET Unity

Here’s our previous report on the situation with Scott and de Blasio.

So in a city where graffitiing St Patricks Cathedral, or devastating the blocks around the Occupy City Hall protests with every said color to denounce everything from the funding of police to fried processed foods, not to mention the several Black Lives Matter street murals assisted by the Mayor Bill deBlasio himself, who do you think would get a cease and desist letter from the City of New York?

That’s right, America’s Artist Scott LoBaido!

NYC tells American artist Scott LoBaido: 'Remove thin blue line outside police department or risk legal actions’

For what? Painting a single thin blue line on Hylan Boulevard in support of the police.

We’re in a time where the City of New York has spent over a hundred thousand dollars painting and protecting the now infamous 5th Avenue Black Lives Matter street mural.

Exclusive with Scott LoBaido: 'That Thin Blue Line separates anarchy and civilization- it’s that simple'

Where while black lives are shattered throughout the city due to the rapid increase in shootings and murders of the very black lives they ironically protest to protect, police resources are spread thin dealing with the occupy city hall terrorists.

Yes thats right, terrorists.

Within two days of painting a single blue line down a Boulevard in New York City’s Borough of Staten Island, the NYC Department of Transportation has issued American Conservative Artist Scott LoBaido a Cease and Desist letter.

Exclusive with Scott LoBaido: 'That Thin Blue Line separates anarchy and civilization- it’s that simple'

The letter states:

“The NYC Department of Transportation has been made aware that Scott LoBaido or his agents have painted a thin blue line on a concrete median on Hylan Boulevard from Bancroft Avenue to Lincoln Avenue in the Borough of Staten Island.

Please be advised that section 19-138(b) of Chapter 1 Title 19 of the NYC Administrative code prohibits the defacement of any street by painting, writing, or attaching any advertisement or other printed material.”

I had requested via email from the NYC DOT how many such letters have been written in the month of July and graffiti vandalism has been rampant in conjunction with protests throughout the city in recent weeks.

In true NYC fashion, my email and phone calls have been met with zero response.

The Cease and Desist letter then goes further stating that “you must take immediate measures to remove all painted thin blue lines from the median. Failure to do so may result in the issuance of summonses and/or the commencement of legal action.”

Again, this time and effort for a single blue line is being taken when a city has already surpassed the total number of shootings for all of 2019.

But in true form, the American Patriot Artist is not backing down.

In addition to a video statement on his professional Facebook page, the artist stated that “the letter was not worth the paper it was printed on”.

He then tossed the letter to the ground to walk over to his newest artistic masterpiece.

Exclusive with Scott LoBaido: 'That Thin Blue Line separates anarchy and civilization- it’s that simple'

It’s that very letter with a blue line being painted through it by a caricature of The American Artist Scott LoBaido himself.

It gets better.  He’s auctioning it off to support the NYC Cops & Kids Boxing Club, stating that “if the city wants to defund the police, that he will fund the police” through his efforts.

Currently this portrait is bidding at $5700, with the bids ending in five days. If you would like to bid yourself simply visit scottlobaido.com.

Scott has dedicated his life work to Patriotic and Conservative works of art. Most recently he painted two works of art at the Brothers Before Others, (a National Law Enforcement support charity as well as a partner and friend of LET) Headquarters in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

Exclusive with Scott LoBaido: 'That Thin Blue Line separates anarchy and civilization- it’s that simple'

The fact that he is no doubt being singled out by the radical DeBlasio administration.


Simply because he brings a message of support for the American Police Officer, at a time when the City is literally tearing at its seams due to rampant crime.

It simply shows that these progressive politicians who surround themselves with like minded progressive department leaders will stop at no end to silence any opposing views, even if someone is yelling fire when their own house is on fire.

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