Terror and virus fears: East Africans and Middle Eastern migrants caught sneaking across the border


DEL RIO, TX – Many proponents for allowing border crossings say that the only ones that are illegally entering the country are from Mexico and other regions in South America.

Now, we learn that is wrong as there has been an influx from other regions, specifically from Eastern African countries as well as the Middle East.

According to Breitbart News, border patrol agents in the Del Rio, Texas area have recently been reporting that they have been apprehending more than Mexican migrants.

They are reported that people from multiple nations have also been caught illegally crossing into the United States including those noted as “special interest,” nations, East African, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries.

Border patrol agents in Del Rio have noted they have taken people into custody from Eritrea, Lebanon, Syria, and Tajikistan.

Additionally, the Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent, Jason Owens, reported through Twitter that they had apprehended a large group of people who advise they are from Venezuela. Along with the picture, he wrote:

“A typical day at the office in the Del Rio Sector…A group of 107 migrants was encountered yesterday in Eagle Pass, consisting of 103 Venezuelans, 3 Colombians, and 1 Nicaraguan national. Del Rio Sector continues to see over 1,000 encounters per day!”

According to a report from the US Customs and Border Protection:

“In October 2021, Del Rio Sector agents encountered 28,111 undocumented migrants from more than 50 countries. In Fiscal Year 2021, from Oct. 1, 2020, to Sept. 30, 2021, Del Rio Sector encountered migrants from 106 different countries.”

Owens also provided a statement on the illegal border crossings:

“We encounter individuals from all over the world attempting to illegally enter our country. Our agents are focused and work hard to ensure that we detect, arrest, and identify anyone that enters our country in order to maintain safety of our communities.”

Reports like this should be alarming to everyone as there is no way to tell the type of people that are illegally crossing the southern border beyond what have been apprehended.

This means that any terrorist, child rapist, or murderer from any country could be passing into the unsecured border as these people have done.

Even though the numbers of those who are trying to enter the United States have escalated under Democratic President Joe Biden and his Administration, the current Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas believes all is well.

In the month of November, Mayorkas was asked to grade himself during a Senate Judiciary Committee on his efforts at securing the southern border, remarkably, he gave himself an A overall. He said:

“I am a tough grader on myself, and I give myself an A.”

Mayorkas’ grade of himself would certainly not be an A, according to a Harvard-Harris poll, which showed that 68 percent of voters believe that the southern border is in crisis mode and must be handled immediately.

Additionally, the same poll showed 65 percent of those who responded believe the blame rests with Biden and his administration.

The poll went further into the aspects of the border crisis and whether those entering the country illegally should be allowed to stay.

Those who responded to the poll, 71 percent of them believe those entering the country illegally should be immediately returned to the country that they came from instead of being allowed to roam the United States.

This is against Mayorkas’ marching orders who issued a memo in October instructing his agents to release illegal immigrants into the country after they have been captured.

While there seemingly is many American citizens that believe the border needs to be better secured, that message is seemingly lost on Biden and members of his administration.

Whether Biden’s immigration policies will remain intact when some believe it has added to the humanitarian crisis at the border remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain, something must be done to secure the border and ensure the nation stays safe.

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Report: Biden’s border policy has helped create a population increase of 1.8 million foreign-born people – this year

Washington, DC – During the first 8 months of Joe Biden’s first term, the US saw a population increase of more than 4.1% amongst those born in foreign countries. This makes one of the largest single year increases since the US started tracking these statistics in 1960. 

45.7 million foreign-born individuals residing in the US are comprised of both legal immigrants and those who are in the country illegally. 

Please take note, this is not an argument against foreign-born persons living in the US.

Our nation is a place where anyone is welcome, as long as their story includes doing things the right way and being productive members of the communities where they live, work and play.

It is a statement regarding this record growth amongst the method many of them are using to get here. 

For some perspective, in 1970, the US population was 203,392,031. At that time, there were 9.6 million people of foreign birth, comprising 4.7% of the entire population. Today, the percentage has grown to almost 14%, growing at a rate of 3.76 times over the past 41 years. 

The growth of the entire population over that same time period is .63 times, with nearly 28% of that increase coming from foreign-born persons.

However, this is not about the past 41 years. It is about what the policies of the current administration is doing at our southern border. Which is nothing. 

When we look at those same figures over the past year, which include 3 months of the Trump administration (which was doing everything it could to stem the flow of illegal entries and over-stayed visas), the percentages of growth paint a very telling picture. 

The increase in foreign-born people residing in the US from October 2020 to September 2021 (Fiscal Year 2021), was 1.8 million. The estimated population of the US heading into 2022 is 334,805,269. That is an increase over the beginning of 2021 of 1,890,196 people. 

So, what do these numbers mean?

The population growth in the US is comprised of three things. Deaths, births and migrations. If the overall growth of the US was 1.89 million, and there were 1.8 million new foreign-born individuals in that increase, there were roughly 90,000 additions in the variance between deaths and new births, also known as natural increase.   

Before we simply cast the blame at the feet of the President and his failed policies, we have to take into consideration that numerous states saw more deaths than births over the past two years thanks to the pandemic.

But, even if you take the numbers from the 2019, there were 2.7 births for every death recorded across the country. That equated to a natural increase of 893,707, accounting for 46% of the population increase from 2019 to 2020. 

But this year, the net gain through natural increase accounted for only 4.7% of that growth. 

So, where does Biden and his lack of concern of the crisis at our southern border come in?

Given that the White House Press Secretary, Jenn Psaki, stands fast that the President knows first hand what is going on down there because he visited El Paso, Texas in 2008, it is hard to argue that this administration has a clue about the battle being waged by local, state and federal law enforcement as the tide of illegal border crossing continue to increase by record numbers.

Luckily, the Vice President, whom Biden put in charge of controlling the immigration problem, also visited El Paso.

That is only a 12-hour drive from where the major issues are occurring in places like Del Rio and La Joya, Texas. The former was then scene where nearly 15,000 Haitian migrants we camped out under a bridge. While 2,000 were expelled and returned to Haiti, the remaining number were permitted to stay in the US. 

But it isn’t just Rio Grande River crossing that are creating increased numbers and threatening our national security as people unfriendly to the US pour into the country. 

Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas testified before the Senate recently, said that he could say with any confidence what number of Afghan nationals evacuated in the botched withdrawal from that country had been thoroughly vetted before boarding a plane to the US. 

Close to 130,000 were airlifted out of the country. Many are still awaiting final disposition of their vetting and will wind up being resettled in the US, Germany, or several other countries. 

Mayorkas indicated that roughly 50,000 of those will wind up in this country before the process is complete. 

According to a report on PBS:

“‘We have a moral imperative to protect them, to support those who have supported this nation,’ said Mayorkas, who as a child came to the U.S. as a refugee from Cuba with his family. 

‘Our mission is not accomplished until we have safely evacuated all U.S. citizens who wish to leave Afghanistan or lawful permanent residents, all individuals who have assisted the United States in Afghanistan,’ he said. ‘This effort will not end until we achieve that goal.’”

According to that same article, more than 25,000 of those Afghan nationals are being housed on US military installations.

The eight bases, along with the total numbers are: Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, 8,800; Fort Bliss, Texas, 6,200; Fort Lee, Virginia, 1,700; Joint Base McGuire–Dix–Lakehurst, 3,700; Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, 650; Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, 800; Fort Pickett, Virginia, 3,650 and Camp Atterbury, Indiana, 65.

The federal government is refusing to enforce its own laws on immigration. They are forcing the states and local municipalities to fight this crisis. Even the federal courts have ruled that this administration must reinstate some of the policies put in place by his predecessor.  

Yet, they continue to dodge question, cast blame on previous President’s policies, and handcuff federal agents from doing their jobs, signaling to people all over the world that they can simply walk into this country…no questions asked. 

They even included immigration reform in the recent House version of the spending bill. In essence, 6.5 million people in the country illegally, since as early as 2011, would be given back-dated work permits totaling 10 years.

This would allow them to apply for legal permanent residency, which is the first step towards citizenship. If the Senate passes the spending bill as is, that measure would be included and signed into law. 

While it is easy to concede that most of those are simply seeking a better life for themselves and their families, it must also be agreed that there are large numbers of people who are bad actors and have no intention of doing anything but causing harm to Americans. 

And the policies of this administration are allowing it to happen. 

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