Editorial: Liberal slush funds and digital currency? What does that have to do with COVID-19?


I try to have an open mind and straddle the proverbial fence when it comes to politics, the budget, the economy, and rhetoric. 

I lean to the conservative side quite simply because the way I was raised and my life experiences have shown me that I can’t understand the typical liberal way of thinking – especially those more hardcore leftists who agree with Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, but also say they promote human rights and freedom. 

That kind of thinking just doesn’t make sense.

We have a strongly two-pronged debate happening within our citizenry right now, wrapped around the House and Senate debates on COVID-19 emergency funding. 

The left is saying that President Trump and the Republicans are trying to protect their corporate friends, while the right says that Democrats are trying to flood the stimulus bill with every “give it away” program and every other goofy “freedom-inspired” method under the sun.

I’ll report – you decide.


Ben Shapiro is often the voice of reason. He regularly shreds people who think Che Guevara was a great guy, and that getting everything for free has no consequences.  His statement on assistance to companies supports his typical common-sense approach and is one I readily agree with.

As Kyle Olson of Brietbart reports, the Dems, under Nancy Pelosi, are trying to do for their party the exact thing they accuse the GOP of – creating a magic slush fund.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a bill on Monday to combat the economic fallout from [COVID-19], and it’s loaded with money destined for federal agencies and the favorite causes of liberal elites.

On page 127, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which produces PBS, is handed an additional $300,000,000 ‘to prevent, prepare for, and respond to [COVID-19].’ Of that amount, $50,000,000 ‘shall be used to support the public television system.'”

On page 39, the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, is given an additional $278,000,000 under the Pelosi bill.  Designated to the vague “Taxpayer Services,” the legislation gives $236,000,000 to the IRS to “prevent, prepare for, and respond to [COVID-19].”

The bill gives another $42,000,000 to an “Enforcement” category.

On page 150, the Department of State Migration and Refugee Assistance program is allotted $300,000,000 for “migration and refugee assistance.”

On page 127, the Institute for Museum and Library Services is given $500,000,000 “respond to [COVID-19]” by granting States, museums, territories and tribes “to expand digital network access, purchase tablets and other internet-enabled devices, for operational expenses, and provide technical support.”

On page 15, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, is granted an additional $33,200,000 “for necessary expenses to prevent, prepare for, and respond to [COVID-19].”

Listed under a “Safety, Security and Mission Services” category, on page 17, Pelosi gives the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, an additional $100,000,000 “to prevent, prepare for, and respond to [COVID-19].”

Earmarked for an ambiguous “Construction and Environmental Compliance and Restoration,” the bill grants $100,000,000 “to prevent, prepare for, and respond to [COVID-19]” on page 18.

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts isn’t left out. On page 77, it is given $35,000,000 “for operations and maintenance requirements related to the consequences of COVID-19].”

On page 88, the “Ryan White HIV/AIDS program” receives an additional $90,000,000, according to language in the bill.

Hundreds of millions of dollars for an AIDS program, ocean agency, NASA, the IRS, and construction projects?  Don’t forget $500 million to museums and libraries and $35 million to the John F, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts alone.  Are we putting on some new radicals shows at the JFK Center?

Two prominent Washington, DC area universities would also profit nicely from this bill. 

On page 119, Gallaudet University is granted $7,000,000 “to help defray expenses (which may include lost revenue, reimbursement for expenses already incurred, technology costs associated with a transition to distance learning, faculty and staff trainings and payroll).”

Howard University receives $13,000,000 for similar open-ended expenses on page 123. Howard’s endowment fund currently stands at $692,800,000.  You saw that right – $13 million in taxpayer funding for a college with a current endowment balance of more than $629 million.

And the left is accusing the right of gaming the system in favor of corporations.

Also, under the headlines of “things we don’t need for $1000, Alex” is the development of a new form of digital currency.  We’re trying to keep Americans healthy and safe, and we’re playing money games?

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Maxine Waters (D/CA) can’t run her own district (one of the highest homeless population rates in the country combined with highest unemployment), and continually shouts “impeach the president,” but she’s in charge of a very important Congressional committee. 

According to Forbes Magazine:

“As the markets continue to drop and the U.S. looks to Congress for agreement on a massive stimulus package to save the economy from impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the newest offer by House Democrats includes a very forward-looking kind of stimulus: the creation of a ‘digital dollar’ and the establishment of ‘digital dollar wallets.’

In what will send shock waves through the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, particularly for those following central bank digital currencies around the world, this signals the U.S. is serious in establishing infrastructure for a central bank digital currency.

Both Speaker Pelosi’s ‘Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act’ and the ‘Financial Protections and Assistance for America’s Consumers, States, Businesses, and Vulnerable Populations Act (H.R. 6321),’ introduced by Chairwoman Maxine Waters of Financial Services Committee, introduced these concepts today as a way of delivering the economic stimulus payments to U.S. citizens.”

While some original language was removed from the bill, the main proposal by Chairwoman Waters hasn’t changed.

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