Prior to the Walmart Active Shooter Incident (ASI) occurring in El Paso, Texas, a manifesto was posted online.  As of this writing, the manifesto was posted on an account registered to the shooter, but it is yet to be confirmed whether the shooter posted the manifesto. An ASI tends to be undertaken by one person. Nevertheless, the circumstances present require the investigators to verify the posting of the manifesto was by the shooter himself to ensure he acted alone.

A manifesto is a published declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer. The El Paso manifesto is documentation of the shooter’s thoughts and the circumstances which led to the plan of attack being implemented in El Paso, Texas.  The manifesto is informative but limited due to the shooter determining within a month’s time he would initiate his attack.  The basis for the ASI was the shooter’s response to what he identifies as the Hispanic invasion of Texas.

Invasion: Here's what we know about the El Paso shooter's manifesto

21-year-old Patrick Crusius opened fire on a Texas Walmart on Saturday. (El Paso Authorities)


The shooter had the foresight to address the political fallout he foresaw aligning him with President Trump before he initiated his attack. The shooter stated: his ideology has not changed for several years. He went on to indicate his opinions on automation, immigration, and the rest predated Trump and his campaign for President. The shooter also indicated he foresaw the media will probably call him a white supremacist and blame Trump’s rhetoric.

But did Trump actually influence the shooter? After examining the manifesto, it seems unlikely. The shooter wanted to carry out and complete eradication of the “Hispanic Invasion.” Trump, contrary to the shooter, wants legal immigration to continue and for the good of the country, he wants to secure the border and offset illegal immigration.

President Trump, Thin blue line, blue lives matter

Trump is now saying “perhaps more needs to be done” about the mass shooter mentality. (Flickr)


The greatest influence on the perspective of the shooter was due to reportedly reading The Great Replacement.  This is the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant, the New Zealand Mosque Shooter. Tarrant – no different than the El Paso shooter – was a white extremist who viewed people of color as a threat because they are supposedly overtaking the world.

The like minds of Tarrant and the El Paso shooter resulted in the men considering themselves victims of people of color and both responded to offset the ongoing victimization. In reality, neither of them was victimized by the ever-changing world, yet both believe they were justified in the taking of innocent lives and for this reason, they would not be stopped.

The manifesto indicates the Democrat’s first debate tipped the scales, which required the shooter to act out.  It seems this young man has a twisted perception of life, law, and politics.

Three killers

The faces of the three most recent mass shooting suspects.


The shooter referenced the Democrats’ intent to use open borders, free healthcare for undocumented migrants, citizenship and more to enact a political coup by importing and then legalizing millions of new voters. The shooter’s sense of victimization created a belief eventually his vote would be worthless in Texas. 

The shooter will face criminal charges on a state and criminal level and will not simply be based on murder or attempted murder.  A case is being built to prove all the deaths are based on hate and domestic terrorism.

The Five Stages of the Active Shooter comes into play whenever an ASI occurs.  An ASI can be stopped and has been stopped by law enforcement previously before they begin when information is received by the police during the first three stages.

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Invasion: Here's what we know about the El Paso shooter's manifesto


First Stage – Fantasy: A potential attacker expresses his thoughts about what he wants to do. At this stage, thinking about something is not a criminal offense. This person is not engaged in a criminal act, but he is on his way to becoming dangerous if his thoughts persist. As per the manifesto, the shooter indicated he had these thoughts in mind prior to the election of Trump being elected President.

Second Stage – Planning: At this stage the fantasy becomes reality. The AS is now determining what needs to be done to be successful in carrying out his attack. According to the shooter’s manifesto, the planning occurred as a result of the first Democratic debate.  Aside from reading The Great Replacement, the shooter selected the rifle best suited to carry out his attack as well as the bullet he preferred.

Third Stage – Preparation: The plan is now being thought out to ensure it will work. This is the phase where the intentions of the attacker are the most noticeable. His conduct has changed over from who he was to who he has become. This is a critical time for intervention by the police. The AS has a plan and is preparing to carry it out. If the police are notified by the people closest to the shooter, the incident may be stopped before it begins.

Fourth Stage – Approach: This is the timeframe whether the attacker is most dangerous. His plan is in place, he is prepared, armed, and dangerous as he proceeds to his target. He is on his way to carry out his plan.  It is believed the shooter drove 9 hours from a suburban area of Dallas to El Paso, Texas.  Some people ask why?  It appears the shooter wanted to make a statement.

I doubt it’s coincidental the shooter carried out his attack in the community of a Democratic candidate for President who indicated he believes in open borders and if he could, he would tear down the wall separating Mexico and the United States. The shooter was focused on the democratic candidates but, the direct hit was upon fellow Texan, Beto O’Rourke, a resident of El Paso, Texas.


It must be mentioned neither Beto O’Rourke nor any other candidate for President is at fault for sharing their political ideology about immigration and related topics, nore are they responsible for the tragedy that followed.  

Fifth Stage – Implementation: An ASI is initiated without hesitation once the AS reaches his target. This is when the killing begins. Unfortunately, quite often, the police are routinely notified when people are in the process of being murdered. Often the ASI is over prior to the arrival of the police. In El Paso this was not the case. The prompt response of the police resulted in the shooter surrendering without incident.

An Active Shooter can be stopped before the shooting begins with the assistance of the school administrators, the public, workplace associates, friends, and family members. It is clear, the law enforcement community can only intervene before the shooting begins with the assistance of those closest to a potential AS. Ironically, those closest to a potential AS are the “eyes and ears” of the police department in overcoming an ASI.


The greatest weapon available to stop an ASI and saving lives is information provided to the local police department by the public sector.


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