Elderly man falls, FedEx driver refuses to help. Police Chief gives the family his personal cell number


FREEPORT, TX – On Saturday, July 18, Salomon Corona fell outside his home and was unable to get up. The 89-year-old resident of Freeport had been laying on his front porch for approximately fifteen minutes when a FedEx driver arrived to deliver packages.

Corona cried out for the driver to give him a hand and help him up. The exchange was recorded by his Ring doorbell camera. In the video footage, you can see the driver approach the porch quickly, drop the packages, and swiftly run back to the truck when Corona pleaded for a hand to help him up.

The unidentified driver reponded:

“No, sorry. I can’t do that Poppa.”

The driver got in his truck and drove away. 

Fortunately, Corona’s daughter saw the Ring doorbell footage and rushed over to her father’s aid. The total amount of time the elderly gentleman laid on his porch in the sweltering summer Texas heat was approximately 25 minutes- 15 minutes before the Fed Ex driver arrived and an additional 10 before his daughter, Maria Kouches, arrived.

Kouches is furious regarding the lack of compassion and human decency this unidentified driver showed her father.

Kouches said:

“[He] didn’t at least ring the doorbell or call 911! Thank God he’s OK, but what if he hadn’t been?”

Kouches says her father has dementia and even though they try to watch him, he still frequently tries to get around without his walker. Because he has trouble with his legs, this is not the first time Corona has fallen.     

Freeport, Texas is a small family-friendly community of 12,500 people that lies off the Gulf Coast, south of Galveston. When Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey learned a member of his beloved community had been denied assistance, he paid the gentleman a visit.

It was reported that Chief Garivey wanted Corona and his family to feel support:

“Freeport Police Department [will be] there for him in case he ever needed any assistance and also provided the family with his cell number to call him directly.” 

FedEx has issued the following response to this unfortunate incident:

“We extend our thoughts and concerns for the well-being of the person depicted in this video. The safety of our team members and customers in the communities that we serve is our highest priority.

“We are reviewing the circumstances behind this incident and we will take the appropriate action.”

Kouches and her father hope FedEx does the right thing. This could have had a much different outcome had it not been caught on the Ring video camera.

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Elsewhere in Texas, police are doing good work, but the mainstream media is ignoring it.

Here’s a story we brought you out of Houston again, in case you missed it.

 Once again, we get to share a story with you of law enforcement officers doing what they do best…saving lives.

And, once again, the mainstream media is silent, as heroic actions by officers do not fit the narrative, and all we get from the national outlets is static. 

On Sunday, officers with the Houston Police Department noticed a fire coming from a home in a neighborhood that they were driving through in northwest Houston. 

According to KPRC, the officers called the fire in to alert the Houston Fire Department of the situation.

And then they sprang into action. 

Finding the narrow street partially blocked by vehicles, the officers had to navigate their way to the home. Once there, the task at hand did not get any easier.

The windows and the doors all had theft-deterrent bars on them. Not only were there bars, but the front door had a locked deadbolt that the women did not have a key to. This slowed the officers down further, but they would not give up. 

Somehow, the officers were able to force entry into the burning building and bring the two occupants to safety. 

District Fire Chief Steve Dunbar said:

“They gave those two female occupants six minutes more of life, it was outstanding. Great team effort today, actually.”

One of the women inside the home said that she heard an explosion that woke her up. She came out to find the back of the house on fire. 

Arson investigators were on the scene but have not released any details of their findings. 

Along with the two women, one of which was in her 90’s, the officers were able to rescue the women’s pets.

But the likelihood of the mainstream media sharing these types of stories is slim to none. We have almost come to understand that these types of heroics typically only scratch the surface of local broadcasts programming.


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