Escaped inmate, the Luxor Bomber, captured seconds away from loading bus to sneak across the border OUT of America


Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas police caught up to a recently escape inmate and arrested him without incident as the inmate was waiting in line to board a bus to Tijuana, Mexico.

The inmate, Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, 42, who was classified as a medium security inmate at the Southern Desert Correctional Center, escaped the facility and found his way to a Las Vegas bus depot.

Duarte-Herrera was casually standing in line to board a bus headed to Mexico when officers approached and escorted him away from the line.

Escaped inmate, the Luxor Bomber, captured seconds away from loading bus to sneak across the border OUT of America
The bus depot in Las Vegas. Screenshot image of KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas YouTube channel

Early reports indicate staff from the bus service recognized the inmate and alerted authorities.

Oh, so close, yet so far.

LVPD officers questioned Duarte-Herrera and took him into custody without incident.

The Luxor Bomber

Duarte-Herrera is serving a life sentence for a bombing that occurred at a Las Vegas hotel, the Luxor, in 2007.

He, along with a friend, Omar Rueda-Denvers, were each charged for murder and subsequently found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

The Luxor hotel bombing was orchestrated after Rueda-Denvers sought revenge after a bad break up with his ex-girlfriend and her new lover, Willebaldo Dorantes Antonio.

Escaped inmate, the Luxor Bomber, captured seconds away from loading bus to sneak across the border OUT of America
Image screenshot of 8 News NOW Las Vegas YouTube Channel

Duarte-Herrera helped him by building a small pipe bomb and placed it in a coffee cup and set it atop Antonio’s car, which was located in the parking lot of the Luxor hotel, where Antonio worked.

As Antonio left his shift at the hotel, he grabbed the cup and triggered the blast, killing him.

No one else was injured in the blast.

The Prison Escape

Duarte-Herrera escaped a medium-security unit of the prison earlier this week.

According to local media outlet, Fox 5 Vegas, who reported:

“The prisoner that escaped from Southern Desert Correctional Center made a dummy and used battery acid to break down the window frame of his cell, according to the president of an organization that represents a portion of corrections officers in Nevada.”

He then proceeded outside of the building and either jumped the fence or went through it somehow.

It is unclear how long the inmate was gone before correctional staff noticed. Some believe it may have been days before they noticed his absence.

Escaped inmate, the Luxor Bomber, captured seconds away from loading bus to sneak across the border OUT of America
Image screenshot from NBC News YouTube Channel

This is very possible since many correctional departments are severely understaffed, and many posts are reduced or eliminated due to lack of staff.

According to the Fox 5 Vegas column, which acquired a statement from Paul Lunkwitz, local correctional union official, and stated:

“Lunkwitz said the tower that would have eyes on the unit Duarte-Herrera escaped from was unmanned and had been for a couple of years.”

The column continued:

“’Not only could that tower see the unit, but the tower could see the fence line where the damage was that allowed the inmate to get through,’ the union president said. ‘There are a lot of things that could have been avoided, and a lot of security measures that could take place that isn’t happening primarily due to staffing,’ Lunkwitz said.”

Correctional departments across the country, similar to many police departments, are facing critical staffing shortages due to a variety of reasons.

In addition to low pay, officers are often mandated to work overtime, often multiple double shifts consecutively, with only eight in between. They also have vacation day requests denied, and even forced back into work on regular days off.

Couple that with a liberal policy of showing a complete lack of respect for the law enforcement profession, it is no surprise recruiting numbers are continuing to fall.

This often leads to overworked and underperforming correctional staff. Overworked correctional officers often breeze through any required searches, if performed at all. They may take less tours of the housing facility and cut corners however they can just to get through the shift.

After another 16 hour shift, who can blame them?

The media and department officials will surely look to point fingers and blame someone.

Escaped inmate, the Luxor Bomber, captured seconds away from loading bus to sneak across the border OUT of America
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The Inmate Return

Now that Duarte-Herrera is back in custody, he will go back into the correctional system. His custody level will likely go from medium-security to high-security.

His privileges will be reduced, but only temporary. New prison guidelines severely limit how long an inmate can stay in a disciplinary unit, typically no more than a few days.

This means he will be back in general population very soon and start planning his next escape.


Escaped inmate, the Luxor Bomber, captured seconds away from loading bus to sneak across the border OUT of America

Here’s a dangerous one that got away, for now.

Escaped inmate – a convicted child rapist serving life in prison – still on the run after a month of searching

Posted September 26, 2022

LEE COUNTY, AK – A convicted rapist serving life in prison made his escape from prison in August of this year. Despite the best efforts of law enforcement to this point, the convict is still on the run.

Convicted rapist Samuel Hartman was supposed to be living out the rest of his days in prison, where he has been since 2013.

Hartman, who was convicted and sentenced for the rape of a 9-year-old, was somehow able to escape from the Arkansas Prison he has called home for almost ten years.

Authorities reported Hartman was able to escape while working on a prison detail out of the East Arkansas Regional Unit at Brickeys.

At some point after making his getaway, Hartman was able to jump into a vehicle with his mother, Linda Annette White, and his wife, Misty Hartman, before fleeing the area.

During Hartman’s daring escape, correctional officers seemed to be closing in on Hartman and the two helping him before shots rang out.

Investigators working to get Hartman back into custody were able to locate a Chevy Tahoe that they believe was used by him and his two accomplices but was empty when it was located.

Police reported finding a pair of jet skis on the bank of the Mississippi River and believe that the trio may have used those to cross the river and enter Tunica County, Mississippi.

Tunica County Sheriff’s Office was issued a bolo for the escaped convict and began searching the area. A spokeswoman, Clara Hoover, warned residents:

“Be on high alert, keep your vehicles, your homes, keep everything locked at all times…If you were traveling directly across from where we are in Tunica County to where the vehicle was abandoned in Arkansas, the jet skis would have traveled 2.5 miles south of here.”

Investigators searching the area learned of a trailer that is believed to have belonged to Hartman which was on Carp Drive.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for the trailer but it was found not to be occupied when authorities executed the warrant.

Authorities reported they obtained evidence inside of the trailer which confirmed that Hartman and his accomplices were in the trailer at some point. They reported finding wigs and a military uniform inside with no other traces of Hartman.

As police continue to search for Hartman’s location, Fox News Digital spoke with Tonya Hartman, the convict’s ex-wife. She reported the plan to get him out of prison has been one that was in the planning stages for a long time. Tonya said:

“I honestly think they’ve had this planned for a long time. I have no idea where they would have gone. All of this is just completely crazy to me, and I can’t believe they even did something like this.”

Fox News obtained court records that show Hartman and his mother appeared to have a close relationship and spoke about his arrest at some point during the legal process.

During the phone call, Hartman can be heard telling White that he had only accidentally touched the 9-year-old victim in the case and that the touch was “innocent.”

White was then heard telling Hartman:

“I’d just keep denying everything to the end. That’s what I would do, regardless.”

Escaped inmate, the Luxor Bomber, captured seconds away from loading bus to sneak across the border OUT of America

Another one on the run.

Escaped prisoner sought after allegedly shooting and injuring police officer in New Mexico

Posted January 10, 2022

FARMINGTON, NM – Police in two different states are seeking a man who had escaped from a jail in Colorado before shooting and injuring a Farmington Police Officer.

On January 7th, Farmington Police Officer Joseph Barreto responded to the area of East Main Street and North Tucker Avenue for a report of an intoxicated driver.

Upon arrival, Barreto spotted two people walking in the area who matched the description as those who were in the car.

Barreto stopped the two, identified as 22-year-old Elias Buck and 28 year old Victoria “Rossi” Hernandez, to question them about the impaired driving report.

At some point during Barreto’s conversation with the two, Buck allegedly pulled a firearm and shot at Barreto several times.

Barreto was struck with the gunfire as he returned fire.  It is unknown if the rounds Barreto fired struck either Buck or Hernandez.

Barreto was struck with at least one of the gunshots allegedly fired by Buck, but thankfully, suffered only what was described as non-life-threatening injuries.

It was after the stop that Farmington Police learned that Buck was a wanted fugitive after escaping from a trustee detail at the La Plata County Jail in Colorado. Buck allegedly was able to escape custody of the jail on December 27th.

Officers from multiple jurisdictions responded to assist in locating Buck and Hernandez which unfortunately evaded capture. Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe released a video on Facebook in which he addressed the incident:

“This is what our officers face. These are the dangers they face. So right now, you’ve got dozens of officers out…searching for the suspect, trying to find somebody who’s already shot at our guy, and who already hit our officer, and we’re just lucky that he wasn’t killed.

“These are the challenges that our officers face every night to keep our community safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and with his family, and then with all the officers that are right now actively searching, trying to find this bad guy.”

During the video, Hebbe spent time talking about Barreto:

“He’s 25 years old. He’s actually just shy of his 26th birthday. He’s married. His wife was at the hospital with him last night…We’re hopeful [he’ll recover fully].

We’ll see what the doctor says following surgery in the weeks ahead. But obviously, the entire [police] family and really the entire city of Farmington have him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.”

Hebbe then issued a warning to anyone who would consider helping Buck and Hernandez out. He said:

“I want to make this extremely clear. Anyone, anyone that aids or abets this gentleman in his efforts to flee law enforcement, we will find you, we will prosecute you and you will go to jail.

You will not aid and abet a man who attempted to murder a police officer. And we already know that that has happened.”

Hebbe then said what every law enforcement officer thinks when something like this happens, in his view:

“When something like this happens, we have to view it as it’s an assault on all of us. When somebody is willing to shoot a police officer who’s just doing his job, it is an assault on society. It is an assault on our rights and we have to view it more seriously.”

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