Law enforcement members– brace yourselves.  If you think that OxyContin provided addiction-related crime headaches for police, drug companies are developing something new that will make Vicodin seem like Bayer aspirin.

Four pharmaceutical companies are developing prescription drugs using a pure form of hydrocodone, one of the most intensively-additive substances known to mankind.    The drug companies are currently in the patient-testing phase of development.

Big pharma touts the new medications as additional methods for physicians to address chronic, unremitting pain in patients,especially for the terminally ill for whom addiction is not a primary concern.  Addiction experts are concerned that addicts will obtain the drug illegally in order to crush and snort the pills.

Dr. Keith Ablow, a forensic psychiatrist, commented on Fox News that he fears that this substance, once available, will cause a great deal of illegal activity which will need to be addressed by the law enforcement community. Illicit use of prescription drugs is rapidly outpacing use of street drugs among addicts.

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