Black Lives Matter Activist appears to kneel on a white toddler’s neck, encouraged to do it right on social media


CLARK COUNTY, OH – The story we are about to share is disturbing, disgusting and despicable. For full disclosure, there will be a photo included below that you need to be warned about. The three words we used in the first sentence are not descriptive enough to truly depict just how vile the people involved in this situation truly are. 

First, we want to introduce you to Isaiah Jackson of Springfield, Ohio. Jackson was arrested on July 20th for a probation violation. Local authorities are working on the charges related to a photo of Jackson that went viral on July 21st. 

So, what kind of social media photo could cause this type of commotion? 

Jackson had himself a great idea for a Black Lives Matter campaign. 

He took his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son and posed for a photo with him. 

Police believe that the photo shows a shirtless Jackson, kneeling on the neck of the toddler who is white. The toddler, wearing nothing but a diaper, was laying face down and screaming, while another individual held his arms behind him. 

The photo was caption with just a few letters. Here is what it said: 

“blm now mf”

While Jackson is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and all actions are still allegations at this point, several of the tattoos in the viral photo match those of the Facebook page of one Isaiah Jackson. There are also screenshots of text messages form the baby’s mother defending Jackson saying, “the baby wasn’t hurt.”

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And apparently, she is a fan of child abuse, or at the very least, she finds it funny. 

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Here is an additional and final warning for what we are about to show you. 

Black Lives Matter Activist appears to kneel on a white toddler's neck, encouraged to do it right on social media

A YouTube Screenshot is below. 

According to The Gateway Pundit: 

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that they are:

“100% certain that charges will be filed against those responsible for the photo of a two-year-old baby being held down as his mother’s boyfriend knelt on his neck.”

Maj. Christopher Clark from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the Gateway Pundit that Jackson is now in custody. He was taken in on a probation violation while they decide what to charge him with in relation to the photo.

Maj. Clark said in a statement to TGP:

“They don’t want any chance of their being a possibility of the charges being dismissed. They want to make sure whatever case they put on him is rock solid.”

He went on to say:

“I’m confident, 100 percent confident, that there will be charges brought against these individuals. It’s just a matter of making sure that our investigation is thorough and complete so that we file a charge that will stick and be convictable in court,” 

Maj. Clark said that they are waiting on some additional information to come in from Facebook, and are still working to confirm the identity of the person seen holding the child’s hands. He said that the prosecutor’s office is also consulting with the local children’s hospital and a doctor who is reviewing the case. The Sheriff’s Office will be meeting with them today or tomorrow and will then proceed with charges.

Maj. Clark explained:

“We’re waiting on our prosecutor’s office to make a decision on what level of charges and which type of charges to put on that individual,’  ‘What we’re looking at on our end are charges related to child endangerment, possibly domestic violence, assault, that sort of thing. The big one we are looking at though would be a child endangerment type charge.”

He continued with a statement regarding the boys mother, saying:

“She was home, but she was not aware that the photo was being taken at the time. She did not find out about it until later on the next day. We have interviewed her and we are still working with her and that is something that the prosecutor’s office is also reviewing,’ he explained.”

While those involved in the photo are going to face charges stemming from the actions in the photo, it is unclear whether the mother, who was at home during the photo, and claims she was in a separate room, will face charges. 

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Many people found him on Facebook, and blasted him with comments. Some showed anger, other shock, and many more made threats of violence against Jackson.

While many of the comments left on Jackson’s Facebook page are exactly what you would expect them to be, with some people even posting the name of the mother, there were those that applauded the photo and encouraged it. 

Here are just a few of those comments. We will not include any that carry threats of violence, but they are out there, should you choose to seek them out. 

“Trash!!….pure trash!!!”
“Not a bit of remorse, motherf—er is proud of what he did.”
“I hope he rots in hell.”
“Well well well aren’t you just the big big Man now picking on an innocent baby….. you Shameless SOB….. there’s a special place in hell for Demons like you… SCUMBAG”
Enter Brian Papin, a Special Education teacher at Cedar Grove High School in Ellenwood, Georgia.

Papin left a horribly disturbing comment on Facebook: 

“Again! Your doing it wrong! One knee on the center of the back one one the neck and lean into it until death! You saw the video! Get it right or stop f***ing around!” 

We will give you a second to allow that to sink in. 

In essence, what Papin was saying was this: Kill that baby or stop wasting our time with these photos.

This is a Special Education teacher in a high school. It is people like this that led the state of Texas to pass Senate Bill 507. That bill allows for the placement of video and audio recording devices in Special Education spaces to protect the students from violent and abusive teachers.

Perhaps Georgia should consider similar legislation if they haven’t already. 

According to an update to this horrific situation found on Facebook, Papin has been suspended without pay until an investigation into his comments is completed. His termination at the school is the anticipated outcome.

Law Enforcement Today is working to verify that claim. We will provide updates to the charges that are filed against Jackson as soon as that information becomes available.

You won’t currently find this story on FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC MSNBC, the New York Times or any other mainstream media outlet. 

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