Droney: Leaked phone call between Biden, Ukrainian president shows attempt to sabotage Trump


The following editorial content is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

WASHINGTON, DC- Considering the revelations today in the New York Post regarding a pay to play scheme involving Hunter Biden and allegations that he had connected his then-vice president father with a Ukrainian energy executive, the revelations of a leaked phone call that was reported last month may have additional meaning.

The phone call, which took place between Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko after the 2016 US presidential election indicates that Biden was looking to sabotage the incoming Trump administration before President Trump even took office.

The Federalist reported that during the phone call, Biden badmouthed Trump and the incoming administration, saying “The truth of the matter is that the incoming administration doesn’t know a great deal about [Ukraine]” and that they were thus not prepared for the transition.

While this particular statement could be considered inappropriate, it was only the appetizer for what was to come.

Going on, Biden then told Poroshenko, “I don’t plan on going away. As a private citizen, I plan on staying deeply engaged in the endeavor that you have begun and we have begun.”

Shortly afterwards, Biden then undermined the incoming Trump administration, while branding them as not knowing anything about Ukraine, and then attempting to set up a foreign policy backchannel for himself when he would be a private citizen, which ostensibly would be a violation of the Logan Act.

For those unfamiliar, the Logan Act bans private citizens from engaging in U.S. foreign policy, although nobody has never been convicted of violating it, and the constitutionality of the act remains questionable. The law was signed into law in 1799.

That act was in fact the law that Biden himself had proposed using against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who was acting in his official capacity as an incoming cabinet member when he had a discussion with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

This was of course part of the setup to take down Flynn and then the Trump administration via the Russia collusion hoax.

Biden tried, through his conversation with Poroshenko, to convince the Ukrainian leader that he should continue to deal with Biden once he left office.

Biden also suggested in the phone call that there was an issue with the incoming administration, saying:

“The reason I bother to tell you is that I have been somewhat limited on what I am able to tell their team about Ukraine.”

Biden blamed the latter on a so-called late start to the transition process, this was in fact occurring while the FBI and other intelligence agencies in the U.S. were attempting to take down the Trump administration through the “Crossfire Hurricane” counterintelligence operation, of which Ukraine was a part.

The phone call was leaked by a member of the Ukrainian Parliament; therefore, it was clearly recorded by Ukrainians, and as the Federalist suggests likely Russian intelligence.

Biden should have been aware of this from when he was a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as well as his time as vice president.

Thus Biden, in the capacity of vice president of the United States told a Poroshenko that he was unable to share certain things about the country with the incoming administration while at the same time Biden understood the FBI had opened an investigation into the Trump campaign and the incoming administration.

If indeed the Russians had somehow infiltrated the Trump administration, Biden’s comments to Poroshenko would have let them know that something was going on, and thus compromising our national security.

The Geller Report said that the fact that Biden had felt comfortable telling Poroshenko that he couldn’t confide certain information to the incoming administration was curious.

Especially since he understood the Department of Justice and the FBI had not notified Trump of potential counterintelligence risks (allegedly) posed by members of his campaign team who might join his administration. Clearly those counterintelligence risks were bogus.

This of course isn’t the first time that Biden has used poor judgement by putting a supposedly highly classified counterintelligence operation at risk.

He also attempted to undermine the incoming Trump administration and attempted to use his position as a former vice president to remain involved in U.S. foreign policy, even though he was not able to do so under federal law.

It should also be noted that all of this was going on while his crackhead son Hunter was on the payroll of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy firm for which he clearly had no related experience, and in fact admitted he didn’t.

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This is just another example of dirty laundry that is hiding in Biden’s closet.

Last month, we looked into this situation as well. For more information we invite you to:


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Again, and again, the Democratic Party has shown its outright hatred and downright unprofessionalism any time the party has not been in control of the White House.

The Democratic Party will attempt to sabotage the Republican Party, over and over again. It will stop at nothing, not even illegal activities, in an attempt at maintaining control in Washington, D.C.

Recently, a set of audio tapes  has been uncovered of a conversation that had been secretly recorded in 2016 between current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and then-Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko trash talking the incoming president of the United States.

CD Media, which uploaded to YouTube three videos containing the tapes, said the video platform deleted them a day later. CD Media then uploaded them to video-hosting service Bitchute. 

Biden, then vice president, is heard on the second tape saying, “Trump is the dog who caught the car” and doesn’t know what to do with it and that [Biden] “will stay involved in Ukraine after inauguration.”  The two are also heard on the recording discussing how to jointly damage President Trump.

Ironically, Joe Biden spokesperson Andrew Bates defended Biden with an attack on Trump, saying:

“Donald Trump is the most hostile president to American democracy in our history.”

President Trump himself retweeted the leaked audio tapes to his 85 million Twitter followers as his response to the tapes surfacing.

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Screenshot: Twitter
Droney: Leaked phone call between Biden, Ukrainian president shows attempt to sabotage Trump
Trump vs Biden


The portion President Trump focused on featured Ukraine’s chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who had previously investigated the owner of a Ukraine energy firm where Biden’s son, Hunter, once held a board seat.

By highlighting this expert, President Trump was nonchalantly continuing to refer to the corruption between the former vice president and his son, which began the impeachment case against the president and his acquittal back in February.

According to a recent article by AP News, rumors are buzzing that Andrii Derkach, the member of Ukraine’s parliament who disclosed the audio, is an “active Russian agent” who has taken it upon himself to spread misinformation about Biden online.

However, social media posts and videos of the recorded conversations have been viewed millions of times.

Biden’s campaign fired back, saying Trump “habitually attacked the sovereignty of American elections” by “attempting to coerce his Ukrainian counterpart into spreading conclusively-disproved lies.”

Kind of an ironic statement, one could say, given the fact that the tapes were of Biden attempting to discredit the Trump administration before he had even taken office. It is just another episode of Democrats throwing temper tantrums, a la Nancy Pelosi’s #hairgate incident.

Since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, there has been sufficient evidence to suggest an anti-Trump conspiracy involving the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama Administration/Biden/DNC/Deep State.

Consider: Ukraine released the infamous “black ledger,” which was proved during the Mueller investigation to be fraudulent, in another attempt at discrediting the Trump administration.

On a third tape, Biden is heard discussing how he will help get Poroshenko’s children into the University of Pennsylvania as a way of rewarding him for his help during the joint Obama Administration-Ukraine anti-Trump endeavors.

So far, there has been no evidence that the audio tapes have been stolen or fabricated. Nina Jankowicz, a disinformation fellow at the nonpartisan Wilson Center, said this of the recordings:

“It’s certainly an influence campaign. It’s misleading to an audience that doesn’t have the full picture.”

Although the tapes have been heavily edited, and despite strict social media controls on political information, they have gained traction as they are shared through legitimate news sources during a highly volatile presidential campaign.

Political campaigns have always been dirty, uncovering all the skeletons, affairs, bad judgment, etc. of politicians trying to earn the trust of constituents.

This particular presidential election is exceptionally dirty and downright dangerous. From the riots, to the Mueller reports and now to these tapes. What else will be uncovered between now and Nov. 3? More importantly, what will happen to our nation after Nov. 3 if the wrong party wins?

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