SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. – One of the escapees from Santa Clara County Jail has been captured.

Last week LET reported the jailbreak of four inmates from the facility after they cut through a barred window, and lowered themselves to freedom using clothing and bed sheets as a makeshift rappelling rope. Two were captured immediately, while two others successfully made their getaway.


The sheriff’s department reported late Tuesday night that Rogelio Chavez, 33, is back in custody. Details were scarce, and the sheriff’s department did not comment whether a SWAT activation was connected to his capture.

Chavez will apparently have company in jail as police confirmed to KGO that they arrested a person that facilitated his escape. They said the accomplice transported Chavez after he escaped from jail.

This unidentified person was arrested Monday.

Laron Campbell, 26, is still on the run.

Photo source Santa Clara County Sheriff Twitter Feed