Did Maxine Waters and Joe Biden WANT a mistrial in Chauvin case? We’re among those who think so.


The following contains editorial content written by a retired police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN- When lunatic Maxine Waters went on yet another unhinged rant this past weekend prior to the Derek Chauvin case going to the jury, many people assumed she was just doing what she always does—spouting off and confirming what most people with two eyes and two ears know—she is a deranged lunatic.

When Joe Biden woke up from his afternoon nap on Monday or Tuesday and announced that he hoped the jury would “do the right thing” or “make the right decision” and convict Chauvin, most people likewise assumed that it was just Biden being Biden…saying dumb things.

What if, however these comments were not off-the-cuff idiotic statements and were done intentionally to cause a mistrial? That scenario was painted by John Nolte of Breitbart News, who suggests that Waters and Biden were in fact hoping for a mistrial.

Why, you may ask?

Nolte’s reasoning and we agree is that the far-left neo-Marxists who comprise the majority of the ruling class of the Democrat party have been making the argument that the criminal justice system is “rigged” and that it is “inherently racist.”

If that were truly the case, there is no way that Chauvin could have been found guilty, right? What better way to bolster your argument than to have a judge rule a mistrial in a case that seemed in many ways to be airtight?

Look at Mad Maxine for example. She flew in on her broomstick to Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, which had become ground zero for the anti-cop lunatics who make up Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Despite days of overwhelming, intense violence in that city, Waters suggested that if Chauvin wasn’t convicted of first-degree murder the unemployed Neanderthals who make up the above two groups should break more windows and steal more stuff.

(Note: Chauvin wasn’t charged with first degree murder. Waters apparently doesn’t get this whole “charging” thing).

Not to be outdone, Joe Biden a couple of days later read his teleprompter and basically demanded a guilty verdict.

At the time Biden arose to a level of consciousness to make that statement, the jury was already in deliberations and was sequestered, as Biden reminded us.

However the violent, angry mob wasn’t sequestered.

If ever there was a dog-whistle to the mob that if the “inherently racist” criminal justice system didn’t go the right way, here’s your cue to go back out and destroy the city.

Perhaps Waters and Biden get too much credit for actually possessing the intelligence or in the case of Biden, mental clarity to realize what their words were in fact saying to the masses.

As Nolte notes, don’t put it past both of these two to actually have wanted a mistrial because that gives them what they want…chaos and anarchy.

Why? Because Democrats and their Pretorian guard in the mainstream media know that if Chauvin gets convicted, it shows that the system does work.

And what does that mean for the bomb throwers on the left? Well, it pretty much takes their narrative of a “systemically racist” criminal justice system and flushes it down the toilet.

Nolte notes that by making comments which any sensible public official should know could possibly cause a mistrial, this was a clear attempt by Waters and Biden to try to prove their point.

A mistrial called by the trial judge would have accomplished the goal of keeping cities in chaos, putting police in the position where they are forced to act, and thereby getting more video evidence of a police officer using what they deem “excessive force.” “

See! The police are systemically racist!” they would cry.

“But,” you say…”why would they want to put American citizens in harm’s way?”

Because for liberals, the ends justify the means. Why do you think that last summer as cities burned, as businesses were destroyed, and as people were accosted as they tried to enjoy a dinner out, all you heard from the far-left Democrats were…crickets?

Waters and Biden may still get what they are looking for. Clearly they gave Chauvin’s attorneys a path for an appeal.

Aside from the fact that the trial judge seriously erred in first not ordering a change of venue, and secondly by not sequestering the jury, Waters basically threatened the jury that if she did not get the verdict she wanted, people should become more violent.

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So, it is possible that when Chauvin’s attorneys appeal the verdict—which they will—Waters and Biden to a lesser extent have provided the ammunition.

And if that verdict is overturned on appeal, Democrats will get what they wanted all along. Justice? They don’t want justice. They want chaos. Otherwise they would have condemned it last summer.

The Chauvin trial proved the justice system works. While one can argue  whether or not Floyd died of a drug overdose or a heart condition, the prosecution was able to prove its case, in the jury’s mind beyond a reasonable doubt.

And that is how our system works. Is it perfect? No it isn’t, as the OJ Simpson case proved.

But our Founding Fathers developed a criminal justice system that is the envy of the world. Despite people like Chelsea Handler saying a trial of Chauvin wasn’t needed because “we all saw the video,” that is not how it works.

Our Constitution provides…no demands the right to due process, the right to be tried by a jury of your peers and that guilt must be not by a preponderance of the evidence but beyond a reasonable doubt.

There has been a push in the past to have “permanent juries,” almost like a federal or municipal job.

Can you imagine putting the criminal justice system in the hands of people who work for the IRS, or the Post Office, or who run the FBI? Or so-called “legal experts” from CNN or ABC or CBS?

In our country, juries are made up of everyday people—plumbers, mothers, nurses, truck drivers.

People who don’t have an agenda just simple everyday Americans who make among the most important decisions anyone is asked of in their lives. If there is a better system out there, let us know what it is.

The jury in the Chauvin case had an extreme amount of pressure on them. They knew that if their decision went the wrong way, Joe Biden voters would get back to doing what they do best—destroying things and doing some early Christmas looting.

It was a tremendous responsibility. Still, they were tasked with hearing the evidence and ensuring the elements of the crimes were proven. Which they did.

So, if this verdict gets vacated on appeal, who is going to pay the price for Waters and Biden’s brain-dead posturing? The same people who voted for them. It isn’t rural or for the most part suburban America that are being overrun.

It is Democrat-run cities such as Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago and New York.

As Nolte notes, in “Rural MAGA Land—where the air and water are clean, where people of all races live together in harmony, where we all own guns and there’s no gun violence crisis or racial tensions,” life will be good as the mayhem unfolds on television.

Meanwhile in urban “Biden land—it’s possibly fixing to be another long, hot, violent summer.

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