“Escape from Portland” – Texas company announces fall gun competition and activists are losing their minds


PLEASANTON, TX- Portland, Oregon has become the poster child for the wacky, hard-left Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting across the country, which is now well into its third month.

In some ways, the antics in Portland closely resembles the 1980’s movie starring Kurt Russell, “Escape From New York.”

In the movie, New York City has been taken over by criminals and gangs (not unlike what is going on in Portland or in much of the country for that matter) with walls being erected around the city to keep the bad guys in and the good guys out.

Reality Defense, or RDI saw this as an opportunity to have a Portland-based event to add to their fall training lineup.

RDI is a training and consulting company which focuses on the preparation and response to an attack on either an individual or organization. The training component gives “attendees the building blocks necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

A Halloween party like no other and you don't want to miss this one…. gather 4 friends and find one with a crossbow!…

Posted by Reality Defense, Inc. on Saturday, August 15, 2020

They describe that for consulting, their:

“team will develop an action plan for your organization that centers around the development of…Emergency Action Plan (EAP).”

RDI describes its mission as:

“…to prepare individuals and organizations to not only survive, but to win a violent encounter should it occur.”

So, what exactly does the team have planned? “Escape from Portland.”

Pretty timely, right?

The team, which consists of former military operators and police officers, were looking for a “fun-type” event to add to their fall events. As they sat in their headquarters building adjacent to their training range in South Texas, one of the team members said:

“Wait…how about something we are all watching unfold daily? What if we do an “Escape from Portland” [theme?]

Silence filled the room, not from shock, but because the idea was perfect. So that was it…Escape from Portland. But they needed a title sponsor. Cavalry Realty Group immediately jumped on board as the title sponsor.  

RDI usually holds 3-gun competitions, but they thought they needed to dial it up a bit.

How to do so? Turn it into a 5-weapon contest—AR15, pistol, revolver, shotgun and crossbow. Each member of the 5-man team will be assigned one of those weapons, and run a timed course of fire through junk cars and burning debris to help their team accomplish their goal, “Escape from Portland.”

The winning team will each receive a new Dreadnaught Industries AR15, the 2nd place team each get a pistol, while the 3rd place team will each receive a fully equipped IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit).

Or course, it’s going to be Halloween, so the course has to be run in the best costume one can come up with. So, what is the incentive? How about $300 cash for first prize in the costume contest.

You have seen the lineup. Tac-Fit, 2-gun, 3-gun, LTC, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Pistol, Low-Light, Plain Clothes Carry, plus Boon Benton Pistol/Carbine Combatives… What's your next RDI event?

Posted by Reality Defense, Inc. on Sunday, August 16, 2020

RDI Training & Consulting Group is the product of a group of patriotic Americans (in other words, none of the people you find conducting “peaceful” protests in places like Portland and Seattle), and active law enforcement officers.

They believe the best defense against evil are well trained and well-equipped individuals who have the mindset AND the skill set to deal with the most depraved acts of violence that can be visited upon our free society.

They believe that EVERYONE has a role in keeping America safe, and by adhering to the belief that freedom is never free, they encourage those who answer the call to be society’s protectors to expand their mental acuity and physical skills to be ready when evil shows itself.

Located in Pleasanton, Texas, RDI offers a wide variety of training for both law enforcement officers and the public at their facility, which includes four tactical live fire ranges, a 500-yard rifle range, a classroom, and a bunkhouse.

For further information, we invited you to visit their website at www.realitydefense.net, or go to their Facebook page.

Of course it didn’t take long for word to get out there.  We got our first ‘haters’ emails on Friday (complete with spelling and grammar errors):

“This makes a mockery of those of us peaceful protestors who is being called rioters every knight by those pig police.  They need too just give us the city because if anyone should leave Portland its shuld be them.”


“Leave it to a bunch of Texas racists to try and insert their microaggressions into our social battle in Portland.  How dare they make a mockery of us.  We are putting our lives on the line for freedom up here.”

We almost shot a little whiskey out of our nose at that one.

Law Enforcement Today knows the crew at RDI well – and actually put on a killer event out there last year.  It’s worth pointing out that their team consists of white people black people, hispanics, men, women, young people, old people, fat people, skinny people and everyone from highly trained operators to freedom-loving Americans.

Here’s a taste of our experience with them.  Don’t let the words of a handful of snowflakes who are terrified of the word ‘gun’ to shape your opinion of these incredible instructors and brave warriors.

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