District Attorney from Pennsylvania charged with rape and strangulation


SOMERSET, PA – Jeffrey Lynn Thomas II, Somerset District Attorney, was arrested and charged with rape and other related charges after new evidence reportedly showed his involvement in additional incidents.

Thomas was first accused in September 2021 of entering the home of a known woman without permission. Police say he refused to leave the premises and physically and sexually assaulted the woman.




According to Police, upon interviewing the woman, Police discovered that Thomas met the woman on social media via Snapchat.

He proceeded to enter the woman’s home after the message was sent, say police. The woman replied that he was not welcome in her home.



Moments later, Thomas allegedly walked into the premises with beer cans in his hands.

The woman told Thomas several times to leave, and she allegedly slapped him.

According to Police, Thomas allegedly hit the woman in the face resulting in a nose bleed.

Thomas then proceeded to physically and sexually assault her, police say.

The woman was able to push Thomas away and run. However, when she returned to the first floor of her home, she found Thomas. She asked him to leave again when she says he grabbed her.

After telling Thomas she would not call the Police, Thomas left.



According to court documents, Thomas was charged with rape, forcible compulsion, indecent assault-without consent of other, strangulation – applying pressure to the throat or neck, two counts of simple assault, and criminal trespassing – entering a structure.



In 2021 Attorney General Josh Shapiro issued a statement regarding the incident stating,

“The charges this defendant is facing for a violent attack are deeply disturbing.

Mr. Thomas is entrusted by the public to uphold the law and serve as a voice for victims.

I commend the bravery of the victim that has come forward — that is never an easy thing to do, especially when your abuser is a powerful elected official.

Today is a reminder that no one is above the law.”

In April 2022, Windber Police Department charged Thomas with harassment and reckless driving.

In addition, charges were filed by the Pennsylvania State Police in May 2021 for Thomas’s involvement in a domestic violence incident involving his wife Amy Thomas that included assault and reckless endangerment.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro filed a motion to revoke bail due to the new charges that have been filed.





Attorney in Pittsburgh arrested after dropping his pants at a family court

PITTSBURGH, PA – An attorney in Allegheny County is in hot water after dropping his pants inside of the courthouse.

Deputies from the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office were called into the courthouse to assist court security at the metal detectors. When deputies arrived, they learned they were summoned because of an attorney who had removed his pants in the Family Division Complex.

Apparently, the attorney, identified as Jeffrey Pollock, had been attempting to gain access into the courthouse to attend a hearing on November 10th. The problem was that there was something that Pollock had on his person that kept setting off the metal detector.

Of course, when this happens, security is instructed to not allow that person to enter the courthouse until they can verify that the person is not a security risk. When security attempted to explain this to Pollock, he allegedly told them that it was his suspenders that were causing the issue…and he did not want to take them off. The Allegheny Country Sherriff’s Office released the following in part:

“Building Guards continued to ask him to walk through [the metal detector] until the alerts stopped. After a heated discussion with the guards, Pollock unhooked his suspenders, dropped his drawers, took them off, and placed them in the bin to go through the metal detector. At this point, Pollock was standing in the middle of the Family Division Rotunda wearing only his shirt and underwear. Sheriff’s Deputies were notified of this unusual behavior and took Pollock into custody.”

Thankfully, Pollock was at least wearing underwear when this happened. The deputies arrived in the Family Division Rotunda and took him into custody for disorderly conduct.

Pollock appeared to be only in custody for a ‘brief” period of time until he was released. Pollock spoke to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review after his arrest. He said:

“I used poor judgment. I was trying to make a point.”

Poor judgment indeed. One would think that a lawyer, of all people, would realize that removing pants in public, much less, family court, would not be a great idea. The Sheriff’s Office said:

“Pollock, who resides in Squirrel Hill, was released and charged with disorderly conduct for his gesture this afternoon. The Sheriff’s Office would like to forewarn anyone who attends the Family Court Division that visible underwear is not part of the dress code.”


In another case of a lawyer knowing better, a Texas lawyer was arrested on November 5th for solicitation of a prostitute. In that case, police report that the lawyer, Phillip Wayne Hayes, began attempting to solicit a prostitute on what police are calling a known website linked to the illicit act as well as human trafficking.

Police allege that Hayes began communicating with what he thought was a prostitute, but was actually an undercover police detective trying to stop prostitution and human trafficking. For just over two hours, Hayes texted back and forth with the undercover officer and finally asked the detective for sexual favors in exchange for $110.

Once the undercover detective ‘agreed’ to the terms allegedly presented by Hayes, he drove to an agreed-upon location in hopes of meeting with the prostitute. Instead, Hayes was met in his 2020 Land Rover Defender by police officers who took him into custody.

Hayes is the defense attorney that is representing accused serial killer Billy Chemirmir who has been indicted on 18 different murders in the state. The judge in the case, Rocky Jones, stated that he does not believe Hayes’ arrest will cause any type of delay with the trial as he has two more attorneys.

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Deputy district attorney arrested for DUI – after being pulled over with her sleeping child in the vehicle


LAS VEGAS, NV – A Clark County deputy district attorney is facing some serious charges after allegedly being drunk behind the wheel earlier in July while having a sleeping child in the backseat of her vehicle after being pulled over by a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper.


On July 18th, a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper had pulled over Clark County Deputy District Attorney Nicole Malich at approximately 2:30 a.m. along U.S. 95 southbound near Tropicana. The trooper had reportedly observed the suspect’s car failing to stay in its lane and repeatedly going over the fog line.

After the trooper had pulled Malich over, the arrest report noted that her speech was “thick and slurred”, and that the trooper could smell “a strong odor of unknown intoxicating beverage” on the suspect’s breath.

Malich had reportedly told the trooper that she’d consumed one beer roughly two hours earlier. When Malich agreed to participate in a field sobriety test, the arrest report noted that she had failed.

Malich was subsequently arrested, and child protective services was called to pick up the child (whose age was redacted from the report) who was in Malich’s backseat.

A blood draw was reportedly conducted at the Clark County Detention Center approximately three hours after the stop was conducted. Malich has since been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, failing to maintain, failing to use a turn signal and child endangerment.

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office has yet to comment on the employment status of Malich, following her arrest and charges, with a spokesperson for the office simply saying the matter is “confidential”:

“As to Ms. Malich’s status with our office, that is a confidential personnel matter, and we will not be commenting on that at this time.”

Furthermore, the Nevada Attorney General’s Office – which the case was referred to, reportedly – is also not commenting on Malich’s case, nor is the attorney representing the deputy district attorney in the matter.

A court date is scheduled for November for Malich, according to reports.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight on this developing case.

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