The Escalating Las Vegas Domestic Violence Problem

The city of Las Vegas has always been known for its high rate of domestic violence cases that often result to unfortunate deaths. However, the recent years is showing more than just an alarming increase—it is hinting to a massive plague that is currently rocking the entire metro. Evidences are the rampant domestic violence recorded everywhere and several news and media outlets listing Las Vegas as one of the least safe cities in the country due to domestic violence.

In 2015, thirty-three deaths were recorded linking to domestic violence while in the end of 2017, one-hundred seventy-one domestic violence-related homicides were investigated. Also just last year, non-profit organization Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence or NCEDSV reported a staggering rate of 69,732 domestic violence victim contacts. Now, the city is in distress and on a move to end to the wide-spreading crime but it proves to be a challenging feat due to the resilience and complexity of said problem.

If you are from Las Vegas or other city but concerned about the growing crisis, proceed reading below.

A new definition of domestic violence

Initially, domestic violence is defined as an act of force and aggression perpetrated by an individual towards their family member within the grounds of their own home. However, this definition has since then evolved and now also means violence done against any type of relative in almost every location. Domestic violence has always been a touchy subject matter as it is about a person willing to let a blood relative suffer with their own hands.

The good thing is like in any other states, domestic violence is strictly watched in Las Vegas with offenders charged with misdemeanor if the act is proven. The magnitude of the penalty can also vary depending on the form of domestic violence done.

The different forms of domestic violence can be:

  • Spousal abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Isolation
  • Verbal abuse
  • Intimidation
  • Stalking
  • Cyber harassment

Factors escalating domestic violence in Las Vegas

Just before the domestic violence onslaught, Las Vegas is already on the move on learning the cause of the criminal act with treatments with this aim existing since the 1990s.

Since Las Vegas is a popular hub for establishments offering alcohol and sometimes drugs (under the knowledge of law), many would assume solutions consumed by the body are primary causes of the act of domestic violence. While they may play a role in the severity of the action, domestic violence is really brought about by the person. Domestic violence perpetrators are usually an individual with an intense sense of superiority for himself/herself and uses physical and psychological tactics to gain control of the victims. If they feel they have no power over the situation, they will turn to violence to get what they want.

The victims also have a part in the ongoing cycle of domestic violence. Usually, the victim is a spouse in denial that his or her partner is an abuser just to avoid any scandal, while others are plainly scared to act out. And since most of these things are happening behind closed doors, it is not easily prevented. Nevada being ranked high as one of the cities where you will be likely killed by your partner supports this claim.

SafeNest, a domestic violence advocate center, found out that many abusers in the city do not focus on one to two victims rather to a lot of people they encounter. The remoteness of some homes also contribute to the ease of domestic violence offenders performing their abuse.

How Las Vegas combats the domestic violence plague

The recent statistics of domestic violence in Las Vegas and the entirety of Nevada seemed like a wake-up call to the entire population. August 2017 saw the establishment of Family Justice Center, an institution where domestic violence victims can run to where they will be assisted by domestic violence attorneys and staff from domestic violence care centers. This is lauded by many concerned citizens and heads of organizations against domestic violence.

SafeNest is also in the verge of launching Project 417, a program that features a dispatch code that the abused can call and wherein they will be called back by a domestic violence advocate to help them get out of the situation. Communities are also joining together to discuss ways on how to stop domestic violence and how each and every one can help in their own ways. One example is the discussion of police and residents of Numaga Road, Las Vegas on the Enterprise Area Command’s First Tuesday after a double murder incident stemming from domestic violence happened. They talked about how education about domestic violence can help minimize the inflating statistics.

Aside from these, more and more organizations are condemning domestic violence and new laws such as the Senate Bill 124 are being implemented in a zealous effort to protect everyone in the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada.

Las Vegas and Nevada is still in the early steps of eradicating the problem but with passionate cooperation of those in power and the rest of the community, domestic violence might soon be just a thing of the past. If you know a domestic violence incident currently occurring, you can alert local authorities, and if you yourself are involved in a domestic violence case, you have the right to defend yourself.




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