Detroit sergeant murdered in Detroit by parolee with lengthy criminal history


We’ve lost another hero.  Another individual that put others’ lives before their own.  A 16-year dedicated veteran of the police force was gunned down on the streets of Detroit this week.  A city he was fighting to protect.

By all accounts, Officer Rasheen McClain was living his dream on the Detroit police force. According to Detroit Police Sgt. William Jackson who worked with McClain from 2009 to 2014 in the 12th Precinct explained to reporters,

“He was very much an officer’s officer,” he went on to state the McClain was an, “amazing officer who was always about safety first and loved his family, coworkers and his job.”

“[he] loved, loved, loved being a Detroit police officer,” Jackson said.

Detroit sergeant murdered in Detroit by parolee with lengthy criminal history
An officer has been killed after a home invasion call turned into a deadly shootout. (Click on Detroit)

Sgt. Jackson also went on to explain that McClain was extremely diligent when it came to safety.

“[McClain was] vigilant about safety and diligent about calling in his location and asking detailed questions at scenes.” Jackson stated, including that, it was McClain that even taught him how to be extra vigilant about his surroundings.

McClain was shot and killed Wednesday evening when he and three fellow officers responded to a call of an armed home invasion on Detroit’s west side.

According to CNN:

“Investigators believe the 28-year-old suspect entered the home Wednesday evening looking for his girlfriend. Rasheen McClain, 46, and his partner, Phillippe Batoum-Bisse, were the first two officers to respond to the domestic situation, police Chief James Craig said.”

It is reported that, all four officers were advised by the occupants who had escaped the home that the suspect was armed with a gun, however sources say it was McClain that made the decision to enter the home.

Police Chief James Craig explained to reporters the McClain:

“…made a conscious decision that it was time to go in and deal with a very dangerous situation.” 

All four officers that had arrived on the call entered the property to search for the suspect.

Sources indicate that, the suspect, who police now believed had tactical type training fired upon the two officers with a high-powered rifle as they were clearing the home searching for him.  It is reported that the officers were shot in the basement of the home.

As reported by The Detroit News:

“As they were heading down into the basement, the gunman opened fire with an SKS semi-automatic carbine rifle.”


Chief Craig explained that, “McClain, 46, was shot in the neck and died,” the second officer, Batoum-Bisse, who has been with the department 2 1/2 years, “was shot in a leg” Craig said.

“He really is a hero,” Craig stated of the McClain. “He fought a good fight.”

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan spoke to reporters on Thursday saying McClain “was an officer that everyone looked up to, was a natural leader in every situation. And, in fact in this case, first one in the door, first one down the stairs to confront an armed suspect,” Duggan said. “His courage resulted in tragedy.”

Retired Detroit Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt who served for 31 years.  During his time on the force, he saw multiple officers fall in the line of duty.

“We’re trained to go in not retreat,” Dolunt said. “That’s what you’re trained to do it.”

Speaking in regards to a suspect firing on officers Dolunt explained:

“It’s the most terrifying moment on the job.  You think is this it? Am I’m going to see my family again?”

Dolunt went on to state that “officers on the force now have the grueling task of dealing with the trauma.” He added:

“The officer that survived the shooting and the officers that responded to the scene are going to have a tough time for the next weeks, months, years.”

Police additionally said that the suspect had a “lengthy” criminal history – and had just recently been released from prison and was currently on parole. 

Chief James Craig addresses the media regarding a police involved shooting incident on the city’s westside:Today, our department has seen the loss of a "true American hero." The support seen from within the department following this tragic incident was overwhelming. He was a outstanding police officer who was loved by the people he served, and the officers he served alongside. In the short time following this tragedy, there has been a remarkable number of Officers who have came out to show their support. They are all family, and all of the DPD recognized the heroic actions of this officer who made the ultimate sacrifice. – Chief Craig

Posted by Detroit Police Department on Wednesday, November 20, 2019


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Detroit sergeant murdered in Detroit by parolee with lengthy criminal history

We are also mourning the loss of another veteran officer this week, this one out of Georgia.

On Tuesday night, a Richmond County deputy was shot and killed.  Here’s what we know so far.

He was narcotics investigator Cecil Ridley.

He was shot and killed at 12th Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Augusta, according to sheriff’s office Sgt. William McCarty.


He was working a beat that was part of a new “proactive patrol to curb gun violence” said McCarty.  That initiative had just started last week.


McCarty said although it’s unclear what led up to the shooting, at some point, Ridley encountered a suspect and gunfire was exchanged.

The suspect was also shot.  He was rushed to Augusta University Medical Center, and his condition is unknown.

So far in 2019, Georgia has lost seven officers.

Ridley’s death marks the the 108th officer killed in the line of duty this year.

He was only 51-years-old and lived in Augusta.  According to the department, he received an award in 2018 for five years of service.


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