Drummer for System of A Down denounces Antifa and Black Lives Matter, stands up for law enforcement


LOS ANGELES, CA –Throughout the country, a vast amount of people are under the belief that there is systemic racism rampant throughout the police officers nationwide and a underlying desire for officers to hurt and kill people of color. 

Even though Law Enforcement Today has provided facts on several occasions which prove this theory a lie, people still believe it and are calling for massive cuts to police funding if not eliminating them all together. 

Recently, someone famous who should believe this to be true came out saying the opposite.

John Dolmayan, the drummer for System of A Down recently stood by police, something that will undoubtedly cause friction with his fans and own band members.

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Dolmayan is no stranger to poking the bear with his political beliefs as he has somewhat defended President Trump saying that he is the “most attacked president in history yet the greatest friend in minorities.” 

His political views not only may cost him the support of the band fans, but also put him in disagreement with the front man of the band, Serj Tankian. 

Tankian is outspoken in his left-wing political beliefs and is known to verbally attack President Trump whenever he can.  Despite the political differences, Dolmayan says that the two speak about their differences and that it “shouldn’t be a shock to any” that they disagree. 

However, he says that “you’d be surprised at how civil our conversations are.”

In his Facebook live video, Dolmayan says:

“I think that the movement to defund police is probably the stupidest thing that I’ve heard.  Any celebrity or politician who is behind the defund the police movement is doing one of two things. 

One, showing you, who they consider the peasant class, how woke they are.  [And] how in tune they are with social injustice. 

In other words, look like they give a [expletive] but continue to live lavish well-protected lives while you bang your head on a wall. 

Two, mainly politicians say anything to maintain their positions because the stupidity of defunding the police hasn’t fully been comprehended by the people advocating for it.” 

Dolmayan believes that any cuts to police funding will only be done to appease people and make it appear that they agree and genuinely care about what they think. 

“They will cut budgets to show how they agree with the ‘movement’ and move the money into social programs.  Later, once people have forgotten about this injustice and are on to the next issue, they will cut funds to those programs and funnel the money right back into police department budgets.” 

Dolmayan has also shared his beliefs on Black Lives Matter and professional sports. 

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“Much like the BLM movement itself [professional sports] could [not] care less about black people.  He believes that BLM and antifa “never had legitimacy…and were always a Democratic Party fundraiser and propaganda tool.” 

He continued:

“They have shown themselves to be the enemy of the people of the United States and have adopted lawlessness emboldened by a sensationalist media and the moronic Hollywood elites who pander to them at every opportunity.  They will be brought to justice but when?  How many more innocents need to be murdered before we come to our senses?”

Dolmayan, who legally immigrated from Lebanon, believes the government of the US is a good one. 

“We have an incredible system of government here in the United States, a lot of check and balances.  I’m proud to be a part of that as an immigrant who came over here…and worked my way up, and was fortunate in a lot of way, but worked very hard to get to where I am at.”

No, Congressman Clay Higgins and rock legend Ted Nugent didn’t bail on a “Back the Blue” rally – and neither did we.

This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today with input from our management team. 

If you’re sick and tired of seeing the attacks and censorship by the police-bashing, America-hating media…consider joining us in a show of support for our law enforcement officers.  Check out www.backuparrived.com for more on how you can be a part of the solution. 

And help us blow up this story… because nobody seems to want to let the truth be heard.

NASSAU COUNTY, NY – You’re being lied to, America.

You might have heard the rumors that rock and roll legend Ted Nugent and Congressman Clay Higgins bailed on the largest “back the blue” rally in America.

You might have heard that Law Enforcement Today, Brothers Before Others and Advocacy for LEO “chickened out”.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.  And while the mainstream media works to hide the truth… we’re going to give it to you right here and right now.

Here’s the true story – and we hope you’ll help us get it out there.

Acclaimed keynote speaker Paul Butler and Law Enforcement Today’s National Spokesman Kyle Reyes were going to be the joint Masters of Ceremonies.  We had rock and roll legend Ted Nugent flying in for the National Anthem – accompanied by Congressman Clay Higgins, the keynote speaker.

The first wave in the attack came from Facebook.  After 6300 people RSVP’d to the event, the page was taken down by the social media giant. 

It didn’t come as a surprise to us.  After all, our National Spokesman is the same guy that just got a lifetime ban from LinkedIn last month for sharing an article about a guy who tried to kill two cops.  We are sort of use to it.

But what happened here demonstrated just how legitimate the war on law enforcement is. 

Congressman Clay Higgins and Ted Nugent were not allowed to attend the event… and that apparently comes directly from Governor Cuomo’s office, according to our sources in both law enforcement and the state.

Within hours of announcing that they’d be at the rally, Democrats throughout New York demanded the event be shut down.  It was the typical liberal playbook – everyone that doesn’t tow the line is a racist, sexist, xenophobe, Islamaphobe, etc.

That didn’t work.  Because the last we checked, it’s America.  We have yet to see anyone shut down Al Sharpton from speaking at an event, or the self-proclaimed Marxists affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

So they tried a new approach.  The state police detail ensuring the security of Congressman Higgins and Ted Nugent were told they weren’t allowed to offer protection.

Their careers were threatened.  Then their families were threatened.

So we came up with a new plan.  We had dozens of Blue Knights who were going to provide safe passage.

And that’s when the governor apparently pulled the ultimate “trump” card.  We’re told he instructed the health department to ensure that upon landing in the state, Congressman Higgins and Ted Nugent would either be turned around and sent back… or forced into a mandatory 14 day quarantine.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, a politician facing ethical issues, took to social media on Thursday to call Nugent a racist.  She quickly came under attack on social media.

On Friday night, in a desperate attempt to save face, she blamed the pandemic.

“After being reminded of New York State’s quarantine orders and Nassau County’s protest protocols, Ted Nugent will no longer be attending tomorrow’s march in Eisenhower Park.  Congressman Clay Higgins is also being advised of New York State’s quarantine Executive Order.”

She went on to suggest it was about safety – despite precautions taken by event organizers to ensure proper social distancing.

“Nassau county will continue to protect our residents’ right to safe, peaceful protest as is guaranteed under the First Amendment of our Constitution.  However, we won’t tolerate blatant violations of the Governor’s quarantine order for travelers from high-risk states.”

Funny – we have yet to see any enforcement of said orders at riots or Black Lives Matter protests.

In executing their move, the department essentially accomplished their ultimate goal of pitting pro-law groups against each other… when we should be fighting against those who seek to divide us.

Law Enforcement Today got in this fight and behind this rally – along with groups such as Brothers Before Others and Advocacy for LEOs – to show our love, support and appreciate for police officers.  We will not be castrated by politicians looking to flex their muscles by destroying the heart and soul of law enforcement and supporters.

The media seemed delighted to report that Congressman Higgins and Ted Nugent had “backed out” of the event – which obviously wasn’t true.

And so we decided that if we couldn’t put them in front of a planned audience of a few thousand… then during the rally, we’d make sure their voices reached millions.

So to recap: here’s what was done to torpedo the planning efforts for the rally:

  • Facebook took down the Back the Blue rally page after 6,300 RSVP’s
  • Local Democratic legislators decried Nugent’s planned presence at the rally, claiming the usual fallbacks of his supposed racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism. 
  • They demanded that the Nassau County PBA:

“must disavow this vile man immediately, disinvite him from Saturday’s rally and apologize to Nassau County residents for their appalling lack of judgment.”

  • State police were prohibited from providing protection to Congressman Higgins and Mr. Nugent.  Troopers’ careers and families were threatened if they did not comply.  No problem.  The Blue Knights were available to offer their assistance.
  • However, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, with the blessing of Governor Cuomo, then invoked the pandemic in keeping the honored guests away from the event.  Claiming to be concerned about “safe, peaceful protest,” she threatened to quarantine the men on their arrival, or turn them back.

The coordinated efforts didn’t end there.

On the day of the physical Back the Blue event at Eisenhower Park, hundreds of attendee cars were turned away because Democrat officials put a cap on parking capacity.

Also, organizers were denied a permit to bring in the stage, so the loudspeakers had to be kept in a pickup truck.

Furthermore, we’re told that at the behest of Governor Cuomo, rally attendees were legally required to keep moving throughout the park because more than 50 people were in attendance.

Despite the restrictions and attempts at further limiting attendance and reach, a crowd of thousands still attended the rally.

So our teams took to social media, opening up our platform to host a virtual Back the Blue event during the rally – and allow Congressman Higgins and Ted Nugent to speak directly to the people.

LET National Spokesman Kyle Reyes was joined on the broadcasts by Rob O’Donnell and David Chianese on scene nearby Eisenhower Park.  O’Donnell is a retired NYPD detective and Board Member for Brothers Before Others, and Chianese is a retired NYPD detective and founder of Advocacy for LEOs.

The gentlemen spoke of the obstructions encountered to rally hosts and shared inspirational messages about standing up for the blue, as well as a facts-and-figures reality check showing indisputably and overwhelmingly honorable police behavior in this country.

Chianese also pointed out the chilling implications that the obstruction of movement of an actual sitting congressman have for ordinary citizens, saying:

“Remember, [Higgins] is now the very first US Congressman to be denied access into the state of New York over the fact that he has a message that people don’t want to hear.

“And if they can suppress Congressman Higgins, think of how easy it is for the governor or the Nassau County executive legislator to shut down the speech of any and everyone in Nassau County and New York State.”

Our hosts then handed the live broadcast reins to Louisiana Congressman Higgins, the only active duty LEO on Capitol Hill.

Higgins spoke of how the Back the Blue rally was well planned, quite organized, and highly publicized both locally and nationally. 

He described the event as:

“A beautiful event designed to deliver the message from our hearts, unscripted, of brotherly love and compassion and courage and the role of the Thin Blue Line, and the fact that we are threatened, yes, as brothers and sisters, but also as a nation, however that our strength is stronger and greater than anything that could oppose us.”

As keynote speaker, Higgins said he had intended to deliver a message of “brotherly love” inspired by the Lord and expanded upon with Biblical references.

He detailed the actions taken against himself and Nugent in mere days before the rally, recalling the disallowing of police protection and the “cabal” of politicians speaking lies against Higgins and Nugent by calling them both “racist.”

Higgins said:

“So your local socialist politicians there, they decided that they didn’t want me to come…. They didn’t want Ted Nugent… to come play the National Anthem.  They had a problem with the National Anthem. 

“And they have a problem with a conservative Constitutionalist cop that now serves as a Congressman, coming into their socialist area that they consider their property instead of yours, and may I say that the great state of New York should belong to the people.”

He added:

“But [lies about racism are] all they got, you see.  They can’t deal with the narrative of truth and compassion and love and Christian core principles and American patriotism.  It doesn’t fit their narrative that cops are all bad….

“God is great.  Despite the fact that your local politicians there, the socialists, and some bigger politicians got involved…. and took a knee to Antifa and other Marxists and socialists and other violent mobs.”

In a message directed at Governor Cuomo,  Higgins stated:

“You crumbled out of fear from Antifa and others, bunch of hoodlums that threatened our country…  You made up this story that there was a health threat.  You know that’s a lie….”

The next LET live video featured a thank you to Congressman Higgins, a prayer, and an introduction of rocker Ted Nugent.


Conservative and patriot Nugent then appeared from Texas with a “weapon of mass construction,” his guitar, in his own live broadcast.

Nugent said:

“I could not stand louder and prouder and more affirmative with the hero warriors of New York law enforcement and law enforcement around the country.”

Nugent pulled no punches addressing the Democratic legislators of New York. 

He said:

“Hey, Governor Cuomo, kiss my free ass.  You are a power-abusing, corrupt, deep-state punk whose ruling over the otherwise good families of New York, abusing your governor’s power every day, shame on you…. 

“We are heartbroken and we are pissed off, because we were going to have a great, pure positive celebration of law and order while the Democrat power abusers side with the anarchists and the mobs and the rioters.  Literally protecting arsonists and murderers.”

After a stirring guitar performance of the National Anthem, Nugent also addressed the efforts of politicians to shut down his appearance at the Back the Blue rally, saying:

“Hey Governor Cuomo, hey deBlasio, hey all you liberal liars and haters that claim I’m a racist, that claim I’m an anti-Semite…. everybody knows I’m not a racist… The left, Marxists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Democrats – they are liars, and they are drunk on hate. “

Reyes, O’Donnell, and Chianese then wrapped up with another live Facebook video with a recap of recent events and a call of support to the often silent majority who back the blue.


In his live broadcast, Congressman Higgins quoted Proverbs 28:

“The wicked flee when no man pursueth, but the righteous are bold as a lion.”

He added:

“Hear me good, America, the Thin Blue Line stands bold as a lion…. we are courageous and we will not take a knee, not to a socialist, not to a Marxist, not to a career politician, nor to any force that threatens us from within.”

We at Law Enforcement Today will stand as lions as well.  We will not back down.

If you suppress us, we will find a way to be louder.

We already have.

And we will do it again when the need arises.

We’ll be announcing future Back the Blue rallies – including a series of online events – at www.BackupArrived.com.  Make sure to join us.

And tell a friend.  Heck – tell all of them.  Because God knows the liberal media won’t.

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