Did the FBI again have prior warning that killer (who shot a cop) would conduct a mass shooting?


DENVER, CO – The Denver Police Department has confirmed they are analyzing previous reports of concern for the shooter involved in killing five people and wounding several others, including a police officer.

The police are trying to determine if anything was missed with previous warnings that the shooter would conduct a mass shooting before he went through with his plan.

The Denver Police Department confirmed a report by the Denver Post that they may have had advanced knowledge that the shooter in the case, Lyndon McLeod, intended to commit a mass shooting a year before he committed the heinous act.

Allegedly, the Denver Police Department and the FBI were contacted by an unnamed German man who warned that McLeod may “commit a terrorist attack.”

The Denver Post was able to track down and speak to the German man who allegedly made the report in January of 2021, Andrew Thiele.

The reporter, Elise Schmelzer, interviewed Thiele who said that he first became concerned about McLeod’s mental state while in a chat room with him on the internet.

Thiele noted that McLeod had self-published several writings underneath the pen name, “Roman McLay.” The main character in the book, which committed several murders throughout the story, was named after McLeod.

McLeod’s writings played out a story in which the main character went on a murderous spree, killing people he felt wronged him. A quick review of the book notes that some of the victims named in the fictional writings were the names of real people he murdered.

Denver Police noted that McLeod had been investigated at least twice in the past, in 2020 and in early 2021. Although they noted they did investigate, they released few details and only really noted that their investigations did not result in any criminal actions.

On January 4th, the Denver Post reported that Thiele did speak to a Denver Police Detective regarding his complaint against McLeod. Thiele noted that McLeod’s writings caused him concern and believed they could be viewed as a “manifesto.” Thiele was quoted as saying:

“[The readings] could be read as an extremist-right-wing manifesto and terrorist prophecy.”

What steps the Denver Police Department did throughout their investigation is unknown. But it should be noted that these cases are often very difficult to do anything with unless you can tie it to some type of criminal offense.

For example, merely writing about doing a murder, no matter how gruesome or realistic the claim seems, is not criminal.

For that to be a crime, the author would have to show that they intended to place a specific person in fear and that the person targeted is in fear. Otherwise, it can only be considered as concerning and not criminal.

In these cases, at least in some agencies, detectives meet with the person as well as anyone who may have knowledge of that person’s mental state. Unless the detective can determine that the person is an imminent threat to themselves or others, law enforcement hands are tied.

Often, when speaking to someone in these cases, they seem lucid, alert, and claim that their writings or actions were harmless, and they meant nothing by it.

Without some type of evidence, law enforcement does not have the authority to take that person into custody for either criminal charges or mental evaluation.

While it is unknown if those are the circumstances in this case, what is factual is the Denver Police Department will be diligently analyzing their polices, procedures, and steps they took at the time they received the tips.

Denver-area killing spree ends with five dead and an officer fighting for his life

Denver-area killing spree ends with five dead and an officer fighting for his life

DENVER, CO – According to NBC News, a suspect went on a shooting rampage at multiple locations in the Denver area on Monday evening.

Police say that the shootings began around 5 pm local time. They are still trying to piece together the reason for the violence and whether the different locations were random or if there was some sort of connection. 

At least five people, including the suspect, are now dead. Three more were wounded. One of those is a Lakewood police officer, who was undergoing surgery late Monday evening.

The officer’s condition in not yet known. 

Here is what police say transpired. 

“Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said during a news conference that the shootings began around 5 p.m. in Denver. Four people were shot at two locations, three fatally, before gunfire erupted between the suspect and Denver police.”


In the initial incident in Denver, Chief Pazen told reporters that shortly after 5 pm, two adult females and one adult male were shot by the suspect. Both of the women died from their injuries. The male’s condition was not known. 

A short time later, another shooting occurred, killing another male victim. A little while later, more shots were fired at a third location. Denver police do not believe that there were injuries sustained as a result of that shooting. 

Police identified a vehicle that was suspected to be involved with all three incidents, and a pursuit began. Gunfire was exchanged between the vehicle and law enforcement. 

After that exchange, the shooter managed to disable the police cruiser and fled into Lakewood, where members of that agency joined in the pursuit. 


At yet another location in Lakewood, a fourth victim was killed by the shooter.

The, after shooting and wounding a desk clerk at the Hyatt Place hotel, the suspect fled again, encountering a Lakewood officer. He fired and struck the officer, allowing the individual to continue his attempt to evade law enforcement. 

No details regarding the shooter are currently available. His identity has not been released.

Law Enforcement Today will continue to monitor this situation and bring you updates as they become available. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victim’s families and with the three individuals that are in the hospital. 

We will continue to keep an eye on the status of the two civilians and the wounded officer. 

We have also reached out to law enforcement in the Denver area to seek more information into what transpired. 


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