Employees at café stage walkout after company reinstates discount for police and firefighters


COLUMBUS, OH – Several employees of an Ohio café boycotted their employer because the business gave uniformed police and firefighters discounts on orders.

On Saturday, workers at the Northstar Café staged a walkout to protest management’s decision to reinstate giving rescue personnel a 50 percent discount on their orders, according to Fox 8.

Earlier in the week, the discount for rescue personnel had been removed on Wednesday, but was reinstated Friday after the restaurant reportedly received backlash against the removal, said employee Christopher Clift, who allegedly organized the walkout.

Kevin Malhame, a co-owner of Northstar Café, said in a statement:

“Our early response to the current unrest around the country was made quickly and emotionally. It involved suspending a long-standing discount for police and firefighters. We regret the decision and have continued the discount program.”

According to a former employee, the staff collectively decided to suspend Northstar’s 50 percent discount for police and firefighters on Wednesday in order to show solidarity instead with protesters for Black Lives Matter, according to a report by ABC 6.

Former employee Isaac Bean explained why he walked out:

“I know it’s important and imperative on me to do everything I can to use my whiteness for this movement and to show up and just be a body in support of the black voices that are constantly fighting for better change in this country. And to do just do all that I can and go where I am called and shout as loud as I can.”

Darren Malhame, another co-owner of Northstar Café, spoke to the employees:

“I know many of you disagree with the decision to resume the discount for police and firefighters, which is understandable in light of recent events. Our early response was rooted in emotion.”

However, Malhame’s response was not good enough for approximately 20 employees who walked out. According to The Columbus Dispatch, one employee reportedly said:

“Silence is violence. It is time that Northstar takes a proactive stance and takes a complete and unwavering support of Black Lives Matter.”

 The café’s kitchen manager, Zach Vargas, who had already put in his two-week’s notice for personal reasons unrelated to the discount, decided to immediately quit on Friday because he felt he could no longer work at Northstar. In an email to co-workers, he wrote:

“I cannot continue to work for Northstar as the company does not understand the kind of message they send with reinstating the police discount.”

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Employees at café stage walkout after company reinstates discount for police and firefighters

Peyton Yeater, a former server, participated in the walkout and explained why:

“I 100% believe that Black Lives Matter and that giving back the discount isn’t doing anything. If anything, it’s silencing us for this cause and I believe that Northstar needs to reinstate a different cause for this because what’s going isn’t right.”

Northstar sent ABC 6/FOX 28 this statement:

“Like many other organizations Northstar is struggling to find the best way to go forward supporting everyone and staying true to our values.

Our early response to the current unrest around the country was made quickly and emotionally. It involved suspending a long-standing discount for police and firefighters. We regret the decision and have continued the discount program.

“Northstar supports social justice for all, inclusion for all and fair and equitable treatment for all. We support our first responders and also support the movement for meaningful social change that’s happening around the country to raise awareness for unfair and unequal treatment.

“In addition to a donation to Know Your Rights Camp, a foundation whose mission is to advance the liberation and well-being of black and brown communities through education, self-empowerment, mass-mobilization and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders, we are listening to all members of our community to help us determine where we most effectively invest time, money and resources to increase mutual respect, equal treatment, inclusion and stop the killing and violence that arise from lack of these values.

“We understand that there are multiple views and multiple groups involved in trying to find a solution to the problems that has [sic] plagued our country and deepened division. We believe the best we can do is help with healing and making changes that make a real difference to bring us together.”

Taco store: We didn’t fire our staff for refusing to serve cops; we are inclusive of everyone (including police)

COLUMBUS, OH – Earlier this week, we told you about a taco restaurant in Columbus that was forced to give employees time off after they received an order from police officers. The employees apparently needed “time to heal.”

Wednesday, Law Enforcement Today received a media statement from the restaurant chain, Condado. What follows is the statement sent to us:

“We want to clear the air of all the misinformation posted on social media about an event that took place Monday night at Condado Tacos in Columbus, Ohio. Here are the facts:

-Amid demonstrations protesting the killing of George Floyd, three of our team members got into an heated discussion with management over fulfilling an order from members of the Ohio Highway Patrol at our Polaris restaurant.

-Because we understand that emotions and tensions are raw right now, we offered those employees the option to sit out making that order, without repercussion, while other team members handled it.

Because of their principles and feelings, they chose not to complete their work shifts and left the restaurant. We respect their feelings, and their right to remove themselves from the situation.

-We did not fire these team members. We want to make it clear that they are welcome to return to work, if that is their choice, but they must understand that Condado Tacos is an inclusive business and that we will continue to serve everyone, including law enforcement.

“We stand behind our employees and value different points of view. We celebrate individuality and the strength it brings our company.

But choosing not to serve a particular group, in this case law enforcement officers, in itself is discrimination and goes against our core values to welcome and serve everyone. We will continue to spread love and not hate.

“We closed our Columbus locations on Tuesday to allow room for conversation between our team.

We will re-open our Polaris and Clintonville locations soon; all of our other Columbus restaurants are open and welcoming all guests.”

What the statement forgot to mention is that “clearing the air” was even necessary in the first place because the employees mentioned above went on social media and falsely claimed that they were fired. 

This caused outrage on social media from the likes of Black Lives Matter activists who called for people to essentially boycott the chain.

Other rumors circulated that the restaurant was attempting to offer free food to the police, which was not the case.

Even if it were, the owner of the establishment is the person who gets to decide what donations they make. Not the people employed behind the counter.

Nevertheless, these entitled crybabies tried to tarnish the name of the business employing them, all for attention.

Even so, the business is still telling them that, after walking out and leaving other employees shorthanded for no reason other than to throw a fit, they get to have their jobs back.


Here’s our original story on the situation.

A restaurant called Condado has closed its Columbus locations.

Monday evening, the Polaris location of the taco joint was asked to fill an order for 500 Ohio State Patrolmen during their shift. 

Some of the poor employees inside the restaurant didn’t “feel comfortable” filling the order, and threatened to walk out if they were forced to fill it.

This is where the story gets murky. 

Several employees went on social media to complain that they were forced to either work on the order or be fired. They said they chose the latter.

A spokesperson, however, has said that they were given the option as to whether or not they would assist with the order.

Regardless, employees walked out.

Of course we live in a world where there are no longer consequences for one’s actions, so a spokesperson said that their job is waiting for them should they choose to come back:

“After a discussion with their regional manager about their concerns, were given the option to not work on the order.

The employees who expressed their concerns chose to not complete their shift last night however, their jobs remain intact at Condado if they choose to return.”

The taco restaurant was said to be closed on Tuesday “out of an abundance of caution for the safety of employees and guests.”

The restaurant said on Facebook:

“We built Condado to be a place that is open to everyone, without judgment or fear, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for racism, prejudice and discrimination”



Their full statement was:

“Condado was built as a place for everyone, without judgment or fear. A place where originality and being unique are embraced. We are also a family that cares for and about each other.

From the first day we opened our doors, we have included all people as employees and as guests in the Condado world. We want to be clear that we stand against racism – always have and always will.

“To the black community: we see you and we know you are hurting. We need to make it clear, black lives matter.

“There’s been a lot of conversation online about an event that took place last night at our Polaris location. We want to take a minute to address what happened.

Our Polaris location received a catering order that was placed and paid for by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. We accepted that order and there were a handful of our team members who felt uncomfortable fulfilling it.

Management communicated that any team members who were uncomfortable did not have to work on the order. A few team members chose not to complete their work shifts.

While no one was fired last night and if they want it, everyone’s job remains intact, we understand emotions are high.

“We will be announcing donations and other efforts that we are making to support movements and efforts to achieve racial equality. Our Columbus locations are closed today to allow room for conversation between our team.”

The parents of these baby workers should have spanked their children when they were growing up. You don’t get to decide you’re just not going to do your job because you think the guy who you’re making food for is mean.

Well, actually, now I guess that’s exactly what you get to do because that’s exactly what has happened here.

It was reported that the restaurant did fill the order, because, 500 tacos is a lot of money. But after taking their money, the police can apparently screw off.

What a joke.

If you live in an area where one of these sorry excuses for a business is located and the owner of the franchise near you is as asinine as this one, Law Enforcement Today would like to encourage you to take your money elsewhere.

The Inquisitr reported:

“Employee Jake Widdowson said that for some of his colleagues, the choice was clear.

“’It was pretty clear where the situation was going in so I just didn’t feel it was right to stick around, they kind of drew their line in the sand I think,’ he said.”

A line in the sand that you should be a grown up and fill the dang order, yes.

Of course the Twittersphere was alive with gripes that the business even filled the order to begin with.

Apparently the restaurant is screwed either way. 

Like Mr. No Job said, they’ve drawn a line in the sand. Unfortunately, no one knows where that line is.

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