CHARLOTTE — Setting up DUI and safety checkpoints in areas where a high number of illegal immigrants live is making undocumented citizens feel ‘nervous,’ reported WBT News.

According to democrats on the Charlotte City Council, this proactive measure to deter criminal activity needs to be halted immediately.

Hold up. Now we need to stop making criminals nervous? 

Being nervous or anxious when seeing a cop is usually a byproduct of having committed some sort of illegal activity. If you haven’t done anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.

I want these people shaking in their freaking boots.

Vince Vaughn

(Photo courtesy Tulsa Police Department)

CMPD routinely sets up checkpoints around the Charlotte area depending on the need, whether that be a high concentration of DUI’s or issues with driving infractions, like speeding. 

So according to these politicians, let’s let illegal immigrants live in Charlotte, which is already committing a crime, and then on top of that let’s let citizens drive around without the probability of being stopped for potential DUI charges?

Police have apparently coordinated more DUI checkpoints due to a fatal car crash in the area recently. When requesting grant money from the council, Democrat Braxton Winston demanded to know why the checkpoints seemed to be in correlation with undocumented immigrant round-ups.

Give me an f—ing break.

So now we’re protecting people who have skirted the law to come to this country to make sure they aren’t scared about being deported, while additionally putting law-abiding Americans at risk by allowing more drunk drivers to operate their vehicles on the road.

This isn’t a political issue that should be up for debate. This is a public safety issue. These politicians are putting undocumented immigrants ahead of the American people.

During the meeting, another council democrat claimed that in order to maintain the trust of the people, police in the Charlotte area should cut down on enforcing traffic laws.

If this is the future of policing… maybe I should hand in my gun and badge right now.