CLAYTON, Ga. – A dramatic dash cam video shows a Georgia police officer fatally shooting a man who wildly charged him with a knife following a vehicle pursuit that ended in a violent crash.

The shooting occurred overnight Thursday when the officer, a member of the Clayton Police Department, tried to stop a Honda Accord for speeding. The Honda took off and then crashed, reported Fox News.

Clayton police released the video Friday. In it the officer is seen approaching the Honda after the crash with his weapon drawn and shouting commands.

Not only did the suspect fail to yield during the pursuit, but he also disregarded commands given by the officer following the crash.

“He’s trying to break the glass and get out,” the officer says into his radio. “I don’t know if he has anything I can’t see him.”

Clayton Police Chief Andy Strait told Fox 5 Atlanta that after kicking out the back window, the man climbed on top of the Honda with a knife and then lunged at the officer.

The video shows the man falling on his face.

“Officer is continually giving him verbal commands, ‘Stop or I’ll shoot,’ and the suspect says ‘I don’t care,’ at one point continues at the officer in a slashing motion, stabbing motion, within less than a foot and the officer was forced to shoot,” Strait told the station.

“Unfortunately, the suspect was deceased at the scene,” he said.

The Macon Telegraph identified the decedant as Brett Dontae Bush, 28, of Lithonia, Georgia.

Fox 5 reported that the officer, a Marine vet, relayed information about the suspect’s wounds on the police radio to assist medics when they arrived at the scene.

dramatic dash cam video shows

The unnamed officer opened fire after the previously fleeing suspect charged him with a knife. (Clayton Police Department)

The officer involved in the shooting was not identified.

Strait said the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was handling the OIS.