This is a story about an Easter basket that served as a bridge of understanding. I received the details from Chuck Bealefeld. I worked with him in the Baltimore Police Department. He is one of the best cops I ever worked with. When he retired from Baltimore, he went to the Annapolis Police Department in Maryland. In addition to being a detective, he is actively involved in Special Olympics.

This is what Chuck shared with me:

I’m telling this story not for praise or glory but because of the response. On Friday my squad and I raided a house looking for evidence in a crime. Upon entering we located several subjects in the house one being a very very hostile young man that I’m happy we were able to defuse. Another a little girl about six. (In) the excitement and all the commotion she was hysterical. I took her in the kitchen and tried to calm her. All she kept saying is you’re going to hurt me you’re going to kill me.

Wow my heart was breaking. Is this what children now think about police today? After awhile we were able to get her calm. I went home told my wife about this encounter, something that I don’t do a lot. I thought how could I make this right. We put together an Easter basket for her. I delivered it yesterday. The same little girl gave me a huge hug and started to again cry only this time with joy.

I pray on this holy day I changed that little girls heart. I pray no child or adult fears the police are going to harm them. I pray in their time of need they find comfort in our help.