Editorial: Portland’s ‘peaceful’ protest Friday night included bonfires to burn Bibles, American flags


PORTLAND, OR – Portland has certainly been solidly planted in the news recently, especially over the past 60 or so days.

What started with “protests” on behalf of Black Lives Matter and the death of George Floyd was quickly hijacked by Antifa and other domestic terror or leftist fringe groups. Portland certainly isn’t the only Democrat “managed” city where this is happening, but it’s the one with the biggest current national splash.

Instead of peaceful protests, we’re witnessing nightly carnage where wealthy liberal white people don masks and black clothing, as if copying real “operators” cartoonishly demonstrated in military wanna-be video games – these guys don’t know how to check the oil in their car or change a flat tire, but they costume up and go play riot king each night for the past 60 nights and counting.

Most are ineffectual effeminate hipster beta males, but en masse, they’ve done some damage: The entire downtown district in Portland looks like a third world country, as if it didn’t before with endless homeless encampments and open drug use.

Antifa’s latest achievement that has been unlocked, in addition to burning the American flag as it is draped around an actual pig’s decapitated head (with a police hat for good measure), is the burning of massive stacks of Bibles.

They’re burning Bibles and they sacrificed a pig.

Let that sink in.

Ian Miles Cheong posted a video of the bonfire fueled by Bibles to Twitter, saying:

“Left-wing activists bring a stack of Bibles to burn in front of the federal courthouse in Portland.

“I don’t know what burning the Bible has to do with protesting against police brutality. Do not be under the illusion that these protests and riots are anything but an attempt to dismantle all of Western Civilization and upend centuries of tradition and freedom of religion.”

[Editor’s note: It’s interesting that mainstream media is reporting that since the big, bad federal officers have left Portland, things remained “peaceful.” 


Burning Bibles is not peaceful. Just because there was less blatant violence in Portland as protesters tried to “prove” that the feds were the problem (never mind the fact that they showed up in the first place because of incessant violence downtown), doesn’t mean this was a peaceful night.

These rioters were sending a message. Like Cheong said, it’s an attempt to dismantle America as we know it and take away our religious freedoms.

One is forced to wonder what the response would have been had the burning consisted of the Koran? Perhaps then the incident would have made at least a blip in mainstream media, as it would no doubt be labeled a “hate crime.”

A side note, a popular time in history for burning Bibles was in Nazi Germany. We all know how well that situation turned out.]

I ran the source for this article past my high school friend, Pastor Tim Kelley. He and I were in the same graduating class at Columbia High School, in West Columbia, Texas, where we were (and still are) both proud members and section leaders in the Mighty Roughneck Marching Band.

I went into the Air Force, and Tim went to the seminary. Tim is the Senior Pastor at the First United Pentecostal Church in Oakdale, Louisiana, and is a Louisiana State Police Chaplain and head chaplain for the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Department.

Suffice to say, he’s a law enforcement supporter.

Tim and I discussed this and several related topics. I asked him to lay out for me what he thought the motivation and mindset was in these anarchists, and perhaps their ultimate goal. He made a lot of sense, and if you’re like me, you may not like what he said.

Pastor Kelley described a multi-pronged and step-by-step attack. I asked him, “An attack on what?”

His answer was strong and determined:

“It’s an attack on the very core of our country, and they’re no longer hiding in the shadows or being sneaky about it.”

He laid out the steps he believed these groups are focused on:

“Offend as many people as possible with blatant, in your face, disrespectful actions and words.”

This has been seen as the anarchists continually attack the federal building in Portland, trying to gain reactions from the federal marshals and police agents. It is also shocking to people with values who see these images on their TVs and read articles.

The Pastor further explained:

“I believe they’re scared of the Bible’s message. They fear that someone will read the Bible, understand and accept the Word, and see how wrong these people are. All it takes is someone to hear, read, and believe, and they’re defeated.”

Not to sound naïve, but I had to ask why he thought this way.

His response was:

“They have a venomous hate for Christian principles – look at what they’re against and trying to destroy – the police, our government, our churches, Christians themselves, and ultimately, the family unit with strong parents and well-educated and adjusted children.

“I think it makes them crazy knowing that America was founded on Christian principles, and they’re showing us that they want to burn it all down.”

Why the family unit?

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“I think the majority of these people reject everything we’ve considered normal for decades and centuries. They despise the family, especially the heterosexual male and female with offspring, and align with the LGBT movement, and want to normalize sexual deviance.”

Speaking of the LGBT movement, did you see how that groupthink has hijacked Black Lives Matter, just like ANTIFA hijacked Black Lives Matter?

It appears that the BLM manifesto strongly aligns itself with Antifa, but gets more specific: They want men out of households. Disrespecting and displacing the black male, and raising all their children out of wedlock and on government assistance? Those kids don’t stand a chance.

BLM has specifically given priority to male transgender people. Lots of hijacking going on.

I had to ask where Pastor Kelley thought this all originated – what he said makes sense:

“Many colleges have made it their mission to annihilate right-leaning thoughts. We all put large stock into what our teachers and instructors tell us and show us, and most liberal professors are persuasive.

“They’re teaching our kids to hate our country and resent good values.

“In addition to that, TV shows for decades – remember ‘Soap?’ – have normalized homosexuality with likeable characters and people showing no fault. The ‘bad guys’ in these seemingly harmless sitcoms were always older white men, usually married and with a family, or they were priests, rabbis, or other clergy members.

“It’s a calculated method that’s been going on since the ‘60s.”

My eyes were clearly open – my friend had caused an epiphany.

Pastor Kelley added:

“We’re seeing the culmination of decades of brainwashing against conservative Christian values.”

It all makes sense now. When you add in the concept of no spankings, no discipline, no groundings, no punishment at all – so there’s no accountability – along with participation trophies for everything from baseball to science fairs, you get misguided, narcissistic people who’ve never been told “no” in their lives and because of that, have never matured past the age of 13.

We have, essentially, a bunch of pre-teens wearing adult bodies and throwing temper tantrums. Only this isn’t cute, funny, or a distraction.

This isn’t the four-year-old throwing himself to the floor at the supermarket because his mom won’t buy him candy. These people are very literally destroying, or trying to destroy, our country.

You must ask yourself – are you on the side that allows this behavior to continue and actually makes excuses for these people while trying to cover up their deeds as “peaceful protests,” or do you see it for the danger that it is and support quelling these actions?


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