Yesterday, I had the privilege to speak to Detective Peter Hernandez, with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

Peter is also the President & Co-Founder Wounded Officers Initiative. During our conversation, Peter told me about the Wounded Officers Initiative and its mission and asked all of us to HELP them spread their message.

The Wounded Officers Initiative is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 (EIN# 47-3764037) founded in 2014 by four active and retired law enforcement officers. The organization is the first and only of its kind in that it focuses on Law Enforcement Officers who were catastrophically injured in the line of duty. In consultation with actual wounded officers five key goals were developed to help with their long term needs. These goals are Counseling, Awareness, Advocacy, Recognition, and Education, better known as CAARE. These goals bring about independence and dignity to wounded officers by assuring mental wellbeing for all active, wounded, and retired law enforcement officers, creating financial stability and recognition for catastrophically injured officers, and reintegrating retired wounded officers back into society. The Wounded Officers Initiative functions with an all-volunteer staff from within the law enforcement community. 100% of all monies donated to the organization go directly toward programs established within its goals.

“Most people get involved or support a charity when they themselves are personally affected by the cause the charity was created for. So let me ask you, would you only get involved in a charity for wounded law enforcement officers if it happened to you, a family member, a close friend?” ~Jessica Anderson, wife of wounded Orlando Police Officer William Anderson. Video: 

“Support for the Wounded Officers Initiative does more than help an individual officer; it helps create a solution for an entire community of officers who have sacrificed so very much. We are grateful for Law Enforcement Today’s support of the organization and their commitment to help bring awareness to the cause.” ~Peter Hernandez, President of the Wounded Officers Initiative, Inc.