CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Details are still coming in about a Gastonia Police Department officer who police say was rushed to the hospital early Friday.  This, after being shot in north Charlotte. 

It happened when he was assisting with an FBI search warrant at a house at 4515 Oakburn Dr. about 6 a.m.


The FBI said that’s when shots were fired at them and the officer was shot in the arm.

Sources say the officer was taken to the hospital and will be OK.

According to the FBI, agents and officers were there with a search warrant as part of an ongoing criminal investigation.  The shooting started as they approached the home.

We’re told that two suspects are in custody, but the names of those individuals have not been released. 


According to Channel 9, emergency traffic between officers on the scene and dispatchers was chaotic.

“Shots fired, officer is down… still trying to figure out what’s going on,” one dispatcher is heard.

It was recorded on Broadcastify.

“That officer that’s down, he’s still on scene,” an officer can be heard saying. “Someone’s doing aid on him right now. MEDIC has not arrived yet, so as soon as MEDIC gets here, we need to get him out of here.”



After the shooting, Old Statesville Road was blocked in both directions near the scene.

We’re told it was all part of Safe Streets Task Force

That’s a program launched On January 9, 1992 by the FBI, which allows the Special Agent in Charge of each FBI field division to establish FBI-sponsored, long-term, proactive task forces.

The purpose is to focus on violent gangs, crimes of violence, and the apprehension of violent fugitives.

We’re told that SSTFs mainly focus on street gang and drug-related violence.  They were created to “address specific violent crime problems through the teaming of federal, state, and local law enforcement officers and prosecutors to conduct long-term, proactive investigations”.

They serve a secondary purpose as well – to assist with the most significant violent fugitives investigations.


Local media spoke with neighbors who said they heard several gunshots before dawn.

“About 6:20 this morning we heard rapid gunfire,” said Randy Johnson. “We came out the house, saw a standoff over to the left and saw the cops sitting behind the van telling them to come out with their hands up. By that time, we had to get out of here and get to work. As soon as we hit WT Harris we seen police officers just coming down the streets.”

Another neighbor, Trinette Mumford, said in the 10 years she’s lived in the neighborhood… this is the second time something like this has happened.

“This morning about 6:15 it was about six or seven gunshots,” she said. “They were just like ringing off, like ‘Pow, pow, pow’ just consecutively.”

Her immediate concern was kids in the neighborhood.

 “I thought about like the kids coming to the bus stop. My daughter comes in the morning too. She just ran and was just like scared, scared and took cover,” she said. “Just ducked, didn’t know what was going on, and so we just got nervous this morning. It’s concerning because I have a child. I send her out here to the bus stop.”

As a result of the shooting, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools leaders rerouted buses around the neighborhood to pick up students.

The case is now being investigated by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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