Detective nearly executed by anti-cop radical with shotgun. Second detective’s reaction saves his life.


WARNING: The video is extremely disturbing.  Viewer discretion is advised.

PAHRUMP, NV – A 19-year-old man was a suspect of an armed robbery that included a violent assault when deputies went to his mother’s home to interview him. What was meant to be a standard investigation nearly turned into a detective being executed and ended with the suspect killed.

The entire scenario was captured on two detectives’ body worn cameras. The video of the encounter is extremely graphic.

The events that led up to the shooting started during the evening hours of March 25th, when two detectives from the Nye County Sheriff’s Office headed to a residence located on Surrey Lane in Pahrump.

Deputies were called to investigate a stabbing that had occurred at approximately 9:40 p.m. that evening at a residence on Surrey Lane. When investigators interviewed the victim of the stabbing, they were directed to Matthew Moore who was named by the victim as the perpetrator.

Investigators learned that Moore had attempted to rob the stabbing victim of a belt that he was wearing at the time.

During the robbery attempt, Moore had cut the victim’s neck with the knife used during the criminal act. When deputies looked into the background of Moore, they uncovered he’d been previously arrested for robbery.

Detectives had learned that the suspect resided in a home with his mother on Warehouse Road in Pahrump, and headed over to speak with Moore.

The two that arrived at the Warehouse Road address were Detective Cooper and Detective Gibbs. When Detective Cooper approached the front door of the residence, he was greeted by the suspect’s mother who’d said that she needed to get the dogs put away and would come back momentarily.

When Moore’s mother returned to the door, her son appeared at the doorway as well and levied a Mossberg 500 pump action 12-gauge shotgun over her shoulder and fired two shots at Detective Cooper.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

The gunfire grounded the detective, and Detective Cooper was able to return fire, but apparently missed the suspect.

That’s when Moore fired another shot at him.

Surprisingly, the brunt of the shots was caught by the detective’s protective vest, but he was still grounded. Moore stood above Detective Cooper and fired a fourth round and prepared a fifth to execute the officer as he stood above him.

Detective nearly executed by anti-cop radical with shotgun. Second detective's reaction saves his life.

This all happened in mere seconds.

Detective Gibbs, however, was not at the doorway, but was positioned alongside the home, out of Moore’s line of sight.

Before Moore could murder Detective Cooper, Detective Gibbs unloaded approximately 13 rounds from his weapon, striking Moore roughly 12 times.

While the chaos ensued, you could hear Moore’s mother screaming at her son while he was unloading his shotgun.

When he was struck by Detective Gibbs’ returned fire, Moore’s mother could be seen slumped over on her porch sobbing in what is obvious confusion and horror. Moore was pronounced dead on the scene.

Detective nearly executed by anti-cop radical with shotgun. Second detective's reaction saves his life.
Moore’s mother, seen slumped at her doorway after the events played out

During the course of the investigation of the officer-involved shooting, deputies found that Moore was boisterous online with his anti-law enforcement views.

He shared posts on Facebook seemingly rejoicing at the thought of murdering police officers.

According to Sheriff Sharon Wehrly, Detective Cooper is currently recovering from the near-fatal encounter and Detective Gibbs is on a paid leave in accordance with department policy. The Nye County Sheriff’s Office noted that Moore’s mother has been cooperative in the investigation.

Had Detective Gibbs not been positioned where he was that evening, things could have gone terribly worse.

While people may think lightly of those with anti-police sentiments, or disregard them as nothing more than opinionated individuals, those radical ideals can manifest into dangerous acts.

We at Law Enforcement Today would like to extend our prayers to Detective Cooper and his family, in hopes that he fully recovers from this encounter.

We’d also like to extend our utmost gratitude to Detective Gibbs: His reaction time and shooting ability were on point and are the sole reason that Detective Cooper is alive today.

While Moore may have been someone with murderous intent, it can not be easy for a mother to see their child commit such acts and then be killed feet away from them.

We are also praying for the mother, that she can move on from what had to be a traumatic experience to witness.

Here is the video. Again, please remember THIS IS GRAPHIC CONTENT.


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