Every Orlando Magic player kneels for anthem except one; and the ratings show how Americans feel about it


ORLANDO, FL – Somehow, we are at a point in our nation where not kneeling during the national anthem is more newsworthy than actually kneeling.

Since May, thousands of people have stood up (or, rather, knelt) for the belief that there is systemic racism in the United States, specifically in policing. 

For those that do this peacefully, more power to them, although they should actually do their own research to see if the issue really exists

Beyond systemic racism being real or not, people are not tuning into sports to get “woke” and see their favorite player making a statement. They are watching to actually see the game. 

Sports teams, since coming back for a shortened schedule due to COVID-19, have been making a show of “solidarity” and taking a knee during the national anthem, with few exceptions.

One basketball player, Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac, refused to do so.  Isaac not only showed respect for our flag and anthem by standing, he was also the only player not wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt.

On July 31st, Isaac said at a post-game interview:

“[I don’t believe] putting that shirt on and kneeling [goes] hand-in-hand with supporting black lives.  For me, black lives are supported through the gospel. 

“All lives are supported through the gospel. 

“We all have things that we do wrong and sometimes it gets to a place that we’re pointing fingers at who’s wrong is worst.  Or, who’s wrong is seen, so, I feel like the Bible tells us that we all fall short of God’s glory. 

“That will help bring us closer together and get past skin color.  And get past anything that’s on the surface and doesn’t really get into the hearts or men and women.” 

Isaac’s public comments about the issue were powerful. They were also not liked by the mainstream.

Basketball writer Dane Moore tweeted:

 “I’m very curious about – and will be patient for – Jonathan Isaac’s explanation here.  Standing for the anthem is one thing…But seeming to be intentional about *not* wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt…I dunno man.” 

A Twitter user responded to the tweet with:

“With him being a man of God, he should know that God is not pleased with injustices going in our world and I don’t have a problem with him not kneeling but to not at least have a BLM, shirt to show support is another bc I know the God I serve is not pleased injustice.” 

But here’s the thing. The other group of people, the group that is sickened by the kneeling during our national anthem, is the group that doesn’t go out and riot every night for over two months.

They don’t cause millions- MILLIONS- of dollars worth in damages to cities, small businesses, federal buildings, not to mention causing injuries to officers.

They speak with their wallets.

And guess what? This group is much bigger.

In the few days following Isaac standing up proudly for what he believes in- for his God and his country- his jersey sales have skyrocketed. To the point where they’re number two in sales behind only LeBron James.

Additionally, since professional sports decided to turn their platform of entertainment into politics, spreading anti-police, divisive and hateful rhetoric, the American people have spoken with their viewership.

Or should we say, their non-viewership. 

Breitbart has reported that ratings for both the NBA and MLB have dropped significantly since they turned the games into social justice warrior trainings.

What makes this even more profound is the fact that many Americans have been thirsty for this type of entertainment since they’ve been stuck at home during the pandemic. Yet, still, they choose to do other things with their time than watch the games they love get tarnished by a negative political message, while the players don the gear of Marxist BLM.

The DeVos family, owners of the Magic, released a statement regarding the pre-game protest on the 31st:

“The DeVos Family and the Orlando Magic organization fully supports Magic players who have chosen to leverage their professional platform to send a peaceful and powerful message condemning bigotry, racial injustice and the unwarranted use of violence by police, especially against people of color. 

“We are proud of the positive impact our players have made and join with them in the belief that sports can bring people together  — bridging divides and promoting inclusion, equality, diversity and unity.  We know this is not about the military, the men and women who serve honorably to keep our communities safe for all, or those who have paid the ultimate price to provide freedom, including freedom of expression.

“We’re confident the entire Magic family has immense respect for these entities and individuals.  This is about coming together to end racism once and for all.  We are committed to walking alongside our players – today and in the many days ahead.” 

The DeVos family says that kneeling for the anthem is not directed toward the military, but it is very clearly against the police. The family’s belief, at least publicly so as to appear “woke,” joins in with a group of others who suddenly believe that police are now evil and seek to destroy people of color just because they can. 

It is time that this group, including the DeVos family, does a fact check and see what the real story is before it’s too late.

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Here’s more on systemic racism in policing, or rather a lack thereof, brought to you previously by Law Enforcement Today.

For decades, the message has been portrayed that there is a significant and systematic problem with racism in policing throughout the United States. 

For many years, that was an accurate statement and law enforcement agencies have worked hard to overcome that issue.  Recently, with the death of George Floyd, that argument again is at the forefront of American Politics.

Ken Blackwell, a former mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, does not believe that there is a systematic racism issue. Blackwell, in an interview with Breitbart News, said that he believes that there is a larger problem with democratic run cities and black on black violence, more so than any problem with police. 

Blackwell statesd:

“The real systemic and deadly reality is that black men and women are being slaughtered in cities and communities of color across the country in numbers that can only be compared to war zones in Iraq and Syria.”

Blackwell believes that the democratic leaders in the areas where people of color are dying are just simply trying to change the narrative, hoping that the masses don’t realize that the problem lies with their leadership. 

It is a simple thought, a simple bait and switch, if you do not want someone to know what’s really happening, try to divert their attention the other direction.  Thus, Blackwell’s theory is that the democratic leaders have lied about systematic racism on the part of the police in order to stay in power. 

Blackwell pointed out that the Washington Post maintains a database that tracks the number of persons killed by police each year. 

In 2019, the database showed over one thousand people were killed during a police action after more than thirty million contacts with the public. 

Of the thousand or more killed by police, says the database:

“405 were white, 250 were black, 163 were Hispanic, and 185 were recorded as other/unknown ethnicity.  Only 55 of those 1,003 individuals were unarmed -25 white suspects, 14 black suspects, 11 Hispanic suspects, and five others.”

This information goes directly against the narrative of there being systematic racism in policing.  If there were truly an issue, the force used against people of color would far outweigh those of white people.

That clearly is not the case. 

Yet this argument is used for violence, theft, and vandalism of buildings, monuments, and national cemeteries.

Blackwell wrote a column with former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik. In it, they say:

“To be clear, whether they were armed, or unarmed, or in possession of a toy that looked like a real weapon, in every single category, blacks were not killed more often than whites. Given the numbers — 14 unarmed blacks killed out of 10 million arrests, which equates to a rate of 0.00014 percent — this is NOT evidence of systemic racism.”

Blackwell also said:

“You can’t paint safety forces with a broad brush saying that they are riddled with systemic racism when the facts don’t bear that out, but what is [borne] out by the facts is that these local leaders have found some comfort in the status quo. They have embraced a narrative that pushes the blame from their incompetence [to] this boogeyman of systemic racism where it doesn’t exist.”

Blackwell believes that the real issue for people of color comes from the policies enacted by democratic law makers. 

For instance, in New York, recent reform calls for persons to be released from custody instead of having to post cash bail for crimes ranging from stalking arrests to arson and even robbery.  People who are being arrested do not even have to spend any time in jail, to cool off or think about the consequences for what they have done. 

For someone who has committed an assault (like this one), robbery (like this one, which ended up getting a cop killed), rape (like this one) or even beating someone to death (like this one), what is preventing them from immediately going on and committing the same crime or worse an hour or two after being arrested?

And, as we saw many times, the answer to that is nothing.

Other laws to be considered are the bans on firearms. 

For instance, the city of Chicago, run by democrats, has one of the strictest gun laws in the nation.  Given that, in the mindset of those law makers, that should also make the city of Chicago the safest in the nation. 

However, criminals don’t care what the laws are, nor do they have any intentions of following them when purchasing firearms or weapons of any kind.  This could be the reason why Chicago has the number of gun deaths it has on a daily basis and is on track to set another record this year with homicides.

At the end of the day, Mr. Blackwell presents a logical argument against systematic racism in America.  Not only are his facts indisputable, he also has personal knowledge of institutional racism, as he is a black man. 

Perhaps it is time to start listening to facts and reason and stop pandering to one group just because they’re the loudest.

Let’s look a little deeper into Chicago. What follows is Law Enforcement Today’s most recent report on the out of control violence the city is seeing, particularly in relation to shootings.

A manhunt is underway in Chicago for a man wanted for one of the shootings in Chicago over Father’s Day weekend.

According to Chicago Sun Times, over the weekend at least 11 people were killed, including a toddler and a teenager.

A horrific shooting occurred within the Austin area of Chicago during the evening of June 20th, where a 3-year-old toddler was killed after a suspect pulled up to the boy’s father’s SUV and opened fire.

Police say the boy’s 27-year-old stepfather was believed to be the intended target for the shooting that occurred at approximately 6:25 p.m. on June 20th in the 600 block of North Central Avenue.

The toddler, Mekhi James, was struck in the back when a blue Honda pulled up to the black SUV that the victims were inside of and unleashed several rounds, according to Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller.

A statement by Chief Waller requested assistance from the public to help identify a suspect in the case: 

“We have the detectives out here canvassing right now, so we’re going to be asking for a lot of help from this community. We’re going to the asking Austin to step up.”

The child’s stepfather, who was said to have been grazed by a bullet on his abdomen, rushed the child over to the West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park. Unfortunately, the young child was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving.

It was reported that the child and his stepfather were on their way home from the barber shop when the shooting happened, according to friends and family members who gathered outside of the hospital on the evening of June 20th. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was said to have urged members of the community to come forward with any information they might have on the suspects, or suspects, involved in this murder:

“To the despicable individuals responsible for this senseless act of violence, you have no place in this city, no home in our communities, no shelter to hide.”

Andrew Holmes, a local community activist, spoke outside of the hospital where young Mekhi was pronounced dead:

“Let’s go to work, let’s find the shooter, let’s get him in tonight.”

Holmes is said to be offering a $2,000 reward for any information that can lead to an arrest and conviction of the shooter involved.

There’s no word on any suspects in the case at this time.

It’s unfathomable to imagine the toll and heartbreak that comes with losing a child at such a young age and in such a violent manner. What’s more difficult to grasp is the pain of losing a child merely one day before we celebrate fatherhood in America. 

Three teenagers were also shot and killed over the weekend – including a 13-year-old girl, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The 13-year-old girl was killed inside a home at about 8:30 p.m on Saturday, according to WMAQ.

Amaria Jones, 13, was hit in the neck by a bullet and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“A line was crossed,” the Reverend Ira Acree of Greater St. John Bible Church said Sunday. “This is a horrific Father’s Day. This 3-year-old baby lost his life. … I could not pastor this community and not say something.”

Police have released images of the suspect wanted in the shooting deaths of the two teenage boys over the weekend.

Manhunt underway after toddler, teenager murdered and at least 70 Shot In Chicago Father’s Day Weekend


Jasean Francis, 17, and Charles Riley, 16, were killed at about 5:10 p.m. on Saturday and according to WGN, Chicago PD Superintendent David Brown said the police were working hard to find the suspects responsible for the shootings.

Manhunt underway after toddler, teenager murdered and at least 70 Shot In Chicago Father’s Day Weekend

A reward of $10,000 is being offered by community leaders for any information in the killing of Mekhi James, according to WGN.


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