Dollar Shave Club: People getting hives from ‘systematic murder of black people by police’ (Op-ed)


This editorial is brought to you by a former police chief and a current staff writer at Law Enforcement Today.

First we had Gillette lecturing us white males on our “toxic masculinity.”

More recently, we have been subjected to getting lectured by overpaid major league baseball players who make millions to play a kid’s game.

Now, we’ve got the maker of crappy razors lecturing us about systemic police murders of blacks and suppression of protests surrounding said murders.

You’ve read that correctly.

Dollar Shave Club was founded as an alternative to companies such as Gillette and Schick, who charge an arm and a leg for the privilege of shaving with their quintuple bladed razors. Their product offers a cheap alternative to getting gouged for maintaining a smooth face.

We’re not sure about you, but we’re thinking that razor companies should just stay out of the social justice business.

Just shut up and make razor blades.

In a blog post on their website at the beginning of July entitled “What Even Are Stress Hives, Anyway,” authored by Magdalene Taylor, the article ventured to make the argument that stress can cause a person to break out in hives.

Interesting we guess, and probably something that most people knew.

The website also contains other really informative articles, such as “Why Do I Fart as Soon as I Wake Up?”; “Scrub-A-Dub-Dub: How to Exfoliate Before Shaving” [for the soy boys, or Antifa cellar dwellers]; and “What’s in Sweat, Exactly?”  You know, the things you stay awake at night wondering about.  

What we didn’t know is that having the privilege of buying their razor blades and happening upon their website also included lecturing about evil police officers and the apparently equally evil deeds of putting down anarchist riots.

Fortunately, we have access to a screenshot of the original blog post because mysteriously it has been apparently edited.

The original post read:

“These last few months have really tested the boundaries of our ability to be stressed. Just as you think you couldn’t possibly feel more emotionally taxed amidst thousands of people dying every day from coronavirus, bam!

“We’re confronted once again with the systemic murder of Black people by police and increasingly blatant fascist suppression of the protests surrounding them [emphasis added]. It feels…um…really bad (words fail me).”

So, a few issues here. First of all, the writer claims that “thousands of people are dying every day from coronavirus.” That is factually incorrect.

As a matter of fact, even according to NBC News, the number of coronavirus deaths in the U.S. in one day only surpassed 1,000 on three dates. At no other time between March 1 and today has the total come near 1,000.

In other words, that is a lie, although it makes a really good piece of propaganda. Surprisingly, the writer didn’t manage to get in a shot about President Trump, although it must have been painful not to do so.

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Now, let’s address the rest of it.

We don’t know how many police officers avail themselves of Dollar Shave Club, but if they’re looking to save money without getting lectured to, they may want to consider Harry’s instead.

The writer has bought into the fantasy put forth by the radical left media such as CNN and MSNBC, far left lunatic politicians such as AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and of course, that bastion of morality, virtue and shakedowns, Black Lives Matter.

Perhaps Ms. Taylor should do a little bit of research on police shootings before shooting off her mouth about any type of “systemic murder of Black people by police.”

As we have reported numerous times at Law Enforcement Today, the narrative that police are executing unarmed black males at will is simply false. This has been sourced in numerous places, including by the Washington Post, and is also easily debunked by national crime statistics maintained by the Department of Justice.

She then goes on to talk about “blatant fascistic suppression of the ‘protests’ surrounding them,” i.e. the “systemic murder of Black people.”

Ms. Taylor needs to shut off CNN and MSNBC, and most of the mainstream media, who are refusing to show what is really occurring in Portland, Seattle, and virtually every big city in the country.

The only “fascistic” acts that are occurring are being perpetrated by anarchists affiliated with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other Marxist anarchist organizations.

Law Enforcement Today was able to obtain a screenshot of the original post because, lo and behold, when we went to research this story, the original blog post had been edited, with the portion about coronavirus, systemic murder of Blacks by police, and fascistic suppression of riots being removed.

It should be noted that Dollar Shave Club never issued a retraction on the original post. 

Dollar Shave Club: People getting hives from 'systematic murder of black people by police' (Op-ed)
Dollar Shave Club Blog Post screenshot

One cannot turn on the television or radio, or log onto Facebook without being bombarded with lecturing about the narrative that cops suck, white people suck, people who don’t think white people suck really suck, and so on.

We don’t go to football or baseball games to be lectured about our “white privilege” and certainly don’t want to see a banner touting “Black Lives Matter” in the centerfield bleachers at Fenway Park.

Because as we have said ad nauseum, black lives matter, just like all lives do. Black Lives Matter as an organization, which is conflated with the former? Not so much.

So, our suggestion is Dollar Shave Club stick to making razor blades and stick to writing informative articles about personal grooming and maybe health and fitness.

For Ms. Taylor, we do have a suggestion for a future article. How about, “We’ve Found the Cure for Painful Rectal Itch?” Maybe, “I Went to a Riot and All I Got Was This Beanbag Round Bruise?” Or better yet how about “Rioting for Dummies?

In other words, Dollar Shave Club, stay in your lane. Oh, and a retraction would be nice. Cops shave too. 

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