Embracing lawlessness: For Independence Day, Biden celebrates illegal immigrants at White House


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Even as the nation struggles with extraordinary numbers of migrants illegally crossing the border, President Joe Biden has chosen to honor undocumented immigrants at an Independence Day celebration at the White House.

Among the 1000 celebrants invited to the White House lawn for July Fourth were representatives of illegal immigrants.

A tweet from CASA emphasized the representation of illegal immigrants, proclaiming:

“There are 11 million immigrants who are American in every way but on paper. 

“This Fourth of July, immigrant essential workers from @CASA, @ufwfoundation, & @UFWupdates are headed to the White House to celebrate and watch the fireworks.”

CASA is an immigration reform advocacy group working out of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

The UFW, or United Farm Workers, Foundation joined CASA in its celebration.  This organization is another immigration advocacy group that describes itself thusly:

“a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose core purpose is to empower communities to ensure human dignity. ¡Sí se puede!”

Ironically, the UFW was created by Cesar Chavez, who was actually a “fierce opponent of illegal immigration and supporter of tight border controls,” according to Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration studies. 

As Breitbart points out, there are over 50 million Americans employed in what are considered essential industries, such as agriculture or health care, yet those citizens were not the ones receiving invitations to the White House.

According to the United Farm Workers website, the invitees representing the UFW were to include:

“A UFW Foundation-member farm worker family from Georgia and a United Farm Workers unionized farm worker leader from Washington state and his family.”

A UFW biography of the representatives indicates that the persons from Georgia are all citizens and that the representative from Washington was an illegal immigrant who now has “legal status.”

However, Breitbart reports that the group of representatives also includes:

“at least one illegal migrant with a DACA work permit and two migrants with Temporary Protected Status, which are commonly awarded to illegal aliens.”

Also according to the UFW website, this White House visit comes on the heels of Democrats’ budgetary efforts to address the status of illegal residents.

The site reports:

“The farm workers’ visit to the White House comes days after the Senate Budget Committee released a preliminary Democratic budget outline including $126 billion that would put farm workers, Dreamers, TPS holders and other essential workers on a path to legalization using the budget reconciliation process to pass by a simple majority vote.”

UFW claims that this move will not only prevent deportation of illegal migrants, but will help the U.S. economy.  The organization goes on to state:

“In addition to providing these workers with certainty and protections from deportation, reports indicate supplying a pathway to citizenship would significantly boost the U.S. economy, increasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by $1.5 trillion over 10 years and creating more than 400,000 new jobs. 

“The budget resolution is up for a vote by Democratic senators before they leave for the August recess.”

Polling conducted during the past eighteen months suggests that most Americans are less in favor of immigration – both legal and illegal – than the mainstream media would have one believe.

A Harvard-Harris Poll performed in March of 2020 showed that 83 percent of Americans polled favored halting all immigration from  Mexico during coronavirus.

As reported by Breitbart, a Zogby exit poll at the 2020 presidential election found that 75 percent of Americans polled “said it is important that the U.S. ‘limit the admission of new immigrants and foreign guest workers as long as unemployment remains high due to the COVID-19 crisis.’”

An Axios poll conducted in January of 2021 demonstrated that 62 percent of Americans polled believed that “When jobs are scarce, employers should prioritize hiring people of this country over immigrants.”

Breitbart also reports that in March of 2021, respondents to an American Aspirations Index survey revealed that “[Being] open to immigration” was a lowly 42nd in a list of 55 suggested priorities.

Furthermore, a Harvard-Harris poll conducted in April 2021 found that 85% of respondents wanted “stronger” borders.  54 percent believed that Biden border policies “increas[ed] the flow of drugs and crime to the United States.” 

In addition, 68 percent of those Harvard-Harris poll respondents indicated they want “people who cross the border with Mexico illegally [to] … be turned back to Mexico” rather than “released into the US with a court date.”

Also, in a Harvard-Harris poll from June of this year, 68 percent of respondents agreed that “the Biden Administration executive orders on immigration encourage … illegal immigration,” and 55 percent believed that Biden should have kept President Trump’s border rules in place.

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Illegal immigrants burglarize Texas ranch house, steal weapons and ammo: ‘We have an open, really dangerous, border’

July 4, 2021

SIERRA BLANCA, TX – U.S. Border Patrol agents encountered and detained three undocumented migrants armed with firearms they allegedly stole after burglarizing a ranch house in Hudspeth County, Texas.

The group of undocumented migrants broke into a Texas ranch house near the border with Mexico on Tuesday and stole firearms, ammunition, and other items, authorities said.

Upon search of the undocumented non-citizens, two loaded handguns, ammunition, food, and clothing were discovered, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection press release.

Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent Sean L. McGoffin stated:

“Through extensive training, our Border Patrol Agents are always prepared and ready to respond to various scenarios.  Without hesitation, these agents responded to the ranch house and safely secured the location, the stolen weapons, and the undocumented non-citizens.

“With the presence of weapons in the wrong hands, this situation could have turned violent; fortunately, our agents were able to control the encounter and bring it to a peaceful resolution.”

Hudspeth County Sheriff’s deputies also responded to the burglary and took custody of the three suspects. They each face possible criminal charges of trespassing and theft of property.

The Border Patrol said:

“Big Bend Sector partners with many local and state law enforcement entities to keep our border communities safe.

“The continued and valued collaboration with our law enforcement partners is imperative to keep our communities safe.”

Officials released photos that show what appear to be three males, two of whom are holding handguns.

Arrests along the southern border with Mexico have surged this year to their highest monthly averages in two decades.

Republicans blame President Biden’s lenient border policies for the border crisis as the Border Patrol reports nearly 930,000 illegal immigrant encounters at the southern border with Mexico since January.

Former President Donald Trump, while visiting Texas’ southern border last week, attacked the Democrats and President Biden for creating the border crisis:

“There has never been a border so secure as the southern border that we had, and now it’s opened up.

“Now we have an open, really dangerous, border. More dangerous than it’s ever been in the history of our country, and we better go back fast.”

President Trump was a strong advocate for strict border controls while in office and often clashed with the Left over border policies.

President Biden has reversed most of Trump’s border policies, including ending the construction of Trump’s signature border wall. Biden also ended a policy put in place by the Trump administration requiring migrants to remain inside Mexico while they wait for their asylum cases to be resolved.

Trump said Biden ended many of his policies without careful consideration:

“We had all these great polices going and they were ended. One day, they were all ended. This didn’t take place over three months or five months. This took place in the first week, they were ended. It was almost like they were ended because I did it.”

The border surge has led to substantially increased confrontations between illegal immigrants and ranchers along the border in Texas and New Mexico.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott praised the former president while chastising the Biden administration. He called Trump a “great friend of Texas”:

“(Trump) stepped up and he secured our border and kept Texas and America safe. Things have changed so quickly and so dramatically under the Biden administration. It has been amazing and disastrous.

“The people of Texas have been pleading for us to be able to step up and help restore safety and security in their lives and is exactly why Texas is stepping up and doing a job that is truly the federal government’s job, a job that (Trump) did but a job that the Biden administration is completely failing us on.”

Gov. Abbott has pledged to complete the border wall construction without the federal government if necessary.


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