Detroit Police Chief on why pro-Trump protesters and BLM treated differently: ‘Because they were peaceful’


DETROIT, MI – With the presence of pro-Trump protesters in recent times regarding suspected election fraud in Detroit, outside critics are beginning to ask why the police response to those protests don’t match how police respond to Black Lives Matter protests. 

Well, Detroit Police Chief James Craig was kind enough to point out that the protesters contesting the recent preliminary election results didn’t conduct themselves in a manner akin to what BLM protests have played out as.  

A pro-BLM group known as Detroit Will Breathe are currently trying to sue the Detroit Police Department over how police responded to various protests and riots over the summer when BLM was at the center point. 

In response, the City of Detroit brought out a counter-suit against Detroit Will Breathe alleging the group of “civil conspiracy.”

In a statement provided by the city during the announcement of the counter suit, it was acknowledged that criticism of police actions and responses is certainly protected by the First Amendment. 

However, city officials claim that what Detroit Will Breathe conducted was far beyond just speech: 

“Public criticism of the Detroit Police Department is free speech and always allowed. However, the Plaintiffs acted together to violate the law and sow unrest. That is where we draw the line.”

But with all this back or forth in the courtroom, some have focused their attention on why the recent demonstrations by pro-Trump protesters weren’t met with numerous arrests and uses of force by police. 

Chief James Craig offered a pretty no-nonsense explanation for why that is the case: 

“What they conveniently left out, they were peaceful. They were chanting and we gave them – just like we gave Detroit Will Breathe – an opportunity to exercise their right to free speech.”

Chief Craig noted that there were no assaults on officers during the pro-Trump demonstration and that the only arrest that transpired during the demonstrations wasn’t directly linked to the demonstration itself: 

“But not one time did they attack this police department and the one instance when we made an arrest, it was made without incident and it had nothing to do with the protest. And so, factually wrong once again.”

Just by observing the antics over the summer up to the current times that protests involving either BLM or self-proclaimed “anti-fascists,” it is seen how those involved wind up devolving into criminality at a rate far exceeding modern pro-Trump demonstrations. 

For instance, when looking at the recent Million MAGA March held in Washington, D.C. on November 14th, video was captured of one of these very “anti-fascists” attacking a black Trump supporter

The video captured from the Million MAGA March shows when members from the group Refuse Fascism decided to confront the Trump supporters face-to-face. 

With members from Refuse Fascism directly positioning themselves in front of the ongoing march – with hostility seething throughout the confrontation – a relatively tall man from the Refuse Fascism side appears to back-hand a back Trump supporter. 

Members of the pro-Trump crowd then came to the man’s defense, with one person throwing a punch at the aggressor. 

Matters began to escalate briefly before police intervened and escorted the instigator away from the crowd. 

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The number of BLM and Antifa-esque led protests that resulted in criminal actions and violence against police this a daunting task to keep track of. 

Just recently in New York City, a police officer was reportedly choked with a length of chain by a protester earlier in November. 

Here’s that previous report. 


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Protests within New York City had predictably turned violent on the evening of November 5th, with numerous people arrested and one suspected alleged to have used a chain to choke a NYPD officer.

In a tweet shared by the NYPD regarding the protests that transpired in New York City on November 5th, a photo someone holding a length of chain was accompanied with the following caption:

“Tonight, while performing their duties near Bond St & Broadway in Manhattan, an officer was pushed to the ground & had this chain pressed against his throat. The suspect was apprehended & will be charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon & attempted strangulation.”

“Violence – in any form – is unacceptable. We will be reviewing this incident, and bring any additional perpetrators to justice.”

Over a dozen people were arrested collectively during the protest on November 5th, with there apparently having been some clashing between protest attendees and police.

However, local media outlets report that the overall event was nothing akin to the protest within New York City that occurred on November 4th.

During the evening of the 4th, the NYPD had reportedly arrested nearly 60 people for various offenses that transpired during the protest. NYPD Chief of Patrol Juanita Holmes commented on the protests from November 4th, saying the following:

“We saw people with intent on disrupting peaceful protesters, intent on destruction…The small number of individuals have no regard for the safety of peaceful protesters.”

On the afternoon of November 5th, the NYPD took to Twitter to share some of the mugshots of those arrested during the previous night’s protest.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea also shared the notion on Twitter that while peaceful protests will always be protected, those engaging in violence and crime will be arrested:

“The NYPD remains committed to protecting everyone’s right to protest & free speech, as thousands of protesters do every day without incident. What we cannot allow is the behavior of the very small minority who damage property, cause fires, & put [New Yorkers] at risk.”

Various reports related to the November 4th protest within the city detailed instances of fires being set and physical altercations with police officers. Authorities were said to have confiscated the likes of knives, M80 fireworks and even a stun gun from arrestees.

When commenting on these very protests that resulted in violence from attendees, Mayor Bill de Blasio stated the following:

“If we see any evidence of people intending violence or intending looting, we’re going to deal with it.”

While many predicted that there would be unrest across the country following the election on November 3rd, it’s not exactly clear why these demonstrators gathered in New York City over the two evening.

While many were chanting the likes of “no cops, no KKK” in a cadenced manner, there’s really no linking impetus to these demonstrations outside of just doing them for the sake of doing them.


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