They did what? Employee charged with manslaughter after shooting armed robber in self-defense


An employee argued that he felt his safety was at risk so he shot an armed robber – this just one case for busy crime week for Dollar stores

Monroe, LA: A Dollar General store employee who was in the middle of working his shift Monday shot and killed an armed robber on Monday.

But he isn’t being hailed a hero. He has instead been charged with manslaughter. A story we call ‘dollar employee charged’.

Details on the shooting and failed robbery attempt are sketchy at this time. But it has been reported that a suspect entered the budget friendly retail store with a weapon according to police.

The employee in question, identified as Rafus Anderson, fired a shot from his weapon that hit both the robber and a customer in the store. According to police, responding officers managed to catch up to the robber, which wasn’t too hard.

They did what?  Employee charged with manslaughter after shooting armed robber in self-defense
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The robber was found north of the Dollar General store. According to reports, the robber was found lying on the ground atop the money he allegedly stole from the store, severly wounded. EMS personnel arrived and transferred him to the hospital, where he later died from the initial gunshot wound.

The other wounded individual, the customer, was also sent to the hospital were he was treated for the injury and subsequently released.

It was also reported that moments after the shooting incident inside the store, Anderson set the alarm, locked the store and left. Business as usual it appeared. But what followed was anything by business as usual.

Employee Defends Position

Anderson provided a statement to police that said he was concerned for his own safety and well being. Can’t blame him. According to a Fox News column covering the incident, it stated:

“He later gave a statement to police. He said he was afraid the suspect would kill him and “had no idea” that the suspect was struck by gunfire because he continued to run.”

It continued:

“He also said the store had been the target of six armed robberies since August. He said there were four robberies and two attempted robberies.”

They did what?  Employee charged with manslaughter after shooting armed robber in self-defense

Despite Anderson’s statement and recollection of the events, he was still charged with manslaughter. It is possible that authorities believe his shooting was reckless and unnecessary, although no official findings are yet available. Anderson was, however, released on bail and scheduled to appear in court.

Dollar Store Problems

This wasn’t the only serious incident involving wallet-friendly dollar stores. a female Dollar Tree employee was gruesomely murdered by a machete-wielding customer on New Years Day less than two weeks ago, reports state.

Officers received a call of a man waving a machete around the store, a report stated. By the time police arrived, the man was nowhere to be found and a female employee was found deceased. The suspect was identified and later arrested by authorities.

In crime riddled New York City, police say a man allegedly robbed a Dollar Tree using a firearm, but he didn’t just stop there. According to media coverage of the incident:

“The 45-year-old man police say robbed a Brooklyn Dollar Tree at gunpoint last week, then turned his gun on cops responding to the scene, has been charged with attempted murder, robbery and other crimes in the case, the NYPD said Thursday.”

Police in that case were immediately called to the scene and were quickly confronted by the robber. It was reported that a struggled ensued between the officers and the suspect. The suspect then allegedly draw the weapon used for the robbery and fired towards the veteran cops, but thankfully missed.

According to a statement made by NYPD Chief of Department Kenneth Corey, he stated:

“They’re actually in a physical struggle, a fight for their lives at that moment with a man who has a gun in his hand and is firing at them.”

No Officer Injuries Reported

The officers were still able to draw their service weapon and shot the robber in the neck and secured him. The suspect was then taken to a hospital for treatment. Corey stated that the officers involved were also taken to a hospital, but appeared to have no physical injuries.

We will update the story as more information becomes available for the arrest of the employee.

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They did what?  Employee charged with manslaughter after shooting armed robber in self-defense

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