CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio – Inmates are always searching for new ways to get contraband inside the walls of prison. And it looks like these criminals are reaching new heights when it comes to sneaking their stuff in.

Inmates in Ohio have turned to drones to carry things like drugs and other contraband into correctional facilities, according to a report from the New York Post.

A video released by corrections officials appears to show an inmate in the yard looking to the sky for his incoming air mail.


All of a sudden, he sprints forward and attempts to catch a black package that falls from the sky, but it slams to the ground. The inmate quickly uses his shirt to cover the item, scoops it up, then walks away.

So what’s in the package?

According to prison officials, weed and a cellphone. 

They released the jail security footage this week after concluding their investigation into the delivery drop. 

Check it out here.



ABC 5 in Cleveland reported that it was the second time in two days that an investigation had been opened into possible drug smuggling into the facility.

“Just a day prior, authorities discovered a hole dug into the wall of an eighth-floor jail cell,” they said.

Across the pond, inmates have a bit of a different approach.

According to a report by Fox News, inmates in England have been receiving packages in the prison grounds in the form of rats stuffed with drugs and other contraband.  The rats are apparently killed, cut open, stuffed with a ‘care package’ and then stitched back up.

WARNING: Graphic images.


Drone delivery: Contraband drops in prisons are reaching new heights

Officials found cell phones, chargers, SIM cards, drugs and more inside the rats. (Ministry of Justice)


A number of stuffed rats were found thrown over the prison walls, said the Ministry of Justice on Monday. Prison officials at HMP Guys Marsh in Dorset noticed that the dead rats on the ground had been sewn up across the belly, which encouraged them to investigate by cutting them open.

Inside they found a multitude of smuggled products, including cannabis, tobacco, cell phones, chargers, cigarette papers, and more.

Drone delivery: Contraband drops in prisons are reaching new heights

Prison officials noticed the stitching and cut them open, finding an assortment of contraband inside. (Ministry of Justice)


“Intelligence suggests the rats were thrown over the prison fence by organized criminals, who coordinated with an offender on the inside who was waiting to collect them,” said the Ministry of Justice.

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Drone delivery: Contraband drops in prisons are reaching new heights


Once tossed over the fence, it the contraband was taken in to be sold amongst the inmates.

The fact that these criminals are now using the animals for business purposes, “illustrates how far smugglers will go to get drugs into prisons”.

Drone delivery: Contraband drops in prisons are reaching new heights

Drug activity is spiking in English and Welsh prisons. (Ministry of Justice)


Prisoners in the past have had similar schemes, using stuffed tennis balls, pigeons and now even drones to create drops inside the prison walls.


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