Tyler Carach is known as the Donut Boy. This ambitious young lad is busy spreading good cheer to cops, one donut at a time.

The Facebook page “60 Second Docs” recently featured his outreach. Here is the script to his video:

 I’ve given away over 28,000 donuts to cops in seventeen different states. I am trying to give donuts to all cops in America.

My name is Tyler Carach, and I am the donut boy.

I want to remind cops that people still care.

Krispy Kreme isn’t as hefty as Dunkin’ Donuts.

Cops, they’re actually good. They keep people safe. Some can be bad, but not all of them are bad. People judge a whole by a few. Just from that one bad cop they think that all other cops are bad.

The world needs more peace in it. If you want people to be kind to you, you should be nice to them. Help them up if they fall, and talk to them if they’re sad. It makes me happy to make people feel good.

Giving donuts to cops made me even more happy in life.

I’m coming with a donut for you, cops. You better be hungry!

Donut Boy 60 Second Documentary

I DONUT Need a Reason to THANK a Cop

Tyler has his own Facebook page with the title, “I DONUT need a reason to THANK a cop.” This is what he says about his page:

My name is Tyler and I LOVE cops! I am 8 years old and cops are my best friends. They keep me safe! Cops favorite drink is coffee and their favorite food is donuts. After recently meeting 4 cops at my local store and buying them donuts, I have decided that I now want to give donuts to all the cops in America. My mom says that she doesn’t know if I can give donuts to every single cop, but that she will help me give them to as many as possible and come up with other ways to say THANK YOU to our protectors everywhere.

One day I want to be a cop and protect the world too, so this is very important to me! I have several projects that I will be working on and would love to see lots of community involvement!!!! Please follow my page to keep up with my progress and don’t forget to THANK A COP TODAY!

Tyler, now 9, has been touring and dishing out donuts. News articles have covered his travels to the Pennsylvania State Troopers, Ashville Police Department, and the Vermont State Police among others.

According to reports, he is well traveled from California to New York, delivering the time-honored treat to police officers nationwide.

This is Tyler’s latest endeavor posted to his Facebook page today. He has combined forces with the Basketball Cop Foundation handing out gift bags to kids in Texas.

Law Enforcement Today wishes this young man well as he embraces the profession that serves others.

(Photo “I DONUT need a reason to THANK a cop” Facebook)