FORT MEYERS, Fla. — A dog that was rescued with his mouth taped shut has found a new home with the sheriff of Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

The dog, a Florida Cur now named Chance, was found wandering in Lehigh Acres last week. Chance’s mouth was taped shut with red electrical tape, and he was found dehydrated, malnourished and suffocating.

He also had wounds to his leg and chest.

Since then, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said Chance has progressed “wonderfully.”

“He has gained weight, his wounds are healing nicely, and he is beginning to trust select people,” the office wrote on Facebook.

According to Fox 13, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno has taken Chance under his wing and has even “deputized” him.

mouth taped shut

(Courtesy Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

“Deputy Chance will have an office near Sheriff Marceno’s desk,” a sheriff’s office spokesperson told the station.

Once Chance recovered, the sheriff’s office assigned him to serve as a “Pets on Patrol Spokes-dog” for the agency’s Community Relations Bureau when he’s not residing at home with his “official” adopted parents.

“Having been deputized last Thursday, eager to get his paws dirty, Deputy Chance sprang into action this weekend,” the sheriff’s office wrote Tuesday on Facebook.


According to the sheriff’s office, when Deputy Chance was asked to describe his first day on duty, the pup simply stated, “ruff.”

Police are still looking for the individual who abused Chance.

According to dogbreedinfo, a Florida Cracker Cur is a cattle dog:

A Florida Cracker Cur is one tough dog. In Florida, this dog is a cattle and hog dog used in herding cattle in the blazing heat of the tropics working dusk to dawn with its cowboy. They have an excellent temper, very loyal to the farm and their work. Cracker curs have become very rare—with the loss of land and cattle industry, the need for a cow dog has declined.

Deputies said Chance will also have his own email address and can be contacted at [email protected].