Do You Know Your Why?

Ok, let’s have that talk. Yes the one everybody wants to avoid. However, I expect you to be able to deal with it because you are tougher than most Americans. Your job requires you to be. You face more difficult situations and see things that most people only see in movies. In a matter of seconds, you are in situations where your adrenaline is pumping through your veins, and you have to make decisions that not only protect your own life but the lives of others. You have to react, make critical decisions, run, physically restrain people, and maintain order at any given time. Therefore I know you can handle this conversation.

Seventy percent of Americans are overweight, with nearly 40 percent of them being obese. There is an epidemic in America, and it is at critical levels. Many people are giving up or have already given up, but YOU can’t. Yes I know you have that annual PAT test you have to pass or gain points on, but that cannot be your only reason for taking care of yourself.

You are in one of the most important jobs in our country. You serve to maintain law and order. You cannot give up on your health or your physical condition, or just do enough to get by. You are needed by the people of your community to be able to physically perform your job at the highest level you are capable of. The quality of your ability to react physically and mentally, which is determined by your health and level of physical condition, is at the highest level of importance for citizens in your community and your community as a whole.

Your family needs you to be at top physical condition for your job because they need you to come home. Not only do they need you to come home, they need you to be emotionally and mentally present when you are home. They need their husband or wife, their dad or mom, or their family member, and specifically they need you to be healthy so they can have you in their lives because they love you so much.

Lastly, you need to be at your top physical condition to perform your job because being in law enforcement is not only physically demanding, but also stressful and emotionally demanding, and you have to be able to handle it, not let IT handle you. Bottom line is YOU are important. Which means taking care of YOU is important.

Everyone needs a Why. You hear people ask what is your Why? Why do you do it? Why do you train? Why do you want to achieve that goal, what is your Why? Your Why is bigger than the normal person’s Why. Your Why can’t be to just pass that PAT test, it is more than that. Your Why is you have to be in top physical condition for your community, your family, and yourself. Your Why is more than just you, it has a greater purpose.

It is that time of year again where everyone will be making New Years Resolutions. There will be articles, interviews on television, and many advertisements about working out and dieting. It is just one of those trends, and yes slightly annoying trends, that come around every year. Many people will start a diet and join a gym to only fail and quit in a short time. However, you aren’t most people. You are more than that.

Once you truly understand how important you are and how much those around you need you, then you can truly embrace your Why. You see we can’t afford for you to be overweight, out of shape, suffering from adrenal fatigue, in a brain fog because you never sleep enough, emotionally down or depressed, not present, or suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol from a bad diet and too much body fat. We can’t have you that way and you can’t have you that way because YOU are too important to all of us. Your job is your Why. We are your Why. You are your Why.

It is more than just passing that test to appease your supervisor or the department’s nutritionist. You have to lead. You have to lead your community and your loved ones not only by your actions, behavior, and choices, but also by how you take care of yourself. Someone has to lead. Our society is letting go and just accepting poor health. The health consequences are devastating.

I am not saying it is easy. As a fitness professional, I know it is hard. I have heard every single pathetic excuse, and I won’t accept them from you. I love all the bad foods just as much as anyone. I agree that working out is hard and often times it is the last thing I want to do. However, those can’t be the excuses because those are weak, and you are not weak. You are strong and we rely on your strength. That is why we can have this little talk. That is why I can be honest with you. You are strong enough to handle the truth, and you are strong enough to be a leader. It is who you are.

Give my words some serious thought. You not only need to pass those PAT tests you need to CRUSH them! You need to be the absolute best physical healthy version of YOU for your community, your job, and your family and for yourself. You know your Why. Next week, I am going to tell you how to do this, and I know you can do it because I have faith in you and I believe in you. Until then, focus on your Why.

– Marjorie Greene