Exclusive: Port Authority cops told no photos allowed with Trump on 9/11 – ‘Politely decline’


TETERBORO, NJ – We at Law Enforcement Today recently received information regarding an alleged order that was handed down to Port Authority Police working the Teterboro Airport when former President Donald Trump was scheduled to arrive on September 11th.

That order handed down to officers was that they were forbidden from taking any photographs with former President Trump.

According to the information received regarding the matter, a Port Authority Police captain and inspector were sent to Teterboro Airport prior to former President Trump’s landing to instruct the officers working to not take any photos with the former president.

Apparently, it was also conveyed that if former President Trump asked any of the Port Authority officers if they’d like to take a photo with him, the officers were instructed to politely decline the offer from the former president.

The move is frankly odd, and disrespectful to the former president, on a number of fronts.

There is no shortage of instances where police officers from any number of departments across the country have taken photos – in uniform – with either current or former presidents.

Even when just looking at Port Authority Police, back in 2011, NYPD and Port Authority Police officers posed for a photo with then-President Barack Obama.

Not to mention, Port Authority Police don’t seem to be getting orders to abstain from taking photos with certain local Democratic elected officials.

Back in October of 2018, Port Authority officers posed alongside Senator Menendez during the Port Authority PBA’s endorsement of his re-election efforts.

Port Authority PBA, Hudson sheriff's office, firefighters unions endorse Menendez in 2018 - YouTube screenshot (courtesy of Hudson County Review)
Port Authority PBA, Hudson sheriff’s office, firefighters unions endorse Menendez in 2018 – YouTube screenshot (courtesy of Hudson County Review)

Port Authority officers also posed with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in May of 2017 – once again, this was for the Port Authority PBA’s photo op for an endorsement for his re-election. Of course, the same PBA endorsed Governor Murphy again in this past August.

On all fronts, former President Trump’s arrival at Teterboro Airport was in relation to him paying homage to the NYPD and the FDNY in relation to the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

This wasn’t a political visit; he came to pay his respects to law enforcement and first responders and applaud them on all the amazing work they do.

So, the following questions loom regarding the no photo debacle: why, who gave the official order, and was the Port Authority PBA privy to this and loved the idea?

From a speculation standpoint, the matter of “why” seems pretty obvious – this was more than likely motivated by preferred politics. As mentioned earlier, the Port Authority PBA has a history of endorsing Democratic candidates like Senator Menendez and Governor Murphy.

Keep in mind, the Port Authority PBA endorsed Senator Menendez, who was among those who voted to convict former President Trump for the January 6th riot.

Also, Senator Menendez’s son is a Port Authority Commissioner – which as The Village Voice reports on the multifaceted role of Port Authority Commissioners, they noted that “as mayors technically lead their local police forces, the Port Authority Board of Commissioners is technically the head of the PAPD.”

Alas, this matter bears the stench of preferred politics.

Then there is the question of “who gave the official order”?

Well, since the order was allegedly personally delivered by a PAPD captain and inspector, this means that at the very least this order of no photos with former President Trump came from a PAPD deputy chief.

But it doesn’t mean that it didn’t come from higher up like a department chief, deputy superintendent or superintendent.

Of course, there’s always the theory that a certain Port Authority Commissioner mentioned something. Again, all speculation.

Now, the final question is, did the Port Authority PBA know about this directive and did they gleam over it? The answer is, more than likely: on both fronts.

An order like this doesn’t get handed down and the local PBA is completely oblivious to it. Furthermore, if the PBA were at all offended by the order, they would’ve released a statement.

But the Port Authority released no such statement at all. Then again, keep in mind who they have a history of endorsing for office.

We at Law Enforcement Today have reached out to the Port Authority for comment on the matter, but have not received any statement. We will update our article if the Port Authority responds with their comments. 

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NJ Gov. Murphy reportedly considering $40M in federal funds for illegal immigrants

(Originally reported April 15th, 2021)

TRENTON, NJ – According to a recent report from Politico, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy may be considering tapping federal funds in order to provide somewhere around $40 million to administer one-time stimulus payments to illegal immigrants residing within the state of New Jersey.

The outlet also reports that Governor Murphy may attempt this endeavor via executive action.

Politico reports that representatives from Governor Murphy’s office brought up this $40 million figure during a conference call held on April 13th, where immigration advocates were reportedly present on the call.

When this $40 million figure was purportedly brought up during this conference call, these immigration activists that were present on the call were apparently not thrilled with the suggested figure – and are hoping to actually attain larger monetary relief benefits.

During a press conference that was held on April 14th, Governor Murphy lent credence to the existence of this private conversation and debate over affording pandemic relief benefits for the state’s illegal immigrant population.

The state governor said that he’s fervently working to achieve an equitable solution to the controversial matter:

“We are trying very much, if not desperately, to find a good solution here and I’m confident we can find one. Unless we bring all of us along, we will not find our way through this challenging journey.”

Apparently the likelihood of tapping into state funds to get something of this caliber in motion is highly unlikely, as New Jersey bill SB-2480 – a bill that wanted $35M set aside for stimulus payments to illegal immigrants – has been on the floor for almost a year and has not been passed.

This leaves the most viable option is for Governor Murphy try and access remaining funds from the federal CARES Act.

One of the immigration activists that was reportedly in on this April 13th conference call with the governor, stated that while some might be shocked to hear this $40 million figure, they believe it to not be that large of an amount:

“People are going to hear $40 million and think that’s a lot of money. But when you consider the amount of tax money this population is putting into the system — and is not getting anything back — it’s peanuts.”

This $40 million benefits proposal happens to coincide around the same time elected officials were feeling pressure coming from the state legislative Latino caucus who were demanding something akin to $2,000 stimulus payments and $600 in unemployment benefits for illegal immigrants in New Jersey.

Even though this effort is still actively being discussed with no firm decisions made on the logistics of what a program of this nature would look like, it’s expected that the proposal would likely only apply toward illegal immigrants who’ve filed taxes under an ITIN number.  

Yet, affording taxpayer funds to the likes of illegal immigrants has traditionally not resonated well with Republican officials in New Jersey.

Furthermore, earlier in April, the Republican Governors Association lambasted Governor Murphy over seemingly allocating undue focus to illegal immigrants while the state of New Jersey is over $44 billion in debt and the unemployment system within the state is “crippled”.

Republican gubernatorial frontrunner Jack Ciattarelli has also voiced his displeasure over entertaining the idea of affording monetary benefits for illegal immigrants in the state:

“The last thing that legal citizens who are waiting month upon month upon month for their unemployment benefits want to hear is that tax dollars, whether state or federal, are being used for illegal immigrants.”

“Let’s take care of those that follow the rules first before we start looking to other populations.”

This is a developing story.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we gather further insight into this matter.

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Visa-fraud scheme: Gov. Phil Murphy’s professional soccer team named in immigration scandal

(Originally published February 14th, 2021)

NEW JERSEY – Sky Blue FC, the professional women’s soccer team that is co-owned by Governor Phil Murphy and his wife Tammy, has been named in court documents pertaining to a visa scandal

While neither Governor Murphy nor his wife are being charged or accused of any wrongdoing, the soccer team is one of seven professional teams that allegedly engaged in a visa program that illegally brought foreign coaches and scouts to the United States

According to the Department of Justice, the center of the investigation and alleged criminal conduct relating to visa fraud stems around the now defunct Global Premier Soccer. 

On February 12th, the DOJ announced that 39-year-old Justin Capell, the former COO of GPS, was being charged, “in connection with a wide-ranging visa fraud conspiracy.”

The purported visa scheme enacted by Capell and, “other GPS executives and employees,” that have yet to be named was said to have transpired between some point in 2016 up until October of 2019. 

In said alleged scheme, the DOJ stated that: 

“Capell conspired with other GPS executives and employees, and with GPS’s outside counsel, to defraud several federal agencies by submitting fraudulent visa petitions in order to secure work visas for hundreds of GPS employees.”

In the simplest of terms to describe what this alleged immigration scheme aimed to do, was that immigration officials were misled with falsified visa petitions that claimed potential visa beneficiaries would be functioning as professional soccer coaches and scouts. 

But from what the DOJ alleges, these visa beneficiaries weren’t being allocated to professional sports teams as scouts or assistant coaches – they were instead allegedly working as youth soccer coaches for GPS:

“The petitions falsely stated that the beneficiaries would be working as scouts or assistant coaches for the professional teams when in reality they were employed only as youth soccer coaches by GPS.”

“As part of the conspiracy, Capell and others submitted phony employment contracts between professional teams and the purported beneficiaries.”

“It is also alleged that Capell and co-conspirators created fraudulent coaching licenses for the beneficiaries, which were included as part of the visa application packages.”

Of course, this is where the professional soccer teams – like the Murphy’s Sky Blue FC – come into the fold.

Apparently, in order for GPS to petition for these visa, then they needed to reference professional soccer teams that these visa beneficiaries would be allocated to. 

One of the unidentified co-conspirators in this case allegedly submitted a petition on Sky Blue FC’s behalf to secure seven P-1S visas, which said category of visas are meant for support (like coaches and the ilk) of professional athletes. 

One month after those seven petitions for visa beneficiaries was filed, then the same co-conspirator submitted another petition that on behalf of Sky Blue FC trying to acquire six more P-1S visas. 

The common theme in all this, as alleged by officials, is that these P1S visa recipients were never allocated to Sky Blue FC – but to youth soccer endeavors under GPS’s watch. 

Governor Murphy reportedly admitted that he hardly ever gets involved with the “day to day” efforts of Sky Blue FC, noting that he and his wife only own a “big chunk” of the team and not much else: 

“I don’t have any involvement day to day in running the team, which is good news for everybody.”

There is one alleged email communication where Governor Murphy was asked back in May of 2016 by Sky Blue FC co-owner Steven Temares if it’s, “ok for Dick [presumably Attorney Richard Howe] to have one conversation with the GPS CEO and the Fragomen lawyer to confirm whether the scouting structure works , ” to which Governor Murpky replied, “absolutely”. 

But outside of the aforementioned, there’s nothing yet that implies Governor Murphy or the other co-owners of the soccer team were in on the alleged visa scandal. 

According to the DOJ, former GPS COO Capell has reportedly already agreed, “to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit visa fraud,” but there’s no determined hearing date on when that plea bargain will be introduced and accepted. 

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