WASHINGTON, DC- “I was wrong.”

In an action rarely seen these days, former FBI Director James Comey readily acknowledged that he was wrong in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday”. 

He admitted that he was wrong to defend the agencies procedures relating to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and a warrant the agency obtained to spy on the Trump campaign.

His admission comes after Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his highly anticipated report about the origins of the Russia probe and the FBI’s abuse of the FISA warrant application process.  

“He was right. I was wrong. I was responsible. That’s why I’m telling you I was wrong. I was overconfident as director over our procedure,” Comey told Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

He made the comments Sunday morning.

“And it’s important that a leader be accountable and transparent. If I were still director, I’d be saying exactly the same thing Chris Wray is saying, which is we are going to get to the bottom of this because the most important question is is this systemic? Are there problems in other cases?”

Except, this “leader” used his position to blast President Trump and sell books.

“He [Horowitz] said it [Steele Dossier] played an essential role in establishing probably cause. In fact, he says if it hadn’t of been for the Steele dossier the FBI probably wouldn’t even have submitted a FISA application that it had been reviewed in April of 2016 – or August, rather, of 2016. They decided not to do it. They get the Steele dossier and they do it,” Wallace replied. “It wasn’t part of a broader mosaic. That’s what you said, sir.”

Comey attempted to spin Horowitz’s findings, saying he came to the same conclusion as the inspector general.

“I’m not sure he and I are saying different things,” Comey replied. “What his report says is that the FBI thought it was a close call until they got the Steele report, put that additional information in, and that tipped it over to be probably cause.”

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Disgraced Comey admits: "I was wrong".  Says FBI’s FISA abuse "was not acceptable".


Wallace explained how the two men came to different conclusions. Comey has said the FISA warrant was part of a broader investigation, where Horowitz said the Steele dossier was the tipping point for the FBI to launch their probe.

“That doesn’t make it part of a broader mosaic,” Wallace said. “That makes it the center piece of the whole FISA application and the ability to surveil Carter Page.”

Comey admitted that he wasn’t kept up to date on “the details” of the investigation, including that the FBI talked with a Russian contact who flat out said Steele wrote false information in his dossier.

“The worst misconduct: in August of 2016, just two weeks into the investigation, the CIA tells the FBI that it actually has a relationship with Carter Page, that when he has these meetings with the Russians he’s actually goes back and tells the CIA about it but you never tell the FISA Court,” Wallace said.

“And, in fact, in 2017, an FBI lawyer doctors a document. ‘The CIA said, ‘Oh, Carter Page, he’s a source.” And he puts in the application that he’s not a source.”

The reality is that Comey flat out lied, saying Horowitz never found any wrongdoing by members of the FBI.

“One of the predications of your question, the inspector general did not find misconduct by any FBI people. He found mistakes and negligence and oversight,” Comey said. 

Wallace reminded Comey that Kevin Clinesmith was referred for a criminal investigation, something the former FBI director shrugged off, as though it wasn’t a big deal. 

Comey, however, contended that Horowitz found no wrongdoing, no political bias, but he did find that mistakes took place, something he said is “nothing to sneeze at.” 

He did admit that agents working the case should have forwarded information relating to Page’s relationship with the CIA to agency lawyers so they could determine whether or not that should be included in the FISA application.

“You’ve talked a lot about mistakes, sloppiness, but Horowitz concluded that three separate teams made significant errors in four separate FISA applications on one of the FBI’s most significant cases: the investigation of President Trump and his campaign,” Wallace said. 

Comey, however, argued that Trump and his campaign weren’t being investigated, but “four Americans were being investigated.” 

Former Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy blasted former FBI Director James Comey for admitting he was wrong in his handling of the FISA process his department used to obtain warrants to conduct surveillance on associates of President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“Sometimes, Maria, it’s better late than never, and sometimes it’s just too damn late,” Gowdy said Sunday on Fox News. “And in this case, Comey is about two years too late. We could have used his objectivity.”

“He said it was a policy and procedure issue, it’s not,” Gowdy. “There have always been policies against manufacturing evidence and withholding exculpatory evidence. That’s not new. Those aren’t new policies. This is a personnel issue. It’s the wrong people in the wrong positions of power.”

President Trump seized on Comey’s comments and said the former director had been “caught red handed.”

“So now Comey’s admitting he was wrong,” the president wrote on Twitter. “Wow, but he’s only doing so because he got caught red handed. He was actually caught a long time ago.

So what are the consequences for his unlawful conduct. Could it be years in jail? Where are the apologies to me and others, Jim?”

Trump also went after Horowitz, who has served as inspector general since 2012.

“As bad as the I.G. Report is for the FBI and others, and it is really bad, remember that I.G. Horowitz was appointed by Obama,” Trump tweeted. “There was tremendous bias and guilt exposed, so obvious, but Horowitz couldn’t get himself to say it. Big credibility loss. Obama knew everything!”

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