Biden’s DHS Secretary claims to have no memory of encouraging illegal immigrants to cross into America – so here it is


WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Josh Hawley called into question DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ memory during a recent Senate hearing earlier in May, after Secretary Mayorkas proclaimed to have no memory regarding a direct quote he made during a White House briefing back in March.

During a Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing on May 13th, President Joe Biden’s Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas claimed to have no memory of using the words “we’re not saying don’t come,” in regard to migrants venturing to the southern border.

This proclamation by the DHS Secretary came after Senator Hawley was attributing a direct quote to him during a line of question that went as follows:

“You did say that ‘we’re not telling you not to come,’ right? You said that. You remember that?”

Secretary Mayorkas responded with:

“I’m sorry senator, I do apologize, I…”

Senator Hawley restated the question for the DHS Secretary, saying:

“You remember saying, don’t you, that ‘we’re not telling you not to come,’ those were your words. Those were your words that you said in a press conference. You said that, right?”

From there, Secretary Mayorkas proclaimed to have no memory of saying the aforementioned quote attributed to him:

“I don’t recall saying that. I don’t believe…”

In a rather surprised tone, Senator Hawley retorted with:

“You don’t recall saying that?”

Once again, Secretary Mayorkas reiterated that the quote attributed to him are words that he doesn’t remember speaking:

“That’s correct senator.”

Seemingly surprised that the DHS Secretary doubled-down on claiming to not remember the quote, Senator Hawley responded with:

“We’d be happy to refresh your memory for you in some question. I’m sure that is interesting news…there secretary just said that he doesn’t have any memory of making those comments. That’s extraordinary.”

Diverting from the inquiries regarding the quote attributed to him, Secretary Mayorkas stated that he’s never explicitly said that the southern border is “open”:

“Senator, I have never said that the border is open.”

While Secretary Mayorkas claims to have a foggy memory regarding the quote attributed to him, a March 1st White House press briefing shows that he did say what Senator Hawley inquired about during the Senate hearing.

The briefing said, in part:

“We are progressing every single day, I don’t have a particular timeline, but all I can do is communicate – both to the American public and to the individuals seeking protection that we are working around the clock, 7 days a week to make that timeframe as short as possible.

“But they need to wait. But they need to wait with a particular goal in mind. We are not saying ‘don’t come,’ we are saying ‘don’t come now,’ because we will be able to deliver a safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible.”

You can view the entire line of questioning during the Senate hearing by Senator Hawley toward DHS Secretary Mayorkas below.

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Back in March, Law Enforcement Today shared a report where Secretary Mayorkas confirmed that illegal immigrants have been getting released into the country’s interior without getting tested for COVID. 

Here’s that previous report. 


WASHINGTON, DC- Are you an American citizen who traveled out of the country for business or pleasure? You need a COVID test to enter your own country where you are a legal citizen.

International citizen arriving on an airline at a US airport? Same requirement. How about an illegal alien crossing the US-Mexico border entering the country? Nope, not so much.

This past week, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas confirmed to House lawmakers this past week that border crossers who entered the country illegally are being released into the country without being tested for the Wuhan China virus, Breitbart News reported.

At a House Homeland Security Committee meeting this past Wednesday, Mayorkas was asked about the number of illegals who had been released into the interior United State since the Biden administration was sworn in and how many had tested positive for coronavirus.

Mayorkas however avoided the question and did not divulge any information to lawmakers, instead telling them he would follow up and get them the numbers. Up until now, DHS officials have refused to divulge the true number of illegals the agency has released into the interior U.S., although some sources put the number well into the thousands, Breitbart said.

At one point, Mayorkas admitted that the agency had released border crossers without testing them, which confirmed previous reports. Some towns, including smaller ones such as Brownsville, Texas which abuts the southern border have begun testing illegal border jumpers at their own expense.

“There were instances in which individuals were released,” Mayorkas said. “You mentioned Brownsville and that is an example of that.”

In early March, reports were circulating that DHS was releasing border crossers who had then tested positive for coronavirus, and yet were not required to quarantine. However many of the illegals traveled throughout the United States while carrying the virus.

Mayorkas has been all over the place, and now claims that illegals are only being tested for coronavirus “as needed.” Previously DHS officials confirmed that only illegals enrolled in the now-defunct “Remain in Mexico” program were being required to test negative for the coronavirus prior to being released.

Polls have shown that Biden’s restart of the Obama-era program of “Catch and Release” is wildly unpopular with the American people. A Harvard/Harris poll found nearly 70% of U.S. voters believe that illegal border crossers should be returned to Mexico. The Trump administration had implemented the “Remain in Mexico” program and had negotiated cooperative asylum agreements with several Central American countries.

Breitbart News has also been told by sources that Mayorkas and other top DHS officials are advocating to stop applying the Center for Disease Control’s Title 42 order to migrant families, an order which prevented thousands of illegal border crossers from being released into the interior United States.

Recently released data from DHS shows that since October of last year, nearly 327,000 illegals have been barred at the Mexican border due to Title 42. Last month, over 72,000 such people were expelled under authority of that title.

In addition, last month federal immigration officials apprehended nearly 100,000 border crossers, which was an increase of 170 percent year over year. The total number of illegals who successfully crossed the border since last October has surged past 118,000, according to an exclusive Breitbart News report.

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