PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A disgraced former police officer of Providence Police Department has been found dead. A department spokesman confirmed the death Monday, according to NBC, TurnTo10 News.

A website for Vander May funeral home in Wayne New Jersey indicated Scott Logan, 47, died last Friday at home.

The ex-officer was fired last year after a series of events. The missteps included a gun charge and threats to fellow officers, as well as his then doctor.

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Consequently, Logan pled guilty to possessing a Colt handgun with the serial number removed. The weapon was found in 2015 on the street in a gym bag after it had fallen off the roof of his car.

Logan also admitted to threatening three of his superiors at Providence Police Department a month later.

There had been a cyber-stalking charge in which Logan was accused of threatening to snap his doctor’s neck like a “turkey bone.” The state dismissed this offense.

Logan was sentenced to one year of home confinement and four years of probation. The police department in 2016 eventually fired him.

The circumstances surrounding his death are unknown.